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We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen, before Israel goes under."(Martin Van Creveld, Professor of Military History at Israel's Hebrew University, September 2003) And they were quite willing: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/10/06/opinion/the-last-nuclear-moment.ht ml http://www.au.af.mil/au/awc/awcgate/cpc-pubs/farr.htm Hersh, Seymour (1991), The Samson Option: Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy, Random House. ...

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Israel and Palestine

The Arab-Israel conflict is a story which has taken place over a century. In order to understand the conflict between these two cultures their collective histories must be taken into consideration. It was a long and hard path for the Jewish population to get a piece of land they can call their own. A land free of religious persecution. I think that history has shown that these two states can not and will not be able to sustain peace over any period of time. The story between these two countries...

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History of Israel

1. What are the main arguments of Lissak’s article? In his article “The Demographic-Social Revolution in Israel in the 1950s: The Absorption of the Great Aliyah,” Moshe Lissak elaborates on the struggles faced by the new Jewish immigrants who arrived to the state of Israel from Europe (such as holocaust survivors) and other Muslim countries, such as Yemen, Iraq, and Morocco. Lissak ensures to highlight three critical arguments, or reasons, which prove the absorption process during the 1950s...

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Israel vs Egypt

numerous significant cultural differences between the Egypt and Israel. The tension between these differences has contributed to the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. LTC William D. Wunderle identifies a number of dimensions of cultural variances useful for analyzing and comparing cultures. 1 Wunderle’s cultural variations of Languages, Customs, Dress, Religions, Formality, and Power Distance will be analyzed and contrasted. 2 Today Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty represents a volatile situation that might have...

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Israel vs. Palestine

claims it as its own. The landmass known as Israel has been fought and bickered over for centuries by Jewish and Arabic residents, without concrete resolution. Also, the owners of that land realize power they only have because of certain circumstance; one of the biggest reasons the Jewish state of Israel has the power it has and hasn't been invaded by its neighbors is the relationship it has with the United States. Because of reasons not truly earned, Israel is under Jewish jurisdiction and protected...

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Green Revolution in Israel

GREEN INITIATIVE • Until recently, with a significant offshore natural gas discovery, Israel has had essentially no commercial fossil fuel resources of its own, and has been forced to depend almost exclusively on imports to meet its energy needs. • Israel has attempted to diversify its supply sources and to utilize alternatives like solar and wind energy. Traditionally, Israel has relied on expensive, long-term contracts with nations like Mexico (oil), Norway (oil), the United...

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Israel vs Palestine

ISRAEL VS PALESTINE TIMETABLE http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/90087 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Partition_Plan_for_Palestine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Mandate_for_Palestine_(legal_instrument) http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/six_day_war_1967.htm http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/11/29/nov-29-1947-united-nations-partitions-palestine-allowing-for-creation-ofisrael/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1948_Arab–Israeli_War http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sabra_and_Shatila_massacre...

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Causes of Terrorism in Israel

mandate and the birth of Israel, but Between 600,000 and 760,000 Palestinian Arabs fled or were expelled from the area that became Israel and became Palestinian refugees (Morris 603). Jewish immigration to Palestine was relatively limited until the 1930s, when Hitler came to power. The U.S. and Europe closed their doors to immigration by desperate Jews, making Palestine one of the few options (Shalom). In the three years following the war, about 700,000 Jews immigrated to Israel, where they settled mainly...

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Israel Cultural Analysis

The purpose of this memo is to investigate the similarities and differences between the United States and Israel’s cultural and business aspects. Differences Between the United States and Israel Primary cultural aspects of the United States The United States still has the idea of Manifest Destiny. The U.S. individualism; Individuals believe to have a control of the future, resulting in a systematic way of doing things. It is very important to be on time to any kind of meeting or event...

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Israel/ Palestine Conflict

Ottoman Empire, but after the war the British took control. However, conflict had already begun between the Arabs and the Jews wanting to occupy the area. The Jews hadn’t had their own state for over 2000 years. They saw the biblical land of Palestine (Israel) as their natural home. The Jewish people base their claim to the land of Palestine on these three theses: 1) God promised the land to the patriarch Abraham 2) Jewish people captured, settled and developed the land 3) The international community...

