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  • New Testament

    THE NEW TESTAMENT The New Testament is a record of historical events‚ the ‘good news’ events of the saving life of the Lord Jesus Christ—His life‚ death‚ resurrection‚ ascension‚ and the continuation of His work in the world. Origin and Meaning of the Term “New Testament” Our Bible is divided into two sections : * Old Testament * New Testament The Greek word for “testament‚” diaqhkh (Latin‚ testamentum)‚ means “will‚ testament‚ or covenant.” New Testament or Covenant (anticipated in

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    Don king Professor Samuel Young New Testament 10/14/2014 Matthew and Mark The books of Matthew and Mark are two gospels in the New Testament. There are four total gospels although. The definition of a gospel is referred to as either “good tale” or “good news” and these four gospels are autobiographies of Jesus of Nazareth. Matthew and Mark are similar but‚ they also are revealed contrarily in numerous ways. Matthew trusted on a lot of Mark’s wisdoms in this book about the life of

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  • The Canon of the New Testament

    What we know today as the New Testament was compiled over a period of many decades. It was first referenced as the “New Testament” by Clement of Alexandria. It is believed that the books that comprise what we know as the New Testament canon were in existence no later than the end of the first century. The included books varied by different sources until the fourth century when the Bishop of Alexandria‚ Athanasios‚ included them in a letter to his flock in AD 367. His list was approved by councils

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  • New Testament Questions

    New Testament Final 1.1 What challenges did the Jesus-following movement encounter in its expansion from its original Jewish circles to the Gentile world? whether or not the Jewish law will be applying to the gentiles. 1.2 What major question grew out of the expansion of the early church to include gentiles‚ beginning with Cornelius in Acts 10‚ but building into a full-blown controversy between Paul and other Jewish Christians? Where in the New Testament can we turn to see Paul’s teaching

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  • New Testament Books

    BIBL 104 10/13/13 Summary of the books of the New Testament Books Matthew The Book of Matthew is of gospel genre. It is the first book of the New Testament and the first of the four gospels. Matthew is sometime referred to as “The Sermon on the Mount”. Matthew begins with the descent of Jesus. Matthew is a book that was wrote by the Jews for the Jews retelling the story of Jesus’ birth. King Herod orders all male babies ages two and under in Bethlehem and surrounding towns to be killed

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  • Paul in the New Testament

    Harris calls Paul “the most influential apostle and missionary of the mid-first-century CE church and author of seven to nine New Testament letters” (H G-33). It would be quite an accolade to receive such recognition‚ but what makes it even more remarkable is that Paul‚ or Saul‚ (Saul was his Judean name and Paul was his Roman name (footnotes B 1943)) originally persecuted the ekklesia or “church”. Paul went from persecuting the ekklesia or “church” to being its “most influential apostle and missionary”

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  • Miracles in the New Testament

    References: Luke‚ 14‚ 2005‚ Catholic Good News Bible‚ 3rd edition‚ UK: The Bible Societies/Harper Charpentier‚ E.‚ 2007‚ How to Read the New Testament‚ 15th edition‚ London: SCM Press

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  • New Testament and Paul

    living what they are proclaiming. At this point in history‚ Paul would accept any means by which the gospel could be spread to the largest number of people. I can’t say that I agree with Paul on this issue‚ but do understand his reasoning. The new knowledge that I obtained through reading the book of Philippians showed me the selflessness of a man who had nothing materially to gain by following Christ. He always saw the bigger

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  • Old Testament in the New Testament

    in the New Testament Compartmentalizing Scripture is a contemporarily popular way to study the Bible and is very useful at times. However‚ Scripture tends to unify itself. Despite studious efforts to “divide and conquer‚” perhaps a more appropriate approach would be to identify the areas where different sections of Scripture are sewn together and then further study how and why. One particular facet of sectional mingling is the way the Old Testament passages are quoted in the New Testament‚ specifically

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  • New Testament and God

    The Cost of a Christ Centered Life Towards the end of David’s life and reign as King of Israel‚ he did something that God didn’t like. He counted his men. People warned him not to count his men. But he did it anyway. So what. He counted his men. What’s the big deal? At this point in his life David had not only outlasted King Saul (when he spent years chasing David around the middle east trying to kill him)‚ and out fought the giant Goliath‚ but David and Israel under David’s leadership

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