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AS History – Essay on the Persecution of the Jews How accurate is it to say that the persecution of Jews in Germany steadily increased in the years 1933-42? The question of whether or not the persecution of Jewish race has had a steady intensification, relates closely to whether you adopt an intentionalist or structuralist viewpoint on this historical event. An intentionalist will claim that the process of persecuting Jews in Germany is a planned sequence and was outlined by the Nazi Party; they...

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Abandonment of the Jews

The Abandonment of the Jews By David S. Wyman "To kill the Jews, the Nazis were willing to weaken their capacity to fight the war. The United States and its allies, however, were willing to attempt almost nothing to save them" (Pp 5). If we would have put half as much energy into loving the Jews as Hitler spent hating the Jews we could have made a great difference. Wyman's book, The Abandonment of the Jews was very intriguing to me. Although I found it very thorough it left me wanting to know...

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The Jews a History

Complicated Friendship Chaim Potok’s “The Chosen” is the story of two Jewish boys from different families who learn and grow through a complicated yet eye-opening friendship. The two protagonists are Rueven Malter (a traditional Orthodox Jew), and Danny Saunders (a Hasidic Jew). The boys become friends after a heated baseball game where Danny purposefully injures Rueven’s eye and sends him to the hospital where he receives surgery to correct the wound. Tension at the game is palpable due to flying insults...

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Nuremberg Laws against the Jews

What Makes Someone a Jew According to the Nuremberg Laws? 1 What Makes Someone a Jew According to the Nuremberg Laws? 6 6 Samuel Polston August 4, 2015 HST 101: Global History Since 1500 Section # 41866 Sources of World Societies Chapter 30-3 The Nuremberg Laws were aimed at preserving the purity of the German race. One of the intentions of the Nuremberg Laws was to provide for who was considered to be a Jew or what it meant to be a Jew. This paper therefore examines the Nuremberg Laws, with an...

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The Pianist and the Plight of the Jews

hands of the Nazis. These few went on to be living documents of the senseless and brutal nature of the treatment of Jews in German occupied territory during World War II. In the movie The Pianist, one such victim’s story is told, Wladyslaw Szpilman, a well-known Polish composer of the time, lived to write about his experiences in the Warsaw ghetto and the persecution of the Jews at the violent hands of the Nazi Germans. Director Roman Polanski, a Jewish ghetto camp survivor himself, takes Szpilman’s...

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The Systematic Oppression of the Jews

The Systematic Oppression of Jews in Nazi Germany The Holocaust will forever be remembered as the systematic genocide of the Jewish people, when approximately six million Jews in Europe were murdered under the Nazi regime. The question that comes to mind is why did nobody stop this event or speak against the horrors that occurred in the ghettoes or concentration camps? How could this happen in the 20th century, when the human race was thought to be evolved and modernized? It occurred because there...

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Barabas' Role in the Jew of Malta

Barabas’ role in the Jew of Malta. Christopher Marlow was born in 1564, as William Shakespeare. This play was probably written in 1589; however, it was not actually published until 1633, after Marlowe's death in 1593 when he was just 29 years old. This play was performed for many years and had a great influence on Shakespeare’s The Venice Merchant. • 1. Summary of the play The play is set on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Calymath (the Turkish prince) arrives to exact...

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Changes in the Life of Jews in Nazi Germany

Changes in the life of Jews in Nazi Germany in the years 1933-1945 The Nazis anathematize the Jews. From a long time ago the Jews were not liked by the people of Europe and in the reign of the Nazis this became much worse. The Nazis officials were given strict orders to exterminate as many Jews as possible. The Nazis wanted to remove the whole of Jewish community. They wanted to eradicate every single Jew in the whole world. The Jews had to face a really hard time during the period of 1933 to...

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Economic Pursuits of the Jews in the Middle Ages

Economic Pursuits of the Jews in the Middle Ages The Jews in the middle ages progressed economically through various occupations. Their economic status was very volatile for many reasons. No area of Jewish life in Western Europe offers such a perpetual change as the economy does. The Jews most specifically participated in international trade, crafts, slave trade, local trade, and most popularly in money lending. The Jewish people participated in commerce in the countries of western Mediterranean...

