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their hands as a way as re-welcoming them into the church. A Bar Mitzvah or Bah Mitzvah is celebrated in a similar manor to the Catholic Confirmation. During a Jewish Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah the child that is “becoming of age” reads from the Torah in front of the Sabbath congregation, they say prayers and read other readings. After the ceremony at the synagogue the whole family gathers to congratulate the young adult who just took their own step into the faith of Judaism. At these parties a...

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principal beliefs of judaism

Text p 160 - 165 05/16/15 Students learn about: 1. Origins 2. Principal Beliefs 3. Sacred Texts and Writings 4. Core Ethical Teachings 5. Observance 05/16/15 2. Principal Beliefs Text p161-165 Traditionally, Jewish belief is found in the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament).  Given to the people of Israel at Mt. Sinai by God, via Moses through divine revelation.  Jewish beliefs are also based on later parts of the OT and commentaries on the OT.  At the heart of the Jewish...

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Judaism Holidays, Texts, and houses of worship

observant Jews do not work, go to school, answer the phone, or use the computer on Passover. Shavuot Shavuot is the Festival of Weeks and it observes the Giving of the Torah. This holiday commemorates ancient Israel’s acceptance of the Torah. Dairy is customarily eaten at this time and young children are often given small replicas of the Torah scroll. The scroll symbolizes the beginning of their journey of learning about their religion. Traditionally observant Jews do not work, go to school, answer the...

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To What Extent Is Jesus's Attitudes Towards Outcasts a Departure from Judaism?

as it teaches us Jesus by descent was in fact a Jew as his mother Mary was a Jew and if your mother was a Jew you by descent were an accepted Jew. Throughout Jesus’s life he still kept hold of his fundamental Jewish beliefs such as reading from the Torah and preaching in the Synagogue, which we gather from the Inaugural Sermon (Luke 4:14-30). This in addition to his sending of the leper to the Pharisee proves he was still respectful and abided by the majority of Jewish laws. As Tuckett writes “Jesus...

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Study Guide

After that Rabbinical Judaism created a shift in the time period. Rabbinical Judaism focused on the development of law and text. During this time period, the Torah was being studied very carefully, interpretations and commentaries eventually became the norm (Mishnah and Talmud). They developed Synagogues to study the text and laws of the Torah. Similarly we see this division in Christianity with Peter and Paul. During the Last supper, Jesus mentions that Peter will be the next person in charge...

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Hannah Espia's Transit: Analysis

was showering him with water from the hose as if he was dancing in the rain. And on the moment he realized he was about to be deported, he felt the urge to recite a verse in the Torah (Jewish bible) thinking this would serve as his Bar Mitzvah (a ceremony wherein a thirteen year old Jewish boy chants a portion of the Torah which he has prepared as he reviewed the fundamentals of Jewish observance which makes him ready for the life of an adult Jewish man). He recited the verse flawlessly in the thought...

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Christianity and Judaism

charitable contributions and participated in championing for the respect to basic rights. Both Christianity and Judaism have had an impact on the western culture in general. For instance, the western laws are more or less reflected in the book of Torah and several religious clauses from the state constitutions. For example dietary and value for life laws....

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01.02 Monotheistic Religions: Assessment

books of the monotheistic faiths both similar and different? They all record the beliefs, the laws, and the histories of its religion. They also look to a sacred text for spiritual guidance to understand the history of their faith. The holy book of Torah has 39 books of the Hebrew bible or the complete Old Testament. The Bible contains teachings of Jesus as recorded by his disciples in the 27 books of the New Testament. The Qur’an is organized in 114 chapters called suras. * How are the basic...

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Yom Kippur

Because Kol Nidre is a considered a legal matter and legal matters cannot be taken care of on Shabbat or a festival holiday, both of which begin at sunset. Yom Kippur is also recognized with 25 hours of fasting that is specifically commanded by the Torah. During the time of fasting no food or water may be consumed. In Leviticus 23:27, fasting is described as “afflicting the souls”. (http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/holiday4.html) Not only is food or water forbidden, Jews must...

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Jewish Identity

of the Jewish culture throughout the years. They used dance to express love and joy. Jewish Religion is a huge part of their identity. Jewish individuals believe in one God. Instead of having a Holy Bible, such as Christians, they have the Torah. The Torah is the first five books of the old testament. There are 4.3 million American Jews that are a large part of Judaism. 3,440,000 of those 4.3 million have a very lively connection to the Jewish Religion. American Jews are more likely to be Atheists...

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