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  • Bible: The History Of The Hebrew Bible

    that pertain to the Hebrew Bible. The History in the Bible relates to the narrative that describe the stories in the bible relating to the history of ancient Palestine. The History behind the Bible describes actual biblical events that took place in Bible times. The History of the Bible describe the actual books that comprise the Bible and when they were included in the biblical canon. There is much debate among scholars as to whether the biblical narrative of the Hebrew Bible depicts actual events

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  • Hebrew Bible Exegesis

    The translation and exegesis of the Hebrew Bible ‚ have led to many versions of stories that we thought we knew‚ especially the book of Genesis and the first fall story . Hebrew words such as adam‚ and other significant words in Hebrew language will be the main focus on in this paper. These words can have very different meanings according to the exegetes and also of a person ’s belief system that is translating them. Thorough critical analysis of postexilic writings will cast doubt into believers

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  • Treatment of Women in Hebrew Bible and Qur'an

    Paper #1 World Literature 1 November 10‚ 2013 I have selected the treatment of women in the Bible and the Qur’an. Both the Bible and the Quran seem to indicate men and women were created as equals. Men and women were created together‚ separate form one another but for each other and to live in a mutual relationship for protection and to care for one another. In the book of Genesis 2 (page 159 in text book) it is written “And God created the human in his image‚ in the image of God He created

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  • Judaism and Hebrew Bible

    rebuilt. The Jewish Bible is called the Hebrew Bible because it was originally written in the Hebrew language. Jews believe that studying the Hebrew Bible helps one learn how to lead a righteous life. Because Christianity developed from Judaism‚ the Christian Bible includes the Hebrew Bible as the Old Testament. The Hebrew Bible contains accounts of the early history of the Jewish people and Jewish laws. The Ten Commandments are an example of Jewish law. The Hebrew Bible is divided into three

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  • Hebrew Bible Personal Reflection

    city for committing a vast number of sins. Moreover‚ the Bible was strict‚ an open and shut case—either good or bad. Either you were going to heaven and live with God‚ or hell with the devil‚ constantly burning. In this narrow-minded perception of the world‚ I viewed anyone who lived differently as a sinner. If a woman dressed in a way as to expose any flesh she was considered‚ as being a “loose” woman and was not saved. Also the Bible was the only source of reading‚ with the exception of schoolbooks

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  • The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Hebrew Bible

    contact with humankind‚ they have different motives in doing so. How do the Sumerian gods communicate the flood to the people in The Epic of Gilgamesh? How does the Hebraic god communicate the flood to the people within The Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible? What does this difference in methodology in dealing with the people in light of the flood reveal about the nature of the gods and what does it suggest about the relationship between the divine and the mortal in each story? Both the Hebraic

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  • The Hebrew Bible: A Literary Analysis

    The Hebrew Bible remains a composite document consisting of various types of literature‚ which reflects the concerns and attitudes of various writers writing in various times and places (Baskin‚ n.d.). Because of critical issues‚ the previous context is not considered in framing the story of the creation of man and woman (Burnett‚ 2016). This causes Hebrew idioms to get lost in the transaction‚ such as a female being referred to as a “helper”. However‚ in Exod. 18:4 KJV and in Deut. 33:7 KJV‚

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  • The Hebrew Bible: Textual Analysis

    There a number texts in the Hebrew Bible that prohibit cult images and are indicative that the ancient Israelite religion was largely aniconic. I think first it is wise to define what aniconism is before asking whether if it is fair to attribute the term to ancient Israelite religion and the Hebrew Bible. I understand aniconism to pertain to the texts that prohibit the visual expression of deities and their iconography‚ most explicit among these of course being the Second Commandment. I will contend

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  • Yahweh's Role In Hebrew Bible

    From book-to-book within the Hebrew Bible‚ the God of Israel is described in many different ways. Depending on the events that are taking place‚ Yahweh takes on “new” roles that are depicted through the authors’ usage of various titles. Some examples in the book of Genesis are when Yahweh is portrayed as the “Judge of all the earth” (18.25)‚ the Creator (1.1-2.22)‚ and the deliverer of enemies (14:19b). Each of these characteristics that are attributed to Him are exemplified through the special circumstances

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  • Queen Esther In The Hebrew Bible

    I. Introduction Throughout the Hebrew Bible‚ otherwise known as the Old Testament to Christians‚ God worked in a strict‚ disciplinary manner. The history of the Jewish people from their Babylonian captivity in 586 B.C.‚ to deliverance from Haman and their oppressors in 473 B.C.‚ was a direct result of God working fervently in their lives. What started out as discipline shaped into deliverance‚ because of a pure hope‚ faith‚ and trust the Jewish people maintained during trials and tribulations. Queen

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