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  • New Testament and Bible Dictionary Project

    the books‚ people‚ and places we encounter in Scripture. Your task will be to write: 1 Three concise 200–250-word essays about a book‚ person‚ and setting/place from the Old Testament (Due at the end of Module/Week 5). 2 Three concise 200–250-word essays about a book‚ person‚ and setting/place from the New Testament (Due at the end of Module/Week 8). Content Guidelines: Choose 1 book‚ person‚ and place from the list of the provided topics for each of the 2 projects. Your essay must include

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  • Typology In The Old Testament

    through the typology in the New and Old Testament. Saint Augustine said‚ “The New Testament lies in the Old and the Old Testament is unveiled in the New.” Saint Augustine is saying that both the New Testament and the Old Testament go hand in hand. One Testament would not be complete without the existence of the other. Instances in the Old Testament foreshadow events in the New Testament. In the same way‚ the events in the New Testament make the instances in the Old Testament clear as to why they happened

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  • Jesus and Old Testament

    Teaching and teachers have been around for a long time. In the Old Testament‚ the instruction was provided by the scribes. Even though we don’t have an in-depth description of teaching techniques‚ we do have an idea that the usual method was rote memory. The teacher’s role was to communicate the message and the hearer was to recite that same message back to the teacher. Teaching then moved to another phase – this next phase was to arouse the listener’s aptitude by presenting problems and to cultivate

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  • Old Testament Survey

    MORRIS MAWOCHA (MASTERS IN BIBLICAL STUDIES) BIB-501 OLD TESTAMENT AND ADVANCED RESEARCH AN IN-DEPTH STUDY OF THE PENTATEUCH OUTLINE OF STUDY 1) Primeval History a) The Creation and The Gap Theory b) From the fall of Men to the Tower of Babel a) God’s Creation marred by Sin (Genesis 3:1-15). b) Noah and the Flood( Genesis 6:5-8‚ 7:1-4‚