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Euthyphro Philosophy A Concise Introduction – PHI 208 Euthyphro If everyone took the time to discuss holiness / piety (reverence for God), there would always be many different interpretations or perceptions on what it really is and just how to determine that it is being done. The best philosophers in the world have engaged in many conversations about this subject for decades. Socrates has been one of many that discussed this subject. Socrates was a man that was accused of impiety and...

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Is There a God?

argument that if an omnibenevolent and omnipotent God were to exist, he would not condone the apparent suffering and evil that takes place. This argument was first proposed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus who devised: “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?” One explanation for this is that the evil...

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Is There a God

LECTURETTE - IS THERE GOD ? 1. ‘O God, help us to keep ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, that in doing our duty to Thee and our country we may keep the honour of the Services untarnished’ …..it is the way we started our life everyday for three very important years of our life, I am just reciting it so as to refresh your memory….and to seek out the first line….”Oh God, help us to”……GOD…who is GOD….what is GOD….is it something that justifies our existence, something...

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Problem of God

Problem of God Final Exam 1. Ideas of what constitutes female and male shape our understanding of many dimensions of our humanity included but not limited to: leadership roles, politics, family roles, and religion. In her book, Sexism and God-Talk, Rosemary Radford Ruether argues that our understanding of religion, specifically Christianity, has strongly been influenced by sexism. She outlines the historical and contemporary role of sexism in religion and argues that sexism has shaped our image...

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The Goodness Of God

goodness is defined: Is an action good because: 1) God commands it, or 2) God commands what is good? The choice to be made is double-edged. If you choose (1) God’s commands make things good, it would mean that if God commanded that ‘rape is not wrong’, then there would be nothing morally wrong with rape. Some philosophers do not like this view as it could mean that God is a divine dictator because whatever God commands is the law. Option (2) suggests that God only commands what is good. The problem with...

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Knowing God

Running head: KNOWING GOD Knowing God Module 2 Essay Sheila D. White Grand Canyon University HTH 505 April 18, 2013 Knowing God: The Doctrine Of Revelation Theology is "the instruction concerning God" or "the deliberation of God."(Grenz, 2000, p.2) It endeavors to disclose the identity of God, the habitation of God, and the character, origin, position and importance of God. Humans commonly acquire information in three ways: through their senses, through their logic/reasoning, and through...

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Faith In God

Elie has been a follower of God ever since he was brought into this world, and truthfully I cannot imagine him ever giving up hope in his God. I would have to say probably the only thing in the world that could have ever managed to make Elie even doubt his God one bit would be the holocaust. It would be understandable because throught the entire novel he is faced with many 'obsticles' that would have easily made anyone turn their backs on God. Elie is a different case though, from a young age starting...

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is that you god

"The discoveries in ways of Hearing God are never just theory. They come out of your own adventures." Loren Cunningham     Have you ever questioned yourself on hearing God's voice, whether it is for a life changing decision or a passing thought?  Have you ever been inches away from your goal and wondered,  "Is this really you, God?"  If so, then this book is for you.   Is That Really You, God? Hearing the Voice Of God is the story of how one man's dream of seeing young people impact...

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God Is Love

GOD IS LOVE "God is Love." This simple yet complex statement is found only twice1, 2 in the Bible and is commonly presented out of context. It is generally misunderstood and often circulated in a fashion that leads many into Hell. The statement –while very easy to make and accept when presented in its undefined form– has a depth of reality far beyond what the average person wants to know even though such knowledge is critical to salvation. 1. "Whoever is without love does not know God, for...

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Knowing God

Knowing God How do babies know how to eat? It is by pure instinct alone that we learn how to eat; it comes naturally to us. We can almost say that eating comes through general revelation. One can call general revelation natural revelation, not because it comes naturally to us but because it takes place within the realm of nature. General revelation comes through natural means, observation of the physical universe, reasoning and human conscience. Christians have used this term to describe the knowledge...