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Jews Living in America in the 1920's

A New Beginning In the autobiography, “Out of the Shadow”, author Rose Cohen, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, explains the social and economic conditions during the late 1800s and early 1900s for Jews immigrating into the United States. Cohen explains how many Jews fled Eastern Europe and Russia during this time due to the ruling of the tsar, fear of religious persecution, and economic restrictions. Because these restrictions were becoming the norm for Jewish people in their county, Rose’s father, a...

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How Mitzvot Affects the Lives of Jews

How does the mitzvot affect the life of a Jew? The word ‘mitzvah’ means the divine commandment or rule from god, the purpose of these rules are to make life easier for people to live, make them purer and closer to god. These rules were made to insure people could become a better person and to make the world a better place to live in. The mitzvot are rules that God want us to do, all mitzvot are written down with in the torah, altogether they total to 613! There are many mitzvot some about: food...

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Jews and Jonah S Ministry

unfamiliar city of non-Jews to regret their sins, otherwise they be destroyed[1]. Jonah personally doesn’t want to pass on this message as he doubts that they will repent and will surpass the behaviour of the Jews who don’t repent[2]. This would then cause God to destroy the Jews. Jonah eventually makes it to Nineveh and calls on the people to repent, and they do[3]. Jonah becomes miserable at this point and God teaches him a lesson by showing him that even though they were not Jews, God still loves and...

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Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews?

Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? Jessica Snow United States History II Mr. Huddleson April 18, 2012 Adolf Hitler was the re-founder and reorganizer of the Nazi Party and the most influential voice during World War II. Many people question Adolf Hitler’s motives when it came to World War II and the Holocaust. Of all the minorities to single out, Hitler chose the Jewish people. Some think that he was just a cruel person and because the evilness he possessed, he decided to try and wipe off...

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The Jew Store

Aaron Hyder 4/27/13 Religious History in America The Jew Store The Jew Store is a story written by a lady whose family moved to America from Russia in the early 1900s. The first moved to New York and then found their way down to the South. They finally ended up in Nashville as their first permanent residence. They would not last there very long though, as they ended up taking a chance moving to the northwest part of Tennessee in a city called Concordia. The family was of the Jewish decent...

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How and Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews

results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? How,why and with what results did Hitler persecute the Jews ? Hitler made them numerous promises and used many techniques of propaganda. Through Hitlers entire regime , Hitler’s main goal was to persecute the jews. The Jews were severely mistreated by Hitler and his numerous followers. The inflicting of suffering, harassment, isolation, imprisonment, fear, or pain are all factors that established persecution of the Jews. There are various reason why Hitler...

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relation between jew of malta and merchant of venice

 The two novels, Christopher Marlowe’s ‘The Jew of Malta’ and William Shakespeare’s ‘The Merchant of Venice’, the main characters are Jews, a characteristic that makes the comparison of the books easier. However, the way the characters are presented has made the two stories have deep and active anti-Semitic notions and messages. Right from the beginning of the play, we can see some clear negative stereotypes towards Jews. Barabbas is undoubtedly portrayed as a man who loves money to an...

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The Expulsion of Jews from Spain

Father Tomas de Torquemada stalled the time of the expulsion of Jews’ to March instead of January.  Spain was under invasion by Muslims at the time and had just defeated the Muslims in Granada; thus being so, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella only wanted Spain to be among Christian citizens.  Therefore, the expulsion of Jews’ quickly began in March 1492. The expulsion of the Jews’ was the pet project of the Spanish Inquisition.  Jews’ were encouraged to convert to Christianity, flee the country of...

