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  • Christian Terms and Stewardship

    Around the world in Christian and secular circles we hear the word stewardship. Not only is stewardship one of the basic issues discussed in scripture‚ but it’s also something we neglect as something we need to concentrate on while going through our own Christian walk. We live in a society that is very individualistic‚ concentrating on whatever will bring pleasure and make us feel good. Stewardship definitely doesn’t fit into the way society is today. Before going to far into this‚ what exactly

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  • Christian Terms and Holy Spirit

    Name Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments Directed Reading Worksheet Date 9/19/2013 What Happens in the Sacraments Directions: Read through the chapter and fill in the missing information. All the questions run sequential to the chapter. If a true/false statement is false‚ correct it. Pages 31 – 32 Celebrating Our Redemption 1. What does the Church’s liturgy celebrate? The Church’s liturgy celebrates the Paschal Mystery of Christ. 2. Redemption

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  • Christian Terms and Salvation Army Tamil

    WHAT IS THE CHARACTERISTIC OF DISCIPLESHIP? YOUTH RETREAT PURPOSE STATEMENT -2012 The main purpose of Christian discipleship is to be like Christ and might develop an individual spiritual life and making the Leader of church. The discipleship is to emulate the character of Christ and also to surrender to god and bearing fruits for the kingdom of God. Christian discipleship begins when you make an active choice to get to know Jesus better by God’s grace. Because we belongs to the

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  • Christian Theology

    Taekwondo Mission Seminary of the Philippines # 31_A Albatross St. Don Mariano Subd.‚ Cainta Rizal CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY Name:____________________________________ Date____________ Score_________ 1. Enumeration 1. Memorize the statement of faith on the doctrine of Scriptures. (Use the space at the back of test paper). 2. Memorize the statement of faith on the doctrine of God. (Use the space at the back of test paper). 3. Memorize the statement of faith on the doctrine

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  • Christian Symbols

    CHRISTIAN SYMBOLS Christian Symbols Nathan T. Payne Grand Canyon University UNV 200 Professor Diffey June 04‚ 2011 Christian Symbols Communication of thoughts and ideas are not always verbal they can come in different forms such as written languages‚ sign languages‚ and even artistic expression via the concept of art and drawings that are often illustrations an artist may hold in their heart and

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  • Christian Gospel

    1. What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture? 2. What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 3. What are some specific emotional reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 4. What are some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 5. What can Christians do to address these objections and better communicate the Christian gospel? (1) The Christian Gospel is perceived in various ways within

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  • being a christian

    Being a Christian I became a Christian last year‚ it really changes my life and the way I sees things. I became more positive and contentment about everything. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only be gotten Son‚ that whoever believed in Him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)”. Eternal life! Who does not want eternal life? All you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ. Being a Christian brings several good effects in life. Firstly‚ becoming a Christian not only

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  • Christian Worldview

    Whenever there is dialog about the significant of evolving a Christian worldview perspective‚ it usually necessitates persuasive discussion opposing the doctrines of the world or the industry and manufacturing. A Christian Worldview is much more than just having intellectual responses to problems. It alludes to flowing biblical principles and concepts in the personal practical domains of everyday life. As Christian administrators‚ causation must be taken because the infectious views by the secular

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  • On Christian Freedom

    Martin Luther: "On Christian Freedom" (1520) [The translation is by H. Wace and C.A. Buckheim‚ in First Principles of the Reformation (Philadelphia‚ 1885); translation based on the Erlangen Edition (1828-70) of Luther’s Collected Works.] Christian faith has appeared to many an easy thing; nay‚ not a few even reckon it among the social virtues‚ as it were; and this they do because they have not made proof of it experimentally‚ and have never tasted of what efficacy it is. For it is not

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  • On Christian Doctrine Summary

    In “On Christian Doctrine”‚ St. Augustine‚ explains how there is a difference between discovering and teaching. He also provides his readers with rules he thinks will help them understand the Scripture. He also explains to them the two main qualities speakers need‚ in order to share the Scriptures‚ with other people they might meet. St. Augustine even claims that he has divine inspiration. This is why he thinks people should use his rules to interpret the Scripture. He‚ at some points‚ seems arrogant

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