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  • Old Testament notes

    Old Testament Survey Quiz #1 Due: Wednesday‚ September 4‚ 2013 1-10: ½ point each. From Arnold/Beyer. 1. The word “canon” comes from both the Hebrew and Greek‚ meaning whole; a measuring standard for faith for faith and practice. 2. Which council helped decide the canon of the Old Testament? A. Jerusalem; B. Jamnia; C. Judea; D. Joppa 3-5. The Hebrew Bible divides the books into what three groups? 3. Torah 4. Prophets 5. Writing 6. Most of the Old Testament was originally written in A

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  • Old Testament Covenant

    The Old Testament Covenants The Old Testament Covenants “A covenant is an unchangeable‚ divinely imposed legal agreement between God and man that stipulates the conditions of their relationship” CITATION Gru00 \p 515 \l 1033 (Grudem‚ 2000‚ p. 515). The essence of the Old Testament Covenants between God and Abraham‚ and subsequently with the Israelites were designed to spiritually inspire the people to reciprocity: God’s promises of His eternal presence‚ love‚ and blessings in exchange for their

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  • Old Testament Paper

    Ruffin Paul McCuistion REL123 “What is Wisdom in the Old Testament sense I believe having a clear definition and understanding wisdom can help us better interpret the Bible’s original intent of Scripture. First of all we must consider the meaning of the primary Hebrew word for wisdom which is (hakam‚ “wise” and hokma‚ “wisdom”)‚ and secondly‚ we must take into account the themes‚ content and forms that are found in the Old Testament wisdom material. One of the books in the Bible which is

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  • Encountering the Old Testament

    DBS 620 Encountering the Old Testament A Christian Survey Bill T. Arnold and Bryan E. Beyer Baker Books Caron M. Allen Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Studies This paper is prepared for Newburgh Theological Seminary and College of the Bible March 16‚ 2013 INTRODUCTION I continued my study in pursuit of the doctoral degree in Biblical Studies by reading the text‚ Encountering the Old Testament. Little did I know when I began reading this text that it would so completely

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  • Old Testament Prophets

    Introduction to Biblical Studies (PHIL 223) Study Guide Old Testament Prophets Carol Swain Lewis‚ Ph.D.‚ Instructor God’s Messengers From the beginning‚ prophets were known as spokesmen for God. In other words‚ the purpose for a prophet was to speak God’s words to the Israelites. Sometimes God’s message for his people was a call to repent and return to God’s ways‚ and sometimes a prophet foretold future events. Regardless‚ when a prophet‚ the evangelist of his day‚ appeared

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  • Heroes In The Old Testament

    How does God show us his amazing powers? In the Old Testament‚ there are heroes who proceed through the process of discovering out God’s powers and intentions. The Old Testament heroes: Jonah‚ Shadrach‚ Meshach‚ and Abednego‚ and Daniel experience God’s powers and character by obeying and disobeying God’s rules‚ following God ‚ and being faithful to God. First‚ Jonah doesn’t obey God’s commands.Jonah was a prophet who preached in Nineveh‚ the capital of Assyria. In the Bible‚ God gave Jonah a job

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  • Old Testament

    both the Old and New Testament‚ it has been awhile since I have read either one of them. Before this class‚ I never really studied either one and did not feel completely confident in my understanding of the meaning of the Bible. I feel like studying the Old Testament has given me a better understanding of all the events in the Old Testament as well as shone some light on the New Testament. I feel like it gives me further explanation and since I am a person that always asks “Why?”‚ the Old Testament

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  • Old Testament

    In Walton’s Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament‚ he writes‚ “ With no revelation . . . there was no way to know what pleased and what angered . . . This is the plight of those who live in a world without revelation. In the end‚ for all of their conscientious ritual‚ they did not know what deity wanted” (p. 145). Please post a 400-word response to Walton’s statement. Discuss the importance of revelation to God and the biblical writers. Seek to answer questions like “Was it important

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  • Influential Women of the Old Testament

    Influential Women of the Old Testament Patrick Nusdeo UNCW The Old Testament contains hundreds of stories that are. In order for those stories to be used they had to have a great impact. Not too many stories on women were written in the Old Testament‚ but the ones that did were monumental. A lot of the times women are mentioned in the bible‚ it is in a negative way‚ as in Lot’s daughters‚ who essentially raped their father after getting him drunk. Women also got punished for the bad deeds of

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  • African History in the Old Testament

    1. The Old Testament is filled with African history. Yes‚ there is a lot of African history in the Old Testament. The bible is full of ancient African Tales and concepts. The Old Testament is nothing but a bunch of collected folklore that was used to teach morals in order to live in peace with everyone else. 2. Ancient history begins after the flood 4000 B.C.‚ of which one of Noah’s sons Ham had four sons Cush (Ethiopia)‚ Mizraim (Egypt)‚ Phut (Libya)‚ and Canaan (Isreal). The curse was placed

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