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 One’s Existence Why do I exist? What is my purpose here on earth? I believe that we are all living for something. I believe that every life is essential including positive purposes. I believe in learning everyday through making differences and carrying the truth even when no one is watching. Everyone has a purpose. Everything has a purpose. Everyday has a purpose. My purpose in life is exactly what is stated in the bible, to live for Jesus Christ and reflect his attitude My purpose...

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The Riddle of Existence

The Riddle of Existence Leibniz’s formulation: “Why is there something rather than nothing”, is perhaps one of the most important questions ever posed in Philosophy. It had taken philosophy into a level wherein ‘everything’ is included in its realm; not only abstracta but also concreta. However, the question is more focused on the origins and explanations of the existence of concrete objects. Aside from explaining why concrete objects exist and where they come from, and who/what made them; the...

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Existence of Partnerships

Research Essay ‘The existence of a partnership is to be determined from what the parties do rather than what the parties call themselves.’ Introduction Partnerships, one of the simplest forms of business structure, are creatures of contract and trust.1 Due to the contractual nature and unlimited liability of partnerships it is essential that people understand the definition of partnerships in order to avoid facing loss of personal property in situations where the intention was not to create...

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existence of evil

evil because it is necessary to keep a balance in the world where humans live in. The main philosophers who will discuss why evil exist and if God himself exists as well are John Hick and B.C. Johnson. John Hick’s reason for his argument on the existence of Evil is more convincing and logically true than B.C. Johnson’s reason for his argument. Hick believes in Evil being necessary in this world and that God exists with it as well. To back up his belief Hick gives examples and uses a theology called...

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Self Reflection of My Existence

non-living things here in the universe. Our creator gives us handbook for life that explains why we exists; he gave us the bible which composed of laws,historical information,poetry,prophecy, and devide inspired letters that explain the role of our existence here in the universe. It is written in Col 1:16 "For by him all the things we're craeted" -this explains our origins.And to some extent the reason of our origins. Also God gives/leave us the choice on how we will run our life through out our life...

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The Existence of the Millennial Generation Student

The Existence of the Millennial Generation Student As the Baby Boomers generation has begun to enter retirement, the next generation of students (Millennial) is entering the workforce with behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and doting parents to be reckoned with. For many years, the word generation has encompassed births that have spanned over several years and allowed for changes occurring over a time period. This new generation of student is called the “Millennial” student and takes over where the Baby...

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Descartes: Reality and the Existence of God

upon which to build his ideology. When judging what reality is, God must be considered. He/she must be taken out of a religious concept and proven to exist, exist in a way in which we cannot be deceived into only thinking is real. The proof of the existence of God in this way forms the backbone of Descartes’ further forays into proving what is reality. God, being the supremely powerful, all-knowing all-seeing force that created the world and everything in it, was central in most 17th century philosophies...

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Aquinas Five Proofs for the Existence of God

Scientific reasoning has brought humanity to incredibly high levels of sophistication in all realms of knowledge. For Saint Thomas Aquinas, his passion involved the scientific reasoning of God. The existence, simplicity and will of God are simply a few topics which Aquinas explores in the Summa Theologica. Through arguments entailing these particular topics, Aquinas forms an argument that God has the ability of knowing and willing this particular world of contingent beings. The contrasting nature...

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Existence of God

Descartes Essay: Existence of God Descartes’ Third Meditation focuses on the existence of God. He describes God as ‘a certain substance that is infinite, independent, supremely intelligent and supremely powerful, and that created me along with everything else that exists – if anything else exists’ (Descartes, 25). In this Meditation, he states a fundamental principle that ‘there must be as much [reality] in the cause as there is in its effect’. This is the question of the existence of infinity when...

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The Existence of God

The Existence of God For centuries, the idea of God has been a part of man's history. Past and present, there has always been a different integration consisting of the believers and the non-believers of God. The group of those who have "faith" in God tend to be related to one religion or another. On the other hand, the skeptics find the existence of God somewhat puzzling and try to seek the answers through scientific methods. Even as of today with all the modern technologies and the development...

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