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  • Atheism

    ATHEISM IN THE PHILIPPINES (IS IT GOOD OR BAD?) SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT IN COMMUNICATION ARTS 2: Aguilar‚ Lenard Neil Cruz‚ Kevin Ibarra‚ Al Daniel ABSTRACT The purposed of this study was to access the relationship between Atheist and Christian. Our goal is to clarify the meaning of atheism‚ and its impact in Filipino Christian community We choose this topic to inform us about atheism‚ its effect in the Christian community. To know the possible reason why they choose to become

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  • Atheism

    Atheism Since the world becomes modernized‚ science and technology have also become a new major part of human’s lives and have created new theories and essential evidence that make a large number of the world’s population turning their backs from religions‚ and become atheists. Atheism is the forsaking of belief in terms of the existence of god‚ or believing in no god (“Atheism‚” 2013). The word originated from the Greek word ‘Atheos’‚ which means without god or gods. To atheists‚ all children are

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  • Essay atheism

    Atheism What is Atheism? Where did it come from? Who was the first to mention it in the public? All these and other questions arouse in my head only after the greater and more meaningful question: is there a GOD? Or if we paraphrase it and cite the famous rock group Pink Floyd “Is there anybody out there?” (1) This issue has dominated among my other thoughts in my head for my whole lifetime and maybe that was the reason why I chose to write about atheism. Yes‚ precisely about atheism‚ the idea

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  • Is Atheism a Religion?

    devotedly practiced worldwide. Although unique in their own respective way‚ all of these belief systems share the common ground of being classified as religions. Contrarily‚ Atheism (although it possesses the “ism”) is often disregarded as a religion due to a variety of reasons. Not only does majority of the public disregard Atheism as a religion‚ but also refuse to accept it as an ideology‚ philosophy‚

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  • Atheism - Essay

    Atheism One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods is the definition for Atheism. Atheism has been around since the beginning of time but the word came into play around the early 1600’s. Atheism has caused fights throughout time because of their beliefs that there is no god. In early Ancient Greek‚ the adjective atheos meant "without god" according to www.ancientgreece.com. Atheists live as if there are no gods and explain natural phenomena without resorting to the divine.

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  • Atheism essay

    Atheism is defined as the denial of God’s existence‚ the gradual exclusion of God from all aspects of culture‚ and the establishment of a materialistic lifestyle” (Hill‚ 16). Most of us are familiar with the atheism that had its roots in the Enlightenment and fully grew out in the nineteenth century. “In the ancient times atheism seems to refer more to heretical views of God than to the denial of God’s existence. The atheist was the one who disagreed with the conventional wisdom about the divinity

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  • The Rise Of Atheism

    The Rise Of Atheism In todays society there is a rise in Atheism which could be due to the exposure we have to information that could oppose the existence of God. Atheism is the theory or belief that God does not exist and can be expressed in different ways. For instance‚ intellectual atheists would offer some intellectual arguments as to why God doesn’t exist non-intellectual atheists could be atheists because of the way they were brought up and educated‚ also the beliefs of their culture and

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  • Outline on Atheism

    Atheism Outline * Atheism – the critique and denial of the major claims of all varieties of theism‚ which banners the belief that “all the heavens and the earth and all that they contain owe their existence and continuance in existence to the wisdom and will of a supreme‚ self-consistent‚ omnipotent‚ omniscient‚ righteous‚ and benevolent being who is distinct from‚ and independent of‚ what he has created.” * Atheistic Principles: a. Philosophical atheists reject the assumption of

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  • Part of a Series on Atheism

    Atheism "Atheist" redirects here. For other uses‚ see Atheist (disambiguation). Part of a series on Atheism Concepts Antitheism Atheism and religion Criticism of atheism Implicit and explicit atheism Negative and positive atheism History History of atheism New Atheism State atheism Arguments for atheism Arguments against God’s existence Argument from free will Argument from inconsistent revelations Argument from nonbelief Argument from poor design Atheist’s Wager Fate of the unlearned

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  • Modern Atheism Hitchens

    Comparing Hitchens to those who have been called‚ “the founders of modern atheism”‚ is no easy task. Feuerbach‚ Marx‚ Freud‚ and Nietzsche do not hold views that are as radical and morose as Hitchens appears. When referring to the radical style Hitchens encompasses‚ the founder who holds the most similarities is Nietzsche. At a glance‚ it would appear that that Hitchens is in no way like the founders of modern atheism‚ as he is the only one to declare himself an actual atheist. However‚ as one

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