Is God real?

Topics: Deism, God, Atheism Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: November 1, 2014
‘God is not real’:
A philosophical question is a question that has no right or wrong answer, a philosophical question makes you think more deeply to come up with an answer. People will have different answers depending on what they believe. ‘God is not real’ is a philosophical question because this question doesn’t immediately make you think of a particular physical object. This question has no right or wrong answer. Different people might have different responses to philosophical questions because people have different experiences so from their perspective they think differently to others. Agree:

Some people such as atheists might agree with the statement because they can’t see God therefore if they can’t see something they believe it doesn’t exist. This means atheists think God is not real because there is no evidence of them for example, some people believe in myths, however there is no proof because nobody has seen them. Another reason that atheists don’t believe in God is that there are lots of natural disasters and suffering because of people not treating others equally but god doesn’t do anything to stop them yet theists believe that God is generous, kind and believes in peace. Another reason why atheists don’t believe in God is that people have different experiences, for example; a girl prays to God and God doesn’t answer her prayers, this is an experience that changes her to an atheist. Whereas if a girl prays to God and God answer her prayers, this is an experience that changes her into a theist. People who sometimes think God is real and sometimes think that God is not real are called agnostic. Disagree:

Other people such as theists believe God is real because no one can create the world and everything that is in the world. Their reasons for this might be that most objects in this world are natural therefore nobody can make it by themselves, for example a thumb, scientists might be able to create a artificial one but not as natural as how God made a...
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