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God in Nature

God in Nature Cynthia Wiley Ohio Christian University PH3000 – Transformed Worldview Jerome Van Kuiken 12/21/10 Looking at two different definitions of the word nature, I gained a better understanding of what the phrase, “God in Nature”, means. The first said that it was, “the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized” (www.wordnetweb.princeton.edu), and the other described it as, “The material world and its phenomena” (www.answers.com)...

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Oedipus and the Gods

In Ancient Greece the existence of gods and fate prevailed. In the Greek tragedy King Oedipus by the playwright Sophocles these topics are heavily involved. We receive a clear insight into their roles in the play such as they both control man's actions and that challenging their authority leads to a fall. The concepts of the gods and fate were created to explain things. In Ancient Greece there was a lot that was not understood; science was in its infancy and everything that happened could be...

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The Word of God

word of God. Isaiah 1:2 “Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth; for the Lord has spoken: "Children have I reared and brought up, but they have rebelled against me.” o The New Testament writers confirmed the Old Testament was God speaking. Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” o Throughout the Bible, God warns...

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Gods in the Odyssey

goals is impossible without help from the gods as they control everything that happens. Divine intervention is a very important aspect of the Odyssey seen right from the beginning to the end and all who have help from the gods survive while those who don't die. This is clearly shown in the conversation between Athena and her father Zeus on mount Olympus, in which Athena asks her father what should happen to the Ithacans. The will of the gods is supreme to all other powers, and the decision...

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Begin with God

TOPIC: START WITH GOD INTRODUCTION The purpose of your life is far greater than your own personal fulfillment, your peace of mind, your dreams, ambition, and even your happiness. To know why you are on this planet, you need to start with God, because you were born by HIS purpose and for HIS purpose. For instance, ‘you bought equipment, without the manual you may never know how to operate but guess. It’s only the creator or the owner of the equipment that could reveal its purpose and how it works...

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Ares: The God of War

vivid and descriptive stories about the Greek gods and heroes that were part of their religion in that time. Greeks worshipped each of these gods and heroes, also creating different temples in various cities. As a result, many of these gods still have enormous influences on how our world works today. One of those gods, the Greek god of war, exemplifies many qualities which many people expect from him, although strongly disliked by most. The Greek God of war, Ares, is the son of Zeus and Hera (Van...

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God on Trial

God On Trial Christian Worldview Integration Dr. Carl B. Smith II Its impossible to reflect on the origins of evil without bringing up the concept of free will. God created man with this idea of choice; the choice to believe and obey, or the choice to disobey. It was this free will that allowed Adam and Eve to fall from their initial glory and introduce evil and suffering into the world. We can justify a large amount of sustained suffering by acknowledging that it actually benefits us and...

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Augustine's God vs. Epictetus' God

will contrast the God of Epictetus, and the God of Augustine, and in the end, my stand will be clear. Epictetus and Augustine both identify God on basic level. Epictetus says, "Where the essence of God is, there too is the essence of good. What is the essence of God?......Right Reason? Certainly. Here then, without more ado, seek the essence of good." He says strive for goodness, live in conformity with it, and you will find God. God is the vital force...

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Armor of God

6:10-18 10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done...

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God and the Atheist

God and the Atheist In the first chapter of this book, the author, Paul Ferguson decided to introduced this book by describing person experience with having to explain whether there is a God or not. He was able to say that not only did he have a hard time with his first argument, but also that he was able to learn from it. That particular argument made him realize how important it was to “be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have” (1 Peter...

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God and Man

happiness in, he only found that everything apart from God is meaningless and vain. When he accepted the fact that God has a plan that He is working it out in the author's life, and that all he needs to do is allow Him to work, it was only then that he was able to find true satisfaction and happiness. He then calls the readers to not walk in the same way of meaninglessness as he had, but rather to seek God first, and reap the benefits of faith in God. The writer of Ecclesiastes is known only as the...

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God and Repeat

my closest friend In you I live, have my being I wanna draw closer (need to draw closer) (repeat, 2nd time see below) I wanna draw closer to thee, to thee Oh I need you (3x), You’re all I need Kingdom of Our God by Cedric Ford & HOW Verse 1 Let the kingdom of our God fill thee earth (4x) Verse 2 Let your kingdom come, Let your will be done Oh Lord, Oh Lord Lord You’re Worthy by New Direction Lord you’re worthy, & we give you the praise Lord you’re worthy, & we give you the...