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Ordinary Men: Involvement of Reserve Police Battalion 101 in the Extermination of Polish Jews

Ordinary Men is a case study about the involvement of Reserve Police Battalion 101 in the extermination of Polish Jews during the Holocaust .This battalion of police reservists were first ordered to shoot men who were physically unable to work. They were also ordered to shoot women and children. Later, these men were assigned to round up Jews, confine them to restricted areas and finally herd them unto trains for transportation to their death in German-manned gas chambers. Browning drew his...

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'Hitler Decided on the Mass Murder of the Jews in the 1920s and Thereafter Worked with Consciousness and Calculation Toward That Goal' Do You Agree?

other hand intentionalists argue that the holocaust was a long term plan driven by Hitler’s demonic, ideology. This essay will attempt to illustrate the validity of the structuralist argument by showing how Hitler’s policies evolved from separating the Jews as citizens and then relocating them to genocide; it will also show how this evolution was driven by a number of factors, including the war, logistical issues and the local influence of Nazi officials The first political writing which shows evidence...

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‘Shylock Is a Jew in a Predominantly Christian Society Just as Othello Is…Living in a Predominantly White Society. but Unlike Othello, Shylock Rejects the Christian Community as Firmly as It Rejects Him.’ (W.H. Auden, ‘

Question: ‘Shylock is a Jew in a predominantly Christian society just as Othello is…living in a predominantly white society. But unlike Othello, Shylock rejects the Christian community as firmly as it rejects him.’ (W.H. Auden, ‘The Dyer’s Hand’, 1963. Quoted in ‘Shakespeare’s Comedies’, edited by Lerner, Penguin 1967.) In light of the above quotation, compare and contrast Shakespeare’s presentation of prejudice, considering how audiences of different periods might react to it. (2000 words) ...

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To What Extent Were Jews Assimilated Into Germany by 1930?

To what extent were Jews assimilated into Germany by 1930? 24 marks It would be extremely simplistic to state that all Jews were well assimilated in Germany by 1930 as the mere existence of segregation within the Jewish community within Germany serves as a representation that some were assimilated and some were not. We have the different ‘types’ of Jew such as: the German Jew, the Jewish German, the Ostjuden and the Polacks. These represent the Jewish chain in the German community and where they...

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Jews Without Money

Jews Without Money Jews Without Money is based on its author’s own childhood, Michael Gold. It re-creates the Jewish immigrant Lower East Side in Manhattan in which he lived, and it provides insight into the life of first- and second-generation Jewish Americans around the turn of the twentieth century. Gold does a wonderful job at putting the reader right in the middle of the sights, smells and sounds of people who may be materially poor, but very rich emotionally. The book paints for the most...

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Turkey's impact on Jewish Civilization

History of the Jews in Turkey – University of Texas at office -First Jews may have arrived on the Iberian Peninsula - Early as King Solomon time (965-930 B.C.E.) - Result of Jewish Diaspora following destruction of first Temple by Nebuchadnezzar (586 B.C.E.) -8th – 11th century considered “Golden Age” for Spain when Jews, Muslims and Christians built a civilization most advanced in Europe - By mid‐13th century, Christians controlled most of Spain and were increasingly forcing Jews to convert...

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Because of Romek essay

The Holocaust was the state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazis. The Nazis believed that Germans were racially superior and that Jews were a threat to them. In the aftermath of the Holocaust many of the survivors found shelter in displaced persons camps administered by Allied powers. Between 1948 and 1951 almost 700,000 Jews emigrated to Israel, and other Jews emigrated to the United States and other nations. The crimes committed during the Holocaust...

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Never to forget

The book I read was Never To Forget The Jews of the Holocaust by Milton Meltzer. The book is written by Meltzer’s true story of the. It tells the story of when over five million Jewish people were massacred. The book has no characters. From beginning to end the book takes place in Germany. It only tells the straight forward account of the Jewish Holocaust. He writes the story in an interesting view point because he is an old American Jew, watching events of the war from newspapers and radios. Writing...

