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Euthyphro Philosophy A Concise Introduction – PHI 208 Euthyphro If everyone took the time to discuss holiness / piety (reverence for God), there would always be many different interpretations or perceptions on what it really is and just how to determine that it is being done. The best philosophers in the world have engaged in many conversations about this subject for decades. Socrates has been one of many that discussed this subject. Socrates was a man that was accused of impiety and...

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Is There a God?

argument that if an omnibenevolent and omnipotent God were to exist, he would not condone the apparent suffering and evil that takes place. This argument was first proposed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus who devised: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” One explanation for this is that the evil...

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Is There a God?

Is there a God? The problem with this question is, there is no definition of God, the perception of God is different in everyone's mind. This is the one question that every human being asks themselves. The ultimate question. A question with a million answers, therefore I cannot tell you the definition of God, as an Atheist I don't have a definition of God because I don't believe in any gods, every concept of God I've been presented with, I have rejected as baseless, if I make up my own definition...

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Problem of God

Problem of God Final Exam 1. Ideas of what constitutes female and male shape our understanding of many dimensions of our humanity included but not limited to: leadership roles, politics, family roles, and religion. In her book, Sexism and God-Talk, Rosemary Radford Ruether argues that our understanding of religion, specifically Christianity, has strongly been influenced by sexism. She outlines the historical and contemporary role of sexism in religion and argues that sexism has shaped our image...

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The Goodness Of God

goodness is defined: Is an action good because: 1) God commands it, or 2) God commands what is good? The choice to be made is double-edged. If you choose (1) God’s commands make things good, it would mean that if God commanded that ‘rape is not wrong’, then there would be nothing morally wrong with rape. Some philosophers do not like this view as it could mean that God is a divine dictator because whatever God commands is the law. Option (2) suggests that God only commands what is good. The problem with...

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Knowing God

Running head: KNOWING GOD Knowing God Module 2 Essay Sheila D. White Grand Canyon University HTH 505 April 18, 2013 Knowing God: The Doctrine Of Revelation Theology is "the instruction concerning God" or "the deliberation of God."(Grenz, 2000, p.2) It endeavors to disclose the identity of God, the habitation of God, and the character, origin, position and importance of God. Humans commonly acquire information in three ways: through their senses, through their logic/reasoning, and through...

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Faith In God

Elie has been a follower of God ever since he was brought into this world, and truthfully I cannot imagine him ever giving up hope in his God. I would have to say probably the only thing in the world that could have ever managed to make Elie even doubt his God one bit would be the holocaust. It would be understandable because throught the entire novel he is faced with many 'obsticles' that would have easily made anyone turn their backs on God. Elie is a different case though, from a young age starting...

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is that you god

"The discoveries in ways of Hearing God are never just theory. They come out of your own adventures." Loren Cunningham     Have you ever questioned yourself on hearing God's voice, whether it is for a life changing decision or a passing thought?  Have you ever been inches away from your goal and wondered,  "Is this really you, God?"  If so, then this book is for you.   Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice Of God is the story of how one man's dream of seeing young people impact...

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Gods and Generals

The film “Gods and Generals” is about the first year of Civil War. Many people wondered why the film is called “Gods and Generals.” During the film, many times they mentioned the name “God”, or “Lord”; in this paper, I will explain why I think this film is named so by giving examples from this film to support my idea. First of all, General Thomas Jackson, also called “Stonewall Jackson”, is a Confederate general for the South. Before he takes his leave for the Confederate Army, he says to his wife...

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believing God

Jose Vittorio D. Abriol TREDTRI V24 "Discovering God" To everyone, God is a question of concern. There are people who are very religious and cherish Him, and there are people who don't believe in Him. Some people know God only as a character in a Bible. Many people around the world talk about feeling the presence of God. Many say "God is on my side." As a member of a Catholic family, I believe that there is really a God. He may be intangible but I can assure that there is His presence. I...

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