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  • Moses

    Prophet Moses. Born a slave and raised by kings‚ he was chosen to lead. Millions admire his name. By faith Moses ’ parents hid him for three months after he was born‚ because they saw he was no ordinary child‚ and they were afraid of the king ’s law. Revered as a prophet but even more importantly as a teacher and a lawgiver‚ Moses was the leader of the Israelite people 3‚300 years ago during their journey from slavery in Egypt to freedom as a nation in the land of Israel. For 40 years Moses led the

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  • Moses

    Sandra Berbari Men‚ women and schools of thought have reformed and/or revitalized the Jewish tradition. How well does this statement reflect the impact on Judaism of ONE significant person or school of thought? Moses Maimonides was born in Cordoba Spain‚ in 1135. At the age of 13‚ he and his family were forced to move out of Spain due to Muslims invading the area. They made it to Palestine but couldn’t live there because of the Crusades at the time. During Maimonides’ journey he was taught

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  • Abraham & Moses

    Abram is presented to us as an old man without an offspring or heir. He is at the age of seventy-five when God comes to him with the offer of the covenant. Abraham stands for devotion‚ justice‚ compassion‚ faith‚ tact‚ and personal integrity. He is also seen as cunning‚ humorous‚ and pragmatic throughout the story. Abram is a man looking for his faith‚ and God asks Abram to leave his land and kinship to a land which God will show him. In exchange for Abram’s faith and compliance‚ God will make

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  • Moses the Leader

    Moses was a leader of the Hebrews and probably the most important figure in Judaism. He led the Hebrew people out of Egypt and into the Promise Land. His story is told in the book of Exodus‚ and begins when he was first born during the time that the pharaoh of Egypt declared that all male Hebrew babies were to be drowned at birth. Moses’ mother Yocheved‚ hid Moses and placed him in a basket in the reeds of the Nile River‚ where he was then found by the pharaoh’s daughter‚ who kept Moses and raised

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  • The Song of Moses

    Jessica Mejeuro 10/12/2013 The Song of Moses The Song of Moses is a rather long poem found in chapter 32 of Deuteronomy. This poem is proposed to have been written by Moses as a witness for God against the Israelites. In the old age of Moses‚ just before his passing on Mount Nebo‚ Moses was instructed by God to write down and recite this poem to the Israelites before they entered the promise land. After Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt‚ they acted in a manner that was very

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  • Moses Vs Jesus

    Do you know two people who are both equally remarkable in their own way? Moses and Jesus can arguably be called the most important people in the bible. Jesus has experienced so much during his time on earth. Moses also lived through a numerous amount of situations and they are both very alike to one another. Moses and Jesus’ stories are quite amazing and they are definitely two individuals who we should look up to. Jesus was an amazing man and role model for a countless number of people. There is

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  • Moses Versus Odysseus

    IMPERFECT HEROES Odysseus and Moses represent the standard hero‚ which is one scarred with imperfections—a hero that commits crimes‚ lies‚ deceives‚ is in some sense immoral. Moses as an adolescent murdered an Egyptian who was pestering a Hebrew man (Exodus‚ 45) whereas‚ Odysseus betrays his faithful wife by having affairs with several women‚ such as Calypso and Circe. Odysseus’s crave for adventure and Moses’ violence show that both Hebrew culture and Greek culture are accepting of a tarnished

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  • Moses and the Burning Bush

    in reference to the Exodus story of Moses and the burning bush. As stated in the bible it reads: "Moses was tending the flock of Jethro‚ his father in law‚ the priest of Midian. He led the flock far into the wilderness and came to Horev‚ the mountain of Elohim. The angel of YHVH appeared to him in a flame of fire out of a bush. He gazed: the bush is blasing fire yet the bush is not consumed!" (Exodus 3:1-2) Exodus is the second of the five "books of Moses" that tells the story of the Exodus of

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  • Jesus Vs. Moses

    A Comparative Analysis of Jesus and Moses The lives and teachings of two of the most influence figures in Catholicism and Judaism‚ Moses and Jesus‚ have many similarities‚ yet important differences. Though both individuals were chosen by God to help spread the good word and lead their people to salvation‚ their teaching methods as well as some of their actions‚ were different. Both figures devoted their life to spreading the word of God and helping others live a life that will ultimately lead

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  • The Role Of Moses In The Exodus

    The Role of Moses In the Exodus story‚ Moses is the one trusted man by God. He is like a messenger and a task doer. God has all his trust in him and hold him accountable for his whole congregation of Israel. Moses was the actor and the emissary of all of God’s miracles. He was the most important figure in the Exodus biblical text. However‚ It is very clear that The Passover Haggadah only talks about the redemption from Egypt to god and doesn’t implicate any human role. Moses role in Exodus is

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