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Why Pakistan Should Not "Engage" with Israel

Recently the Foreign Ministers of Pakistan and Israel met in Istanbul, followed by a handshake between Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, sparking speculations that Pakistan is going to accord recognition to Israel, a state whose existence Pakistan has denied up till now. This move triggered a nationwide debate - with some people in favor of the decision, arguing that Pakistan has no dispute with Israel and there are numerous benefits of recognizing the...

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The Current Situation Between Gaza and Israel

1948, which changed the name of the land to Israel. In the Gaza strip, just above Egypt, there are constant fire attacks from both Hamas into Israel, and in defense, from the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) into Gaza. Since Hamas took over Gaza in June of 2007, Israel began a blockade preventing food, gas and medical supplies from entering the Gaza strip with the intention of forcing those living in Gaza to stop firing missiles within the Israeli border (Israel Hasbara Committee). With recent events currently...

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Conflict Comparison Israel-Palestine

or giving part of it to the Jewish people to build Israel. “…On February 14, 1947 that His Majesty’s Government had decided to refer the Palestine problem to the United Nations.” SOURCE 3 The United Nations signed in favor of the new Jewish state which outraged the Palestinian people. This began the Israeli-Arab War that lasted a year. Israel took military measures and was quite successful in crushing the unorganized Palestinian fighters. Israel was able to take over 40% more land than was marked...

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on- the- job training at Israel

 OJT IN ISRAEL( DIARY) November 17(Sunday)- We do again pruning of Citrus at Guy's farm November 18(MOnday)- pruning also November 19(TUesday)- 3rd day of classes in Agro Studies, we discuss about Capital Recovery Factor. November 20(Wednesday)- harvesting Nova( Hagai Farm) November 21(Thursday)- harvest also Nova( Hagai Farm) November 22(Friday)- harvest Nova Again( Hagai Farm) November 24(Sunday)- back to Guy's Farm, we harvested santina November 25(MOnday)- The same November 26(Tuesday)-...

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United States Foreign Policy with Israel

      The United States foreign policy with Israel is a way for the United States to gain more power in the Middle East. This relationship has had its up and downs. The United States is able to support Israel, but also have a friendship with the Arab states, Israel’s main problem . The United States wanted to balance its growing interest in the Arab states and also its fellow ally Israel. The foreign policy and treaty that the United States had with Israel was more so a better idea in the past then...

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Nelson Mandela on the Palestine-Israel Issue

“Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality.” The “memo” went viral on the internet. It was cited by Jimmy Carter, the former American president, during a speech at Brandeis University, Massachusetts, later that year, and has since been a principal factor in fashioning the public perception of Mr Mandela as an anti-Israel figure. Indeed, the notorious Boycott...

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Major events of Palestine Israel conflict

Major events of Palestine Israel conflict Fights between Arab and Jewish Militias: Late 1920s-1940s, Arabs and Jews in the British Mandate of Palestine begin to fight each other. These are usually small attacks or minor pogroms. Throughout this period, Arabs and Jews lived in segregated villages, so the attacking group would enter the village and wantonly kill the civilians there. UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (II): On November 29, 1947 the United Nations passed a General Assembly Resolution...

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The Creation Of Israel Through Illegal Immigration

The Creation of Israel through Illegal Immigration Immigration has had a great influence on the creation of cultures and populations within countries in the modern era. Without immigration the success of the United States and its industrial era might have never happened. One of the most important mass immigrations within the last century was that of the Jewish people out of Europe into Palestine between and after the World Wars. Hitler’s rise to power and his execution of over six million Jews in...

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The Ethnic Conflict Between Israel and Palestine

varied over the time from the distribution of power to religion, race, and ethnicity and so on. The purpose of this essay is to look into the ethnic conflict of Israel and Palestine and to reveal the basis of the issue as well as to see how the countries are dealing with it. To begin with, it is necessary to look into the history of both Israel and Palestine. At first a look will be taken into the history of the State of Palestine. In the 19th century Palestine was a province of Ottoman Empire. In 1850...

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Lebanon: Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah Conflict

Israel-Hamas-Hezbollah Conflict in Lebanon Introduction The Republic of Lebanon is a small Middle Eastern nation on the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. It became an independent republic in 1943, but its history is thousands of years older. Historians have found evidence that people lived in the region in pre-historic times. Lebanon’s earliest known inhabitants, the Canaanites, settled the land in about 3000 B.C. The Canaanites were followed by the Phoenicians, who moved into the region...