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God and Dignity

she is respected and has great esteem to others. The dignity given to the human person allows him or her to manifest his or her worth, specifically, inner worth. God design for the human person is to posses and inherit self-worth and to be worthy of respect because he or she is a creation of God. By elevating his or her intellect to God and by fulfilling the precepts contained in the moral law through the exercise of his or her will, the human person earns greater worth and dignity. But no matter...

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God and Grendel

feasting on them. Denmark trembles in fear and grief as Grendel terrorizes their land. The people live in fear for their family and friends. Grendel is the Anglo-Saxon embodiment of what is dark, terrifying, and threatening. Grendel is an enemy of God. He can not know God’s great love. He is a powerful ogre that resides in the dark, wet marshes. He is a shadow of death that grows impatient with the Danes. He delights in their slaughter. No crime or savage assault would quench his thirst for evil...

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Gods Gods And Goddesses

Understanding the Roles of gods or goddess in Various Traditional Religions: A Case Study of Hinduism, Buddhism and Yorubaland Traditional Belief God, gods and goddesses represent different qualities in the human psyche, God which we all see as the creator of the universe often called the omnipotent (Everywhere), omniscience and omnipresence while gods are usually the strongest and most influential determinants of a man’s personality, as the goddesses are for women. Different kind of gods; longevity, child...

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God as a creator essay 25

Explain what is meant in the Bible by describing God as creator. (25marks) In all different parts of the Bible, such as passages from Genesis, Job and Psalms, God is seen as the creator. Despite the fact that it is portrayed different in these passages God is always seen as the sole omnipotent, omniscient creator, this is seen as a fact and is never questioned. According to Christian traditions God created the whole universe and caused everything to exist and he will always be the sole person...

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The Idea of God Is Incoherent

‘The idea of God is incoherent’ discuss. (30 marks) I will be discussing how the idea of God is incoherent due to many of his traditional attributes being mutually incoherent. God cannot possess many of his attributes together because they simply do not make sense. First is God’s omnipotence. He is said to be all-powerful, for example it is said in Genesis that “God created the heavens and the earth”. His omnipotence is shown in the creation of the world and how the world still ceases to exist...

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God: Man or Myth?

are the true characteristics of a god? Is the role of god only to create, or does god control fate? Has god given us a purpose or are we just simply here for his entertainment? I feel to look into ones beliefs of god, one must think beyond the barriers of organized religion. There is most likely more to god than the average view a person usually holds. The universe must have been created by the same god that created man. If it were only man to be created by god, then who created the vast area outside...

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The DIvine Manifestation of God

The Divine Manifestation of God After reading the Book of Genesis, it isn’t surprising that many believe that the God of heaven and earth is nothing but capricious. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word capricious as “changing often and quickly; especially: often changing suddenly in mood or behavior, not logical or reasonable: based on an idea, desire, etc., that is not possible to predict”. From the beginning to the end, Genesis does nothing but to support the assumption that every...

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The Existence of God and Evil

The Existence of God and Evil The problem of evil has been around since the beginning. How could God allow such suffering of his “chosen people”? God is supposedly all loving (omni-benevolent) and all powerful (omnipotent) and yet He allows His creations to live in a world of danger and pain. Two philosophers this class has discussed pertaining to this problem is B.C. Johnson and John Hick. Johnson provides the theists’ defense of God and he argues them. These include free will, moral urgency,...

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Does God Exist?

questions. One such question is whether or not God exists. Philosopher Thomas Aquinas attempts at logically reasoning through this question. In doing so, he combats an objection to the existence of God, which is known as the problem of evil. The problem of evil states that no omni benevolent being would will that evil exists, and whatever an omniscient, omnipotent being wills must be accomplished. Evil exists so, according to the problem with evil, God can not exist. When analyzing whether or not the...