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History Essay

Essay Topic: “Did Hitler have a masterplan for annihilating the Jews prior to 1941?” There has been much debate since the end of World War II about whether Adolf Hitler did in fact plan on annihilating the Jews during his time as leader of the Nazis. This debate has split many Historians into two categories, the Intentionalists and the Functionalist’s. Intentionalists believe that Hitler did plan on annihilating the Jews, right from the beginning of his rise to power. Functionalists on the other...

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Anti-Semitism: Jewish Migration

continual growth of anti-Semitism has obligated the Jews to be placed everywhere in the world. Moving entire populations just because of the hate of their rulers. In order to understand this movement we will have to look into three events during history, the edict of expulsion of the Jews from Spain, the pogroms made by the Russian empire and of course the migration made by the Jews before, during and after the holocaust. The hatred towards Jews has existed since the beginning of it’s religion, but...

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Quadis S Speech

In Elizabethan Europe, Jews were seen as the lowest class of society, and were discriminated against to extreme degrees. Around the 1000s Jews lived in Europe amongst everyone else,and did not live in ghettos. A Jew was often wealthy, and many became money lenders in their societies. Because of their jobs, they often had to be their own debt collectors as well. This led to much resentment against them, and the views on Jews were starting to turn negative. As time went on, these views became more...

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German Essay

‘volksgemeinschaft’ began to take effect on the Jewish community. Hitler aimed to achieve a society compromising of strong, healthy Aryans. In ‘Mein Kampf’, Hitler further developed the idea of the Jews as an evil race struggling for world domination. Hitler believed the Jewish race was vastly inferior. He blamed the Jews for every problem Germany faced and believed they were the cause of defeat in World War 1. In 1933 anti-Jewish action began from Hitler youth and SA activists ordered by Adolf himself...

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The Holocaust

means a systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews during the WWII by German Nazi. Adolf Hitler the leader of Nazis, who afraid Jews would take power over Germans; also, many Germans felt they were mistreated by the lost so Jews were like a scapegoat from the previous war lose so they can treat them inhumanely (“The Holocaust”). Millions of Jews were sent to the concentration camps around Europe. In there, they were tortured and killed. Many horrible...

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The Holocaust

genocide ever known to the world. The Jewish people of Europe were terrorized and slaughtered over a period that lasted nearly two and half years. During that time, nearly eleven million people were killed, including six million Jews. Even though the actual mass killings of the Jews lasted about two and a half years, the planning of this genocide started many years earlier. In order for the world to never experience this tragedy again, we need to look back at the events of the Holocaust and see how the...

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Between Dignity and Despair

of forced labor and exile to the repercussion of the war. Kaplan tries to include details from each significant event during the time of the Holocaust. Kaplan tells us the story of Jews in Germany not from the perception of the Holocaust, but by focusing on the persecutors from the confused and vague viewpoint of Jews trying to direct their lives on a day to day basis in a world that was becoming more and more insane. Kaplan shows us that the Holocaust was impossible to predict exactly because Nazi...

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Why did the Nazis implement the Final Solution?

The Final Solution was the planned extermination of all the Jews in Europe by the Nazis, through systematic gassing. The implementation of the Final Solution after the Wannsee Conference in January 1942 can be explained by fundamentally, the core beliefs of Nazis and Anti-Semitism. Thus the Final Solution was also implemented because of Nazi obsession with solving the 'Jewish problem' which had failed in previous methods. The war, and in particular the German invasion of Russia had also created the...

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Judenrat Flaws

Judenrat’s Mistake During the holocaust, Jews were losing their jobs, rights, and property. In 1933, the Nazi leaders began assigning Jews to handle situations to help the jews in the Ghettos, these Jews were known as the Judenrat. The Judenrate weren’t Jewish volunteers, they were assigned and given tasks to perform: “Composed of 24 male jews … prescribed as 1) executing German orders, 2) taking an improvised census of the Jew in their area, 3) executing the Jew from rural to urban locations, 4) furnishing...