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Turkey Position Paper on Israel Palestine conflict

Position Paper Sample Security Council Republic of Turkey Israel & the Palestinian Territories Delegate: Sergio Rivera Partida I. Topic Background The Israel/Palestine conflict ultimately boils down to religious tension, and is part of the larger Arab/Israeli conflict.  In 1948, the U.N. partitioned the region of Palestine into two states, one Jewish,  and one Arab, to address the ongoing Jewish-Arab tension.  Jewish leaders accepted the plan, the Palestinian government did not, and the result...

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Compare and Contrast Kashmir and Israel/Palestine

Parallels drawn between Israel-Palestine and Kashmir In the world media, the propaganda war rages fiercely, paralleling the conflict it describes. Nighty talk shows air programs with Israeli or Palestinian guests screaming a bewildering array of claims, counter claims, propaganda and information, leaving the uninformed westerner with the impression that this is a bad family feud far from which a wise person should remain. It is virtually impossible to sort out the arguments presented by Israelis...

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Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison

Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison Steven Kaplan POLS 2280 Dr. Jeff DeWitt September 17, 2014 Kaplan, Steven. 2010. “Ethiopian Immigrants in the United States and Israel: A Preliminary Comparison.” International Journal of Ethiopia Studies 5:71-92 Most of the Ethiopian immigrants have settled in the US and Israel. In examining more about the immigrants, it seems that there are many differences among the two. In order to break down these differences...

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ARAB STATES DECLARE WAR AGAINST ISRAEL The conflict between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East was over land of historic Israel and Palestine. The conflict has led to several wars, beginning in 1948, among Arab nations, Palestinian refugees, and the state of Israel. Since 1979 several peace accords have been signed, addressing parts of the conflict. The area is the homeland of the Jewish people, who immigrated to the area beginning in the 13th century BC as Hebrew tribes. The tribes confederated...

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Israel: Social Problems to Social Welfare, Poverty and the Interaction with Religion

Israel: social problems to social welfare, poverty and the interaction with religion Israel is located in the Middle East, on the south eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Today Israel includes two distinct nationalities: the Jews and the Palestinian Arabs. Judaism is the official Israeli religion and consists of the majority of the population. Islamic religion consists of the minority of the population. Both the people of these nationalities are extremely involved and unable to escape their...

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Coming of Age: Trip to Israel

Coming of Age: Trip to Israel Yael Naim sang,” I’m a new soul in this very strange world.” Coming of age is a prodigious part of life; suspicious and ephemerally. of all the experiences in my life, the Epstein School 2011 trip to Israel impacted me the most. On this trip, I traveled to Israel with my eight grade classmates and got the chance to spend time traveling away from our families, and we were given opportunities to demonstrate-self responsibility. During this trip I learned about; responsibility...

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Israel-Palestine: Two-State vs One-State Solution

What Does The Future Hold for Israel-Palestine? The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has proven to be one of the most complex and “intractable” conflicts of modern history – or as some may even add – of all time. And after many decades of failed attempts at peacemaking in this region, there still seems to be no conceivable end to the conflict. During those same decades, most of the parties involved as well as the international community have embraced the idea of a two-state solution, but the question...

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mediation process. Identify and discuss what you consider to be the two most important fundamentals. Refer to one or more of the following mediation case studies to illustrate why your chosen fundamentals are more important that the others; Aceh, the Israel-Palestinian conflict and Syria. Introduction The international community, under chapter VI of the UN Charter, has adopted and integrated mediation into a formal institutionalized practice, and regards it as one of the most effective methods of...

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Why has the Situation between Israel and Palestine become such an important issue today?

Situation between Israel and Palestine become such an important issue today? The conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs is still an ongoing issue today with many problems over land, terrorism and other disagreements still not resolved. These have caused many tensions between the surrounding Arab countries, creating an unstable and insecure region that is more volatile, due to the demise of stable leaderships in the region. Also all the countries relationships with Israel are changing, and are...

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Israel - Palestine Conflict

the hill of Jerusalem or the Land of Israel. Zionism is a system of beliefs and ideas that express “the desire to return to their homeland,” Israel.1 The idea of Zionism began with the “rise of national sentiments in Europe,” and was published by Theodor Herzl in 1896.2 The concerted efforts of the Zionist movement, Chaim Weizmann, the Balfour Declaration and the British Mandate over Palestine were the primary causes of the establishment of the state of Israel and the resulting impacts. The...