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Is an Omnipotent God a Coherent Idea?

The idea of God being omnipotent is a central, or vital, part of the core beliefs of the main monotheistic religions of the world today: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Contemporary theism demands that believers in God accept the notion that He is all-powerful and not subject to limitations on this power; as the Christian Evangelist Matthew puts it in his Gospel: Jesus looked at them and said “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). In Judaism also the...

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Hindu God Shiva

Hindu God: Shiva Rebecca Viramontes REL 133 June 2, 2015 Trimurti  Brahma- God of Creation  Vishnu- God of Preservation  Shiva- God of destructions and re-creation Shiva  Shiva is the God of destruction and recreation. He is responsible for destroying(changing) the world. In Hinduism destruction is not considered a punishment. Rather it is more of a recycling process in which the world can be purified.  Shiva is often associated with a ring of fire and has four arms that stand for his powers...

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Is Belief in God Rational

Is Belief in God Rational? I believe that God is good, the one Supreme Being, the creator and the ruler of the universe and belief in God is rational. God to me is a higher power and an entity that is above and beyond the universe. He created the universe and the physical laws that govern it. “The Lord made the earth by his power; by his wisdom he created the world and stretched out the heavens.” (Jeremiah 51:15) The verse tells us that the earth was made by His power, established by His...

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Humanity in the Image of God

Image of God Humans are imperfect creatures, but we were born in the image of God. Understanding how humans are born into sin and created in God’s image is a complex situation. Is being born in God’s image a physical meaning or something that takes place in the spirit? If created from God spiritually then do people with unbalanced minds and are vindictive and destructive an image of God? If physically then do humans with birth defects an illustration of God? Is being in Gods image...

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God vs. Evil

Johnson PHL 204 5/21/12 God vs. Evil In the beginning God created, and it was good. The Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Creation story all begin with the light, the Word, and God’s opinion of it all being “good”. Evil is not introduced into the story until Genesis 3 when Eve and Adam took the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge and ate. Their eyes were opened to the nakedness of each other and to the understanding of what is good and what is bad. This was not something God had intended, yet it was...

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The God of Unconditional Love

The God of Unconditional Love With different cultures come different beliefs – belief on how the world goes, how people should live, but more commonly, how the world came to be. Different myths on the creation of man have been told, heard and shared. And even though different Christian religions have their own belief on the creation of man, we are blessed to have been given a creation story through a common sacred scripture, the Bible… a creation story that can be found in the book of Genesis. ...

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Bibliology: New Testament and God

in the Bible, and is equivalent to God speaking. The Bible was written over a one thousand and five hundred year period, written by more than forty authors, written on three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe), and written in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek). The Bible is an inspired source of knowledge about God, Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternity. The Bible being inspired means that it was breathed or spoken by God, and written by other authors that God influenced. In the scripture Psalm...

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Role of the gods in King Lear

‘Mankind is as it were deliberately or comically tormented by the gods. He is not even allowed to die tragically’. – Wilson Knight Evaluate this view by exploring the role of the gods in ‘King Lear’. In ​ King Lear​ , Shakespeare cast off the Christian setting of one of his main sources, ​ The True Chronicle History of King Leir​ , and chose the pre-Christian environment of primitive Britain. This allowed for the play to strip away any sense of formalized religion, which would remove constraints...

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Athanasius's Incarnation of the Word of God

2 Man was created by God to forever love and worship Him. We were made perfect and intended to stay perfect. God gave us a choice whether to stay loyal to Him or to go our separate ways and live for ourselves. In Genesis 3 it reads, “They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and the man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.” Man had a personal and daily relationship with God but after man decided to...

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If God Puts You on Hold

IF GOD PUTS YOU ON HOLD-DON’T HANG UP A. INTRODUCTION 1. There is a bumper sticker, “If God puts you on hold—Don’t hang up.” 2. Survey: a. How many have ever been put on hold? b. How many have ever gotten mad when you were on hold? c. How many have hung up? 3. This sermon is about what to do when God puts you on hold. B. PEOPLE WHO WERE PUT ON HOLD 1. Moses was on hold for forty years on the backside of the desert, before God spoke at the burning bush. 2. David was...

