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1. What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture? 2. What are some specific moral reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 3. What are some specific emotional reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 4. What are some specific intellectual reasons people may reject the Christian gospel? 5. What can Christians do to address these objections and better communicate the Christian gospel? (1) The Christian Gospel is perceived in various ways within...

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The Gospel Message

What are some ways the Christian gospel is perceived in our culture? The Christian gospel is perceived in today’s culture as offensive and exclusive instead of the inclusive gospel that it is because of the sin nature of man. As simple as the gospel message is, it seems to be the hardest to accept because to be honest it is hard for people to view themselves as sinners in the sight of God. I was once one of those people that believed I was saved because I gave my life to Christ at the age of five...

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The Gospel According to Mark

In Jean Luis Borges’ short story "The Gospel According to Mark", we see the main character Baltasar Espinosa in subtle yet powerful comparison to Jesus Christ. Borges uses the formal aspects of setting, symbolism, & tone to explore a main theme of Christianity and the influence it has on those who don’t fully understand it. He puts his main character in a setting that allows him to become Christ like in the eyes of the primitive Gutres family. There are many examples of the theme throughout...

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Gospel of John

A prologue is an introduction to any piece of work. The prologue is an overture to the Gospel because it summarizes the Gospel and it gets you prepared for what you are about to read. Themes are presented throughout any work and are to be expanded upon as you read on. An encounter is when you meet someone unexpectedly, and that occurs many times with Jesus and other persons. The significance of the Programmatic Text (1:51) is that He has an encounter with Nathaneal. Throughout the...

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The Gospel of John

Dr. Holley BIBLE 15 April. 2014 The Gospel of John The study of the Gospel of John presents the history and story of Jesus Christ that pulls the reader and the community of Christianity into a faith built relationship through three powerful themes: true belief, the Paraclete, and love. One is required to express a hermeneutic to understand the importance of this Gospel. After understanding that history and literature are two ways to study this Gospel; one is required to believe or not to believe...

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The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke like the other three Gospels depicts the life, teachings, death and the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. This is the largest of the four Gospels. The Gospel opens with a salutation to Theophilus and proceeds to tell the story of the appearance of Angel Gabriel to Zachariah, whose wife Elizabeth did not have the ability to bear a child. The Angel announces to Zachariah that his wife will bear a child and that “he will bring back many people of Israel to the Lord their God. He...

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Gospel Analysis

‘The Gospels express the faith of the early Christian communities’ Evaluate this quotation The three Synoptic Gospels of Mark, Luke and Matthew describe events from a similar point of view, but each author has a different purpose. John Mark wrote to give strength to persecuted , Christians. Matthew, on the other hand, sought to convince Jews that Jesus was the Messiah they had been waiting for. Inferences can be drawn from the wording of Mark’s Gospel that it was written for Gentile Christians...

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A Compare and Contrast of the Christ of the Gospels with the Christ of Contemporary Times

A Compare and Contrast of the Christ of the Gospels with the Christ of Contemporary Times The Christ of the Gospels has developed into a different image in contemporary society over time. Feminists are among the most prominent group of the contemporaries that views problems with the Christ of the Gospel and has since created their own image of who Jesus Christ is and why He existed. The primary issues with the Christ of the Gospels identified are; the language represented in traditional Christology...

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Was The Gospel of Mark a Political Response to Nero's Reign

In order to understand why the gospels in the New Testament were written, we must know exactly what was occurring during that period in history. When the Gospel of Mark was written, we know there was a great deal of political unrest due to the Emperor Nero. The main question we must ask ourselves is, if the Gospel of Mark was written as a political response to Nero’s reign instead of a religious scripture, would it lessen the value of the gospel in a religious sense. The answer to this question...

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Lindisfarne Gospels

The Lindisfarne Gospels The Lindisfarne Gospels is a beautifully handwritten and illuminated manuscript. It contains the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and narrates the life and lessons of Jesus Christ. Also included in the manuscript are fifteen elaborately decorated pages. Both the text and the decorated pages have remarkable artistic elements. It is also one of the best-documented and most complete manuscripts that have survived from the seventh and eighth centuries.1 Every aspect...

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