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Prophets in Israel

PROPHETS FUNCTION IN ISRAEL? Introduction The word prophet is an English word that was translated from a Hebrew term nabi. According to the scholars, a Prophet is an individual who speaks out the mind and the words of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This implies that a prophet is a God’s spokesperson and his prophetic message comes from a Supernatural source but they are not a product of his thoughts. Moses is the most famous Prophet in Israel because he delivered...

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Politics of Israel and International Experience

------------------------------------------------- Recruiting a Manager for BRB Israel 1) ------------------------------------------------- Have the two subsidiaries ever collaborated together before? Is there any incentive to collaborate / harmonize the two operations now? (15%) ------------------------------------------------- According to this case, UK and US subsidiaries never collaborated before. Even their corporate cultures are different, which means that they do not share any values...

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CREATION OF ISRAEL Definitions: zionism: ‘to create for the jewish people a home in palestine secured by the public law’ 1) a homeland state set up for jews, by jews 2) movement for the reestablishment and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. Established as political organisation 1897 by Theodor Herzl anti-semitism - a dislike of Jews (has been around since Christian times) ottoman empire - modern day Turkey holy land - modern day Israel and Palestine mandate - commission...

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“Arab Disunity Was the Main Cause of Arab Failure in Conflicts with Israel from 1948 to 1973.” to What Extent Do You Agree with This Statement?

disunity was the main cause of Arab failure in conflicts with Israel from 1948 to 1973.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? The Arab-Israeli tensions are a modern conflict, and a consequence of the two World Wars and collapse of British imperialism. The development and notion of Zionism in the 20th century, and massacres and scrutiny faced by Jews in Europe played a significant role in the formation of the Jewish State of Israel, which is the focal point of the conflict. Between 1948...

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Israel Palestine Conflict

 Israel-Palestine Conflict Two films, Izkor and 5 Broken Cameras, explain the ideologies, policies, and practices in the OPT and Israel. These films show how these ideologies are perpetuating the Israel-Palestine Conflict and suggest ways to end the occupation and problem. Izkor looks in depth at the Israel education system and society and 5 Broken Cameras looks at the nonviolent resistance movement in the OPT. Both films suggest that this conflict will be never-ending if something does not...

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Israel and Judah

Israel and Judah God trusted two men to deliver His message to the tribe of Judah and the children of Israel they were the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. (Maller, 2006) Both of them got caught up in there on sinful acts and disobeyed God. God was angry and punished the two for their wrong doings. It was though the consequences from God that the two prophets begin to see how important and beneficial it was to them and to the lives of Christians that Gods message get delivered. The message God gave...

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Israel should be the land for the Palestinians despite the fact that it was the promise land for the Israelis. The Palestinians have set their communities and home and made their own nation on the land of Israel, therefore, it is not fair that the Israelis force the Palestinians off the land. Palestinians today are persecuted by the Israelis and have their homes on Israeli soil destroyed and land taken by the Israelis. Israel has no right to violate human rights, including maltreating the Palestinians...

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Herzl and the Founding of a Jewish State

independent Jewish State is not one that was simply devised before the independence of Israel in 1949, but long before in the Devine word of God as He blessed the lands of modern day Israel to the children of Abraham. Israel as an independent state was conceived even before the coming of Christ but it would take many centuries after the Diaspora for a figure to emerge and create the modern day independent state of Israel, Theodor Herzl. Theodor Herzl was a Jewish journalist and writer hailing from...

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Isreal Palestine Conflict

Josh Zemsky Professor Russo Engl 101 5/5/10 Israel V. Palestine             Ever since the biblical days of Abraham, the city that is known today as Jerusalem has been considered the holy land. It is the birthplace of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. God promised this land to the Jewish people in His covenant with them. The Jews are God’s chosen people.           The need for a Jewish homeland was a direct outcome of the Holocaust. In 1948, the Holocaust had recently come to an end, and...