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Put on the Whole Armor of God

“Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of...

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Human Free Will and Gods Foreknowledge

individual can do freely without being restrained or force. Philosophers that are well known in this subject matter are Alvin Plantiga and Nelson Pike. Pike will argue that human freedom is incompatible with God’s foreknowledge based upon facts such as God being omniscient. Whereas, Plantiga argues that Pike’s theory is based upon confusion and that human free will can coexist with God’s foreknowledge. Let’s get in to the differences in predictability and God’s foreknowledge pertaining to free will...

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Nature and character of God

Nature and Character of God : Who do we say God is? Note- Fail=Found - Daddy - All Powerful - Understanding - Healer - Provider - Protector - Cheerleader/ Coach - Merciful - Loving - Superhero - Just - Giver of Life - Giver of hope - Indescribable - Giver of Peace - Creator - Faithful Movie clip describing Who is God? - Tattoo Artist -I am god and I control my destiny - 13 year old- everywhere and everything...

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Abraham and his Relationship with God

Fear and Trust in God God is often viewed in the Old Testament as cruel and somewhat irrational. However in Genesis 11-22, God has just cause and reason for all of his divine intervention with humankind. It is important to examine God’s objectives and motives behind his actions as we interpret the bible. Through close examination of “Dei Verbum” by Pope Paul VI, “The Book of Genesis”, and “Interpretation of the Book of Genesis” by Father Tadros Malaty, it is apparent that God offers his love...

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Does God Exist

Turner, Travis 2 October 2007 Barron Does God Exist? Throughout history there has always been an impulse to figure out the truth. When one matter is stated to be true, there is always something to provoke a question concerning that truth. Truths including: The Earth being flat, the planets and the stars revolving around the Earth, even where babies come from. All this was at one point given as fact and not truly questioned. Any ideas supported by the church was just written down and left...

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Worldview: Creator God

are created by God. Without the omnipotent hand of a creator God we would not exist. Isaiah 45:12 states that it was God’s hands which created the Heavens. 2. The Question of Identity – The question of identity ask, “who am I” and “what does it mean to be a person?” (Weider & Gutierrez, 2011) These questions are clearly answered within the Bible. A creator God created us above the animals and lower than the angels and therefore is greater than us. In Genesis 17:1 God calls himself the...

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God The Blible And Science

Danielle Sherstad Mr. Millen Philosophy 12 Hour 5 9 April 2013 God, the Bible, and Science There are many who believe that God and science are incompatible, but this is not so, William Lane Craig gives six examples in his article, “What is the Relationship between Science and Religion?” Such as, “Religion furnishes the conceptual framework in...

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Man to God Relationship

to God Relationship Sumerian, Judaic, and Greek Cultures The Sumerians emerged approximately 3000 to 2500 B.C. in a region known as the "Fertile Crescent" located between the Euphrates and Tigris River and were considered by most historians to be the world's first civilization. During this period of time, a form of writing was established known as cuneiform. It was from this form of writing that we discovered a great epic known as Gilgamesh and became enlightened about the Man to God relationship...

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The Relationship of God and Humans

The Relationship of God and Humans God thinks within geniuses, dreams within poets, and sleeps within the rest of us~ ACU poet. God in general has a unique way of manipulating things especially when it comes to human beings. Throughout this paper my plan is to persuade you that the relationship between God and human beings in Genesis was a relationship of, trust, jealousy, and loyalty. Loyalty is a virtue with God because of the Adam and Eve story. “And the lord god commanded the man, you may...

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Eliezer's Relationship with God in Night

Hanging On: The Description of Eliezer's Relationship with God in Night World War II breaks out in Europe during the conclusion of the 1930s. Adolph Hitler plunges Germany into darkness while quickly moving to take over bordering countries with his army of Nazis. Eliezer, a boy no more than 15 years old, lives in Hungary, which is dangerously close to Germany. Along with many other Jews, Eliezer is deported from his home and into a world of unimaginable terror. Night is a memoir of those experiences...

