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Two Accounts of the Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments are the divine rules of conduct given to Moses on Mount Sinai. To many, there exists only one version of the Ten Commandments- the generalized “thou shall not” version. However, The Ten Commandments occurs in two places found in the Torah, first in the book of Exodus and second in the book of Deuteronomy. Though these two accounts may for all practical purposes seem identical, at a closer examination several differences begin to arise. Separated by several decades in time, by audience...

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worst enemy JH: I’m my own worst own enemy IM: You’re your worst own enemy[6] IM: One day Hashem I’ll be free oh ----------------------- [1] The concept of “frustrations” is a fundamental point which many of sages discuss throughout the Torah. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, a thought provoking Chasidic leader teaches that the greater the desired objective, the greater the obstacle. The Rebbe teaches that rather then being discouraged by the magnitude of the obstacle; a person should see it as...

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Abrahamic Religion

Sundays. The Jews, the Muslims and the Christians all worship in different places and have different religious texts. The Jews worship in a place called the synagogue. In some synagogues, men and women have to sit separately. The Jews study the Torah. Torah is part of the Tanakh (Hebrew scriptures), which is compromised, with the five books of Moses. (From the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.) The Muslims on the other hand worship in a building called the mosque...

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Religions: Key Elements

Buddhism and Confucianism in China and Japan is that they have differences, but the two world perspectives seem to have reached a mutual accommodation. The Judaism of the prophets differed form the Judaism of the Torah by the prophets telling of things that happened later and the Torah being about older events. They are similar because of the overall message they taught. Exile forced the Jewish people to restructure their religion in order to survive by them establishing the principal contours of...

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Compare and Contrast Judaism and Christianity

truly paved the way for generations to come. We see many references to these people in the holy books of both religions. Another aspect of Judaism and Christianity is their holy books. For Jews, the holy book is the TaNaKh, made up of 3 parts: the Torah (5 Books of Moses), the Nevi’im (Books of the Prophets), and the Ketuvim (historical, poetic, and philosophical writings). The TaNaKh was written in Hebrew, the official language of the Jewish faith. Christianity didn’t have an official language, but...

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The Exodus

unique relationship with the one God. “ I, the Lord, am your God, who brought you out of the Land of Egypt, that place of slavery” (Ex 20:2) The Torah was a very important book to the Jews, it was the book in which they recorded Yahweh’s disclosures and wrote commentaries on it. The Exodus was the most important event that was written into the Torah, it was an “incredible event in which God liberated an unorganised, enslaved people from the mightiest power of the age” (sig of Exodus). This was...

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Orthodox Judaism

debate are, the relative value of Torah study versus secular studies or other pursuits, the importance of a central spiritual guide, the importance of maintaining non-Halakhic customs, and the relationship of the modern state of Israel to Judaism. While many Orthodox Jews accept the label "Orthodox", others reject and criticize it because it was never traditionally applied to Jews in ancient times or the Middle Ages. Many Orthodox Jews prefer to call their faith Torah Judaism. Unlike the modern denominations...

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Babylonian – Babylon invades Jerusalem, destroying the city and Temple, and deported people (587 BCE) b. responses to Exile (creative time): i. Literary creativity – Torah is collected and canonized. 1st 5 books of exile (JEDP), former (Deueteronomic histoty) and latter (books of people we think of as prophets) prophets, Talmud (commentary on Law/Torah to be written), new lit. ii. Institutional c. – synagogue (new community centers of worship and instruction to gather, after destruction of Temple), emergence...

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Religious Essay Paper

of Israel. The Torah, considered the Old or First Testament, makes many references to Israel as the Holy Land. It is also referenced in Christian and Islamic religious texts. All three religions are linked to Israel as Holy Land in some form and philosophy. While the religions contrast in overall theory, all three have historic religious or Holy Scripture. Followers of the Jewish faith read passages from the Torah, including the ten books of Moses. The Christians acknowledge the Torah as the "Old Testament...

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their hands as a way as re-welcoming them into the church. A Bar Mitzvah or Bah Mitzvah is celebrated in a similar manor to the Catholic Confirmation. During a Jewish Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah the child that is “becoming of age” reads from the Torah in front of the Sabbath congregation, they say prayers and read other readings. After the ceremony at the synagogue the whole family gathers to congratulate the young adult who just took their own step into the faith of Judaism. At these parties a...

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