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The 50 Years' War

RUNNING HEAD: The 50 Years' War The 50 Years' War Shain Ellison Thomas ABSTRACT Since its creation in 1948, the state of Israel has been on a constant state of war against those who wish to see it destroyed and its people annihilated. The creation of the state of Israel was the culmniation of centuries of struggle and persecution on the part of the Jews to have or to reclaim their homeland in Palestine which they firmly believed with total conviction was promised to them by God, “Go forth...

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The Problem of Water in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Problem of Water in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The promised land is primarily an arid land: Israel has very scarce water resources to ensure its survival. The water issue is a central part of the relationship that Israel maintains with its neighbors. The Middle East is a geographical area that is experiencing what experts have called a state of "water stress", that is to say, a structural imbalance between a limited water capital and a consumption in strong growth given its population...

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Israeli Culture

influential piece of the culture in Israel: it plays a part in almost all areas. This is a look at the culture of the people of Israel including the areas of religion, politics, gender, marriage and family, as well as art and cuisine. Religion Religion plays an enormous role in the land of Israel and it’s rich culture. The three most popular religions of the entire world are Judaism, Christianity and Islam and they’re also the three most common religions found in Israel. (Torstrick, 2004) As of 2004...

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Essay on the First Infidada

intifada - STEPHANIE UPSTON The First Intifada was a surprise uprising in the West Bank and Gaza Strip by the Palestinian people against Israeli military. This uprising was caused by long term occurrences, such as the Israeli military repression by Israel and the failure of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) to make attempts of peaceful solution to the grievances in the West Bank. The defeat of the PLO in Lebanon was also an important cause as this meant that Palestinian people could not...

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1967 Six Day War

the 1967 (Six Day) War for Arab–Israeli relations On the 23rd May 1967, the Israelis declared war on the Arabs due to the blocking of the straits to Israeli shipping. The 1967 Six Day War had a major impact on Arab-Israeli relations. This is due to Israel gaining control over the occupied territories, large increases of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories, the increase of Israeli military in the Middle East. The Israeli occupation of Arab territories had a large impact on Arab-Israeli relations...

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

and owned fewer than 7% of the land. Israel must slowly come out of the West Bank and allow Palestinians the freedom and independence they deserve; a water passage agreement must be reached, Israeli settlements must decide whether or not to obey to Palestinian authority that will obligate itself into preserving equality for all citizens. Palestinian refugees without a criminal record will be permitted into Israel again, the defense wall that separates Israel and the west bank can remain in order...

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Moses and the Burning Bush

regulate the flow of the Nile River. For fear that the Israelite population would continue to increase, the Pharaoh insisted that every male Hebrew child would be killed at birth. Ironically, during this oppressive period, Moses, the "future deliverer of Israel", was born. To protect his life, his mother sent him down the Nile in a specially woven ark. He was found by the Pharaoh's daughter who took him in and, to add to the irony, she hired his mother to be his foster nurse. The baby boy grew up and was...

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Israel's Foreign Policy

relations, Mat. No.: 10ah010630, Course title: foreign policy analysis Course code: irl 313 Assignment topic; Israel’s foreign policy analysis Date; Israel is a country in south-western Asia, formed in 1948 as a Jewish state in the historic region of Palestine, and located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Israel is bounded on the north by Lebanon, on the northeast by Syria, on the east by Jordan, and on the southwest by Egypt. Its southernmost tip extends to the Gulf of...

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Six Day War

"well-organized pro-Israel constituency  thus becoming a major player in the creation as well as the keeping of the state of Israel. In the early 1940s President Franklin Roosevelt declared that "no decision altering the basic situation of Palestine should be reached without full consultation with both Arabs and Jews.  No matter how vague, this statement was the first of its kind that officially stated a policy and even a role in the conflict between the current Palestine and the future Israel. Later in...

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Effects of Terrorism on Israeli Society

against governments or political groups. Israel and France are not the ! only countries that suffer the acts and effects of terrorism. The United States of America was recently struck at its heart, shaking our feelings of safety. The US is now making strides to defeat terrorism along with its allies and other members of the United Nations (UN). Terrorist organizations attack civilians because they cannot overcome the Israeli Defense Forces (Tucker 1). Israel was founded on May 14, 1948 and has faced...

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Collective Security

because collective security was the violence used when fighting one another. This section of the paper will describe the term secession and the impacts it has on collective security using the example of Palestine as a nation wanting sovereignty from Israel nation. Secession is “a religious or ethnic minority’s efforts, often by violent means, to gain independent statehood by separating territory from an established sovereign state.” The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is an example of a civil war that...

