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  • Gods Gods And Goddesses

    Understanding the Roles of gods or goddess in Various Traditional Religions: A Case Study of Hinduism‚ Buddhism and Yorubaland Traditional Belief Godgods and goddesses represent different qualities in the human psyche‚ God which we all see as the creator of the universe often called the omnipotent (Everywhere)‚ omniscience and omnipresence while gods are usually the strongest and most influential determinants of a man’s personality‚ as the goddesses are for women. Different kind of gods; longevity‚ child

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  • Gods

    Euthyphro Philosophy A Concise Introduction – PHI 208 Euthyphro If everyone took the time to discuss holiness / piety (reverence for God)‚ there would always be many different interpretations or perceptions on what it really is and just how to determine that it is being done. The best philosophers in the world have engaged in many conversations about this subject for decades. Socrates has been one of many that discussed this subject. Socrates was a man that was accused of impiety and

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  • Is There a God?

    Is there a God? The problem with this question is‚ there is no definition of God‚ the perception of God is different in everyone’s mind. This is the one question that every human being asks themselves. The ultimate question. A question with a million answers‚ therefore I cannot tell you the definition of God‚ as an Atheist I don’t have a definition of God because I don’t believe in any gods‚ every concept of God I’ve been presented with‚ I have rejected as baseless‚ if I make up my own definition

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  • Is There a God

    LECTURETTE - IS THERE GOD ? 1. ‘O God‚ help us to keep ourselves physically strong‚ mentally awake and morally straight‚ that in doing our duty to Thee and our country we may keep the honour of the Services untarnished’ …..it is the way we started our life everyday for three very important years of our life‚ I am just reciting it so as to refresh your memory….and to seek out the first line….”Oh God‚ help us to”……GOD…who is GOD….what is GOD….is it something that justifies our existence‚ something

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  • Comparing Descartes God And The Christian God

    DESCARTES’ GOD Do we need a watchmaker god or the Christian God and how is it related to living a good life? The subject of god has always fascinated me‚ and I love to read how others interpret their personal gods. It is also interesting to see how people prioritize their gods in their life and what importance they give their gods. I believe that the Christian God is the true God and exactly what we need to live a good life. We need to have a goal and an end‚ which is eternal happiness with God. Descartes’

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  • Augustine's God vs. Epictetus' God

    will contrast the God of Epictetus‚ and the God of Augustine‚ and in the end‚ my stand will be clear. Epictetus and Augustine both identify God on basic level. Epictetus says‚ "Where the essence of God is‚ there too is the essence of good. What is the essence of God?......Right Reason? Certainly. Here then‚ without more ado‚ seek the essence of good." He says strive for goodness‚ live in conformity with it‚ and you will find God. God is the vital force

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  • The Kingdom of God

    The Kingdom of God is a hidden‚ but important theme in the New Testament of the Bible. It isn’t a place‚ but rather a state of being. Jesus spends most of his life living as an example of the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus’ teachings‚ people begin to understand what it truly means to live in the Kingdom. This theme is mainly introduced in the gospel of Mark and progresses further in depth throughout the New Testament. The meaning of the Kingdom of God is found in the words of Jesus Christ. He provides

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  • Is God real?

    God is not real’: A philosophical question is a question that has no right or wrong answer‚ a philosophical question makes you think more deeply to come up with an answer. People will have different answers depending on what they believe. ‘God is not real’ is a philosophical question because this question doesn’t immediately make you think of a particular physical object. This question has no right or wrong answer. Different people might have different responses to philosophical questions because

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  • God on Trial

    God on Trail It is fair to say that we live in a world of hatred‚ wars‚ terrorism and murder‚ however how we can hold accountable one Man for all these unspeakable actions? God can change everyone’s personality so that we can not sin‚ except then we would not have free will. As well He can compensate for the worlds evil actions‚ but then there would be no consequences. The Lord can remove those who commit evil acts‚ which may seem like a grand idea‚ in spite of this though there would be no one

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  • Trust in God

    everyday for good examination results‚ a promotion from your grouchy boss‚ a wife that you can cherish and vice versa‚ a child‚ a piece of chocolate‚ and all kinds of random things that just suddenly pop into your head. We ask God for many things that we ourselves cannot achieve but God helps us relive our dreams and resurrect our hopes. But just how are we able to achieve it if there is no mutual trust between you and the Lord? Sometimes we just take things for granted and make a thoughtless prayer hoping

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