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The Way of Duty

investigation of St. William of Norwich’s death, and accusations of ritual murder brought against Jews. Langmuir starts the article with some background information on “The Life and Passion of Saint William the Martyr of Norwich,” written by Thomas of Monmouth. He then makes his thesis statement: “Williams’s death had occasioned the first of the connected series of accusations from the twelfth to twentieth century that Jews committed ritual murder.” (Langmuir, Thomas of Monmouth: Detector of Ritual Murder, 821) ...

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Herzl and the Founding of a Jewish State

Herzl is considered to be the father of modern political Zionism and because of this the founder of the modern state of Israel. He was raised in a modest household and educated in the Jewish-German enlightenment tradition as was popular with most Jews living during the mid 19th century living in Central Europe. Herzl would be educated at the University of Vienna where his family had moved after the untimely death of his younger sister. It was at the University of Vienna where Herzl dedicated himself...

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Israeli Palestinian: a Palestinian Right to Be Upset

each side towards the other based on their differing respective narratives. The conflict stems from the fundamental belief held by each side that they alone are entitled to and have the undeniable right to reside in the same land that is defined by Jews as Israel and by Palestinians as Palestine. However, this conflict cannot simply be explained by the wrong doing of one side against the other or even the very different narratives that attempt to explain a collective history. It is the unfortunate...

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Awake My People!" vs. "The City of Slaughter

like Russia, where Jews were treated unequally and due their lack of national identity, it was difficult for the Jewish people to obtain the equality rights. It was during these times that two very influential poems, “Awake My People!” and “The City of Slaughter” wrote by Judah Leib Gordon (1831-1892) and Haim Nahman Bialik (1873-1934) respectively contributed to modern Jewish history; obtaining equality rights for Jews and eradicating anti-semitism. The former empowered Jews to enlighten themselves...

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Explain the nature and impact of Nazi propaganda, terror and repression on the Jewish community between 1933 and 1945.

claimed that Germany had not been defeated in World War I but was instead "stabbed in the back by Jews and Communists." Furthermore, anti-Semitism was the most significant aspect of Hitler's Weltanschauung, and a dominant theme in his Mein Kamf : Jews were 'untermenschen' or 'subhuman' and revealed how Hitler perceived them as a parasite, contaminating the purity of Aryan blood. Pinson explained that "the Jew, in the Nazi ideology, was the embodiment of all their enemies rolled into one." This anti-Semitic...

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A Reflection Paper on Night by Elie Wiesel

of being a Jew in the Holocaust during the early 1840's. The story explores the escalation of fear in the Jews and its overriding presence in their lives, Eliezer's crisis of faith, and the loss of humanity in the Jewish people including the numerous images of death put forth in the book. Weisel portrays their fears in ways we could never dream of and makes us look at how people are affected spiritually in the wake of dehumanizing suffering. Also, he portrays in the story how the Jews were stripped...

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Concentration and Deaths Camps in World War II

Concentration camps were places of death and hard labor for Jews. The Nazis controlled these camps, by dividing Jews in different camps and sections. Jews had to be creative to avoid getting caught by the Germans. First off the concentration camps were horrific places in which many Jews were put to death. Second, Hitler was the one who got Germans to abuse the Jews to death, and last; after death the Jews were still misused by the German police and Hitler. The things about the...

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In this essay list

the holocaust Jews "went like sheep to the slaughter" and how the movie “Schindler’s List” confirms this statement. "Schindler's list" gives us confirmation that the Holocaust Jews "went like sheep to the slaughter” throughout many scenes in the film. We will be looking at examples from the film "Schindler’s List" that shows us how the Jews in fact "went like sheep to the slaughter” and looking at historic sources in order to prove that statement. I believe that the Holocaust Jews "went like sheep...

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Critical Lens Essay on the book Night by Elie Wiesel.

get hurt. He also explained how people like Moshe the Beadle and other characters in Night who were humiliated by fellow Jews did not believe that the Holocaust was occurring. Overall, the Jews, God, and the German citizens were all silent during the Holocaust. Their silence encouraged the Nazis to gain strength and reach the magnitude of eventually massacring six million Jews. "I did not move. I was afraid," (37) said the character Eliezer in Night. That quote refers to when his father is beaten...

