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  • Orthodox Approach To The Torah

    The fundamental difference is the approach to Torah and the implications of that approach. The Orthodox believe that it comes directly from God and so cannot be changed. All we can do is "understand" (they wouldn’t even say interpret) it‚ and the right to do so has devolved upon rabbis‚ descendants of the Pharisees who probably began teaching during the Babylonian Exile. The "authentic" understanding of the Torah is encapsulated in the "halachah‚" the law (literally‚ "way"). God is thus the law-giver

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  • Jewish Ideals in the Torah and Nevi'Im

    Jewish Ideals in the Torah and Nevi’im Both the Torah and the Nevi’im are important texts in Judaism that each illustrates different aspects of Judaism. The Torah specifies a number of the commandments and rules to be followed. On the other hand‚ the Nevi’im contains several accounts of the lives of the prophets. Analyzing the Torah and the Nevi’im allows one to clearly see the differences and similarities. The Torah is the primary document which reveals instructions to the Jewish people. The

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  • Torah and Eat Rare Meat

    Leviticus is the third book of the Hebrew Bible‚ also the third book in the Torah. The main points of the book are concerned with Levitical‚ or priestly worship. In the first section of the book there is a series of laws regarding sacrifices‚ burnt-offerings‚ meat‚ thank‚ sin and trespass-offerings‚ followed by the law of the priestly duties in connection with the offering of sacrifices. The Holiness Code of Leviticus was written mostly as a ritual manual for Israel’s priests. Christians today

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  • Judaism

    with the most residing in the USA and Israel‚ according to the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute. Judaism orginated in the Middle East over 3500 years ago and was founded by Moses. Most Jews‚ however‚ trace their history back to Abraham. The Torah is considered the central and most important religious document in Judaism even though the religion has a rich history of religious text. Rabbis are considered the spiritual leaders and worship is done in synagogues. Jews believe that there is only

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  • popular jewish holidays

    Jewish Festivals 1. Rosh Hashanah-Jewish New Year Date: The first and second days of Tishri Reasons: The Jewish New Year is a time to begin self-examination‚ looking back at the mistakes of the past year and planning the changes to make in the new year. The Bible refers to the holiday as Yom Ha-Zikkaron (the day of remembrance) or Yom Teruah (the day of the sounding of the shofar). The holiday is instituted in Leviticus 23:24-25. No work is permitted on Rosh Hashanah. Much of the day is spent

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  • Jewish Law Research Paper

    Moses on the top of Mount Sanai. These commandments are very well known and widely accepted‚ but these were not the only commandments given to Moses by God. When Moses wrote down all of the commandments to create a rough draft of what would become the Torah‚ he logged all 613 mitzvot (commandments) that the Jewish people should follow—they became laws for the Jewish community to live by. The Jewish population follows these rules because they come directly from God and they are very important in order

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  • Bread Givers

    Reb Smolinsky the father of the house hold spent his entire life studying the Holy Torah. While his daughter’s and wives main focus was to make money and pay bills‚ his was focused on the promise of heaven. In the Holy Torah‚ men are good and kind; they value the most importance over women. Being born into a family that believes and follows every word that the Torah says‚ Reb Smolinsky became an Orthodox rabbi and carried on his father duties. Therefore he believes that “only through a man

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  • men and women rights

    path to holiness. For women to adopt the lifestyle of men is not only contrary to their nature and divinely given task‚ but betrays a lack of self-respect for their own dignity and worth. Do women occupy a position in Judaism inferior to men? Does Torah and the lifestyle it mandates discriminate against women? Some people apparently believe so‚ for under the banner of women’s liberation efforts are being made to free women from what is perceived as their unequal status in Jewish law. The call for

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  • Judaism and Hebrew Bible

    reasons that understanding Judaism is important in understanding world history.Jews believe in one creator who alone is to be worshipped as absolute ruler of the universe. He monitors peoples activities and rewards good deeds and punishes evil. The Torah was revealed to Moses by God and can not be changed though God does communicate with the Jewish people through prophets. Jews believe in the inherent goodness of the world and its inhabitants as creations of God and do not require a savior to save

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  • Role of Women Within Orthodox Judaism

    religious or secular life‚ revolves around religious laws or mitzvot (singular mitzvah).(1) The Jewish way of life encompasses every aspect of human endeavor. There is a verse in the Book of Isaiah: God desired for his righteousness ’ sake to make the Torah great and glorious." (Isaiah 42:21) This verse was interpreted in rabbinic Judaism to mean that God provided many opportunities for people to acquire righteousness by giving them a multitude of commandments covering every situation in life. Orthodox

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