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Israeli/Palestinian conflict

Sixty three years of war and no peace in sight Since the creation of Israel and de-legitimization of Palestine in 1948, seven wars has engulfed the region, the region plunged into radicalism, thousands were killed and worst of all there is no sight of peace in the forecast (Malone). The biggest and most sensitive conflict in the world is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that has created so much hate and bloodshed. The conflict revolves around land that was promised to both the Muslims and Jews...

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Arab Israeli Conflict

to the Jews, a gift from God. However, the Jews were soon driven out of their Promised Land by the Romans and would not return for centuries. This is why the Israelis believe they are claimants to Israel. The only problem with this claim is that the Arab countries also believe they have the right to Israel. The Arab Nations in the Middle Ages had gained major control over North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East (Butler). The Arab Nations had come to think of the Middle East and Palestine...

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The Alternative Truth Behind the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Using Manipulation to Survive

questions, but none of them strike the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite the pro-Israel messages from the vast majority of American politicians and media figures, the conflict is so much more than Americans really know—no thanks to the seemingly one-sided media spin (Omeish 2007) and the Israel Lobby. Because of this lack of information, many Americans are on a pro-Israel rant as “Israel is often portrayed as David confronted by Goliath, but the converse is closer to the truth” (Mearsheimer...

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Terrorism Paper

think that they will accomplish their goal completely because they must first eliminate Israel (which is difficult to do). I understand that the Palestinian people are pissed off because they lost some of their land in 1948 to the Jewish people, but they should not resort to blowing themselves up in order to prove a point, they should instead negotiate with Israel concerning their feelings about this issue. "Israel is the very embodiment of Jewish continuity: It is the only nation on earth that inhabits...

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Benjamin Netanyahu

lived in Tel Aviv during his adolescence and early teen years. Mr. Netanyahu attended high school in the United States because his father was relocated there to conduct research. After finishing high school Mr. Netanyahu relocated back to Israel and joined the Israel Defense Force (IDF), and served in the elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal. During his time in the Sayeret Matkal he took part in many operations, highlighted by the 1972 hostage rescue of a high-jacked Sabena airplane. He was cited for...

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Middle East

Imagine that one day that that kid that was throwing rocks might one day strap a bomb to himself and go and try to blow people up because he thinks it is the right thing to do. This is actually happing in the middle east. These so called nations are Israel and the Palestine state that is not yet a nation. In the middle east this is everyday life and all they know is that there government doesn't care for them so they continue to fight for a cause that will never be settled because their government...

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Israel For centuries Israel has been a place for spiritual enlightenment as well as a country at war with itself. Located in the Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Lebanon, it is only slightly larger than New Jersey. This tiny little country has a big problem that is still going on today, and in order to understand the present, one has to look to the past. During World War II Israel was under British rule, then when the war ended they withdrew there mandate from Israel...

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Arab-Israeli Conflict

bloody feud and how it has transpired into the seemingly implacable problem it is today but to also highlight why it is critical to our government’s foreign policy. Also, to determine the circumstances of the US committing military force to this area. Israel first became an independent state on 14 May 1948. While this landmark was the catalyst for the 1948 War of Independence, contention existed between the Arabs and Israelis long before this day. In 1917 the Balfour Declaration was issued by the British...

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Post Cold War

about more clearly, I will try to explain the reasons to why the ending of the Cold War was not followed by a period of world peace and stability, by talking about the gulf war and how one night changed the lives and situations of many nations, mainly Israel and Palestine and how the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) played a major role in this war, leading to the Palestinian Intifada and the current events that are happening right now. The Gulf war was simply a conflict between Iraq and...

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With reference to one recent major international conflict, access and analyse the geographical impacts of the conflict on the area(s) involved.

With reference to one recent major international conflict, access and analyse the geographical impacts of the conflict on the area(s) involved. (40 Marks) The Israel Palestine conflict originated with the handing over of the Palestine territory to the Jews. At the time of World War I the area was ruled by the Turkish Ottoman empire. Turkish control ended when Arab forces backed by Britain drove out the Ottomans. Britain occupied the region at the end of the war in 1918 and was assigned as...

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