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‘the Final Solution Evolved Because of the Chaotic Nature of the Nazi Regime in the Years 1939-42.’ How Far Do You Agree with This Opinion?

Gauleiter were pushing to have the Jews removed from their territories so as soon as one Gauleiter transported his Jews East another Gauleiter found himself with an increasing Jew population. This then escalated by 1941 as pressure came from Gauleiter in the West including Goebbels that they be allowed to deport their Jews which triggered demands from Gauleiter in the East such as Arthur Greiser of the Warthegau that they be allowed to take more radical action against the Jews to deal with the problem once...

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Use Your Own Knowledge to Assess How Far the Sources Support the Interpretation That Most Germans Actively Supported Anti-Jewish Measures in 1933-1939.

was and was not active support during this time period against the Jews. Firstly, there are 3 main sources which all show that yes, there was active support; these sources are A, B and D. But without ruling them all out, I believe that source C does show some active support. If you look at source A, you can see it was a secret report by a Socialist Party agent. They were writing a report of what they could see about how the Jews were being treated and if any action was being taken. The Socialist...

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courage or noble qualitites. Heroes dont do good deeds for credit or acknowledgement they usually do them becuase they feel it is the right thing to do .Some are accidental heroes, such as Oskar Schindler who risked almost everything to save thousands of Jews during the Holocauset. Schindler was a very unlikely hero. Oskar Schindler was born on April 28, 1908 in Zwitlau.His father and mother, Hans and Louisa Schindler, were deeply religious.The Schindler family was one of the richest and most prominent...

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Night Humanity Essay

autobiography Night by Elie Wiesel, Elie tells us what it is like to be a Jew in the Holocaust. As a 15 year old boy Elie sees more awful things during the course of the different camps in Europe that we will see in our lifetime. Elie’s relationship with humanity changes from frustrated to no longer having any humanity left as he journeys from Sighet to freedom. Elie Wiesel’s relationship with humanity changes from frustrated towards the Jews to awareness of what it happening as he moves through the 2 ghettos...

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The Nuremberg Laws Assignment Katheryna Stakhiv HIS 228

stripped Jews of citizenship, rights and they also provided a new way to define Jews. Hitler commented on his laws that they will help Jews by leading to "a level ground on which the German people may find a tolerable relation with the Jewish people" (Documents on Nazism 1919-1945, p.464). Regardless of what he said, his main idea was to destroy Jews from German society. He definitely knew that with these laws, he’s creating a shortcut to the “legal” destruction of Jews. In his words, Jews were incompatible...

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The Arab-Israeli Conflict Definitions

ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICT (DEFINITIONS) (the) Arab Revolt: When the Palestinians began to be outnumbered, they reacted with violence again the British occupation. The British allowed the Jews to arm themselves and form groups such as the Hagana to keep this situation under control. This case caused more support for the Jews world-wide as they appeared easier to control and the Arabs were cast in a negative light due to the violence of their rebellion. (the) Balfour Declaration: Arthur James Balfour became...

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Holocaust Museum

Chancellor of Germany. Ever though he lost the election, Hindenburg on January 30, 1933 appointed Hitler Chancellor. 2. The next thing that caught my interest was a film on anti-Semitism. This film showed the roots for people's natural fear of the Jews from the times of Christianity through the middle ages and up to WWII. 3. The more traditional type of exhibit they had was about how the Germans tried to separate Aryans from what they considered inferior races that did not deserve to exist....

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The Holocaust

Hitler had another plan for all the Jews, one which he called the “Final Solution” 1 (Rogasky 9). The Holocaust was one of the 19th centurie’s greatest tragedies where Jews were treated with cruel and unjust punishment due to anti-Semitism, other countries isolation policies, and plain fear of the Nazis. Many people know the story of Anne Frank and that is just one girl of millions affected by the cause. This all started with one belief and idea, the idea that Jews were Christ killers. This was never...