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Paul the Spirit and the People of God

Luke Dickens 2/9/13 BIB304, Life and Teachings of Paul Kings College Fee, Gordon, Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God, Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Publishing Group ISBN 978-0-09010-4624-7 Paul, the Spirit, and the People of God by Gordon Fee lays out a prescription for true spiritual success to cure what ails churches of all kinds. The main treatment is the Holy Spirit-led life. Fee's major work "God's Empowering Presence" is foundational in the area of Pauline pneumatology. This book...

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In-Vitro Fertilization Sanctioned by God

a very successful form of assisted reproduction technology over the last two decades. Many Christians have used in-vitro fertilization to address infertility and add children to their families, believing it to be a technology that is sanctioned by God. There are, however, other Christians who argue that in-vitro fertilization is morally illicit because it creates spare embryos that are discarded before implantation. For others, in-vitro fertilization seems to fly in the face of the Christian practice...

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Book Review: "God of the Oppressed"

Book Review: “God of the Oppressed” James H. Cone “God of the Oppressed” is a history of the African American Struggle through the complex account of its author, James H. Cone. Written in 1975, “God of the Oppressed” is the continuation of Cone’s theological position, which was introduced in his earlier writings of, “Black Theology and Black Power,” (1969) and “A Black Theology of Liberation” (1975). This final account was put together and published as a response to the continuous dismissal of...

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Descartes: Reality and the Existence of God

is, God must be considered. He/she must be taken out of a religious concept and proven to exist, exist in a way in which we cannot be deceived into only thinking is real. The proof of the existence of God in this way forms the backbone of Descartes’ further forays into proving what is reality. God, being the supremely powerful, all-knowing all-seeing force that created the world and everything in it, was central in most 17th century philosophies. When investigating the importance of god in Descartes’...

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The Gods Are Just- King Lear

The Gods are just” – Discuss – King Lear The malignant ferocity and human cruelty found in ‘King Lear’ has lead some contemporary critics such as Stephen Greenblatt to deem Shakespeare “a decisively secular dramatist”. The play is often viewed as the most tragic and disaster ridden of all of Shakespeare’s tragedies. The tragic events that prevail throughout the play create the impression that there can be no form of justice or providence. At the conclusion of the play Cordelia is hung and King...

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How God Organization

University HOW GOD ORGANIZES PEOPLE FOR EFFECTIVE ACTION Submitted to Dr. Allan England in partial completion of course requirements for DSMN 500 ± Discipleship Ministries Elke Speliopoulos Downingtown, PA June 19, 2011 Contents Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 1 God Creates and Uses a Specific Environment to Accomplish His Will ...................................... 1 God¶s Example...

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God, Science Debate

God science debate Wide spread myth that science has always been on a collision course with the belief in God and so therefore, natural science and faith in God are incompatible. Argued by the new atheists - that science leads away from God.- leads to atheism. Myth; significant natural science project of this generation is the human genome project. First director of it was Jim Watson- discovered the double helix structure of DNA he was an atheist. 2d director - Francis Collins hes a Christian...

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God Is a Psychological Need

God is a psychological Need In C.E.M. Joad's essay "How Religion Arose, and Why it Flourished," Religion is described as a “psychological need.” Joad explains that we use God as a comfort device. Religious people look to God to abolish their fears that they may have. Joad argues that people are simply afraid of death. Joad claims believing in God is a security blanket; that God will protect them in death. I do not believe that religion is just a psychological device to make our lives better. I have...

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God and Dr. Lazaro

comforted her that it is the will of God. Esteban pressed folded bills to Dr. Lazaro’s hand and thanked him for coming that far and at that hour of the night. When Dr. Lazaro and Ben was on their way home he asked Ben if he baptized the baby and Ben confirmed it. Dr. Lazaro asked Ben what would happen if he did not baptized the baby and the latter told him that the baby will not be able to see God. Dr. Lazaro questioned the teachings of the church. He ceased to believe in God maybe because of the things that...

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