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What is Bible? The Bible refers to the sacred scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. The Bible is divided into two parts. The first two thirds of the Bible are inherited from the Jews and this is called the Old Testament whereas the last third is considered to be written by Christians and is called the New Testament. The Hebrew Bible, or the Torah comprises the origins of the Israelites and traces the historic account of Israel. After the establishment of Christianity in the first century, Gospel...

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CWV-101: Bible Story Worksheet and Journal #1 Module 1 - Part 1 – Bible Story Worksheet For Part 1 of this assignment, you will complete this worksheet by reviewing the "The Story of the Bible" "flags" and fulfill each writing requirement. http://lc.gcumedia.com/zwebassets/courseMaterialPages/cwv101_biblical-timeline-v1.1.phpPlease keep your answers brief. Solid academic writing is expected. Refer to the GCU Academic Writing Guidelines in the Student Success Center. Briefly answer each...

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Bible Etymology It comes from the Greek word “ta biblia” (plural) “biblos” (singular) which means “scrolls” or books. - Is a partial record of the religious history of the real history of the Israelites and the effect of Jesus to those who experienced him. - Since Sacred Tradition; Bible were written in papyrus and were rolled together forming scrolls. - Other names: Holy Scripture or Word of God - Book of History • History of Israelites, chosen people • History of...

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The Bible

The Bible What are the two main sections of the Bible? There are two main sections that make up the bible. These are the Old Testament and the New Testament. These are both written by many different people and over thousands of years. The Old Testament was created first and is the first part of the Christian Bible and was written over a large amount of time compared to the new testament. It is divided into different categories which include; law, history, poetry and prophecy. 5 of the books...

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Bible and Its Influence

and Muslims also consider the Bible to be a sacred text. If you think of how there are 2 billion Christians, 14 million Jews and 1.3 billion Muslims, that means that more than half of the world’s population consider the Bible to be a major influence on their faith. Bible widely used in American society The Bible is especially influential in American society. In the 2012 State of the Bible report released by the American Bible Society, commissioned by the American Bible Society and conducted by Barna...

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bible essay

What is the Bible and Why Do We Study It The Bible can be referred to as the “McDonalds” of books; billions of copies have been printed and sold worldwide. It is the most translated and most studied book in the world. It was also the first book ever printed with movable type. There is even a group of religious men called the Gideons who dedicated their lives to spreading God’s word around the world. Their life’s work is to promote Christianity by making Bibles available around the world by...

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Inerrancy In The Bible

scriptures as written in the Holy Bible to be authentic, factual and entirely absent of any errors. For centuries the biblical stories of the Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and The Flood, Tower of Babel along with others were believed by Hebrews and Christians to be factual history. Beginning in later 1800 to 1900AD, these stories began to be thought as legends instead of credible history. This change of believe from non-fiction to fiction questioned the authenticity of the bible along with organized religion...

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Contradictions In The Bible

The Christian Bible is not a reliable source of information whether historic or religious. The New Testament, written by “inspired” men, is no more than a highly exaggerated account of Jesus’s ravings. The falsity of the Bible’s teachings are shown in the many contradictions found in the Bible and in promises that are not kept. As for these “prophecies” that have “come true,” they have been deliberately used as a guide, or blueprint in the creation of this “Savior”. The Bible has many contradictions...

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Nommo and the Bible

Nommo and the Bible A Comparison and Contrast of the Character Names in The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingslover writes a book entitled, The Poisonwood Bible that explore the effects one culture has on another. The four daughters; Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Ruth May, at birth are given names suitable and fitting to their personalities, as well as new Kikongo names which describe the girls’ attitudes towards the people in the Congo. A principal of the Congolese belief system, suggests that the girls...

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History of the Bible

Canonization of the Bible The process by which the English Bible, as it is known to the English culture today, was compiled is an extraordinary thing to see. The Bible consists of two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The process by which both Testaments were written and then canonized into one book transpired over a period of many years. Once the canonization of the Bible officially came to an end, it was translated into English. Since then, many versions of the modern Bible have been made...

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