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The Holocaust

1933. The measures represent the end of the equality of citizenship that Jews had enjoyed throughout Germany since 1871. By gradually removing the citizenship rights of German Jews the Nazi’s were fulfilling one of the principal demands that radical anti – Semites had been making since the 1870’s. ¹ Holocaust is defined as the systematic, bureaucratic, state – sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews including 1.5 million Jewish children in Europe by the Nazi regime and its...

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How could the Holocaust have beet prevented

that the Nazi's were persecuting the Jews because of their political or religious beliefs. The U.S. closed its gates to emigration from Europe in 1940-1941, when Jews were still allowed to emigrate. 'Anti-Semitism in America actually increased during the war and started to decline only at the end of it' (Bauer, 297). A Soviet attitude toward the murder of the Jews simply did not exist. While fighting a desperate battle for its own survival, Britain saved the Jews of Palestine, North Africa, and much...

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The Holocaust

The Holocaust, defined as a whole burnt sacrifice was a historical conflict between the Nazis and Jews. In a broader perspective, conflict between the Aryan race and all other inferior races. The primary cause of the Holocaust was the Nazi Party’s rise of power. The social science perspectives of psychology, politics and sociology evaluate the factors that lead up to the primary cause of the Holocaust. Analyzing the conflict in the Holocaust helps to understand a current conflict such as the situation...

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Nazi Germany in the 1930s

School Ms. Alicia Walker Jews faced several problems that made life very difficult and strenuous during the mid-1930s. People who were Jewish were often persecuted and treated as the worst class of people when it comes to social hierarchy. Throughout this time, there were many things happening to Germany that were of and related to government, which destroyed the ability for a Jewish citizen to have a positive life. There were several hardships and problems faced by Jews regarding emigration out...

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Root Causes of the Holocaust and Wwii

was not a cause of the Holocaust and it was not used as a mask for the Holocaust. Prejudice against Jews has existed from pre B.C. times through the Holocaust to the present day. There are countless examples throughout history of Jewish persecution. One of the earliest references to other nationalities persecuting Jews is told in the Bible’s Book of Exodus. The Exodus of the Israelites (Jews) from Egypt is the theme described in the above-mentioned book after the Egyptians treated them as slaves...

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Kristallnacht was the first marked nationwide action against religion. The Nazi regime and their wish to implement Nuremberg’s laws helped push-start the process of degrading Jews to an inferior level in life by giving reason to start the riot. The accumulation of events and new laws leading to Kristallnacht forced thousands of Jews to be stuck on the border lines of Poland and Germany, thus setting the stage for Germany’s justification for the genocide yet to occur. The aftermath of Kristallnacht changed...

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Luther, Anti-Semitism

most people do not know about Luther is his hate for the Jews. There was not always a time that Martin Luther was an enemy of Jewish people. In fact, in 1523, “Luther was actively lobbying for the elimination of obstacles to Jewish conversion” (Oberman, pg 45). He also wrote That Jesus Chris was Born a Jew and throughout the book stands up for the Jews when AntiSemitism was very heavy at that time in Europe. Luther states, “When the Jews then see that Judaism has such strong support in Scripture...

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Arab-Israeli Conflict

conflict was a result of the two populations fighting over whose land Israel rightfully was. The Arabs believed that the land was rightfully theirs and saw the Jews as intruder’s .The Jews that were migrating there from various different countries believed that Israel was the Holy Land and that it was their homeland. After 1900, more and more Jews began to arrive in Palestine because of the increase in Zionism among the Jewish population. The increase was slow but after the 1930’s the increase began to...

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Arab Israeli Conflict - 2

interwar period, and last but certainly not least, the British mandate in Palestine. Dating back to Biblical times, both the Arabs and Jews were promised the land of Israel, and had extremely important religious ties to this land. In effect, Biblical conflict between both civilizations had already existed, such as the Prophet Mohammad’s dispute with the Jews of Medina, or the enmity between Abraham’s sons Isaac and Ishmael. However, more direct paths towards conflict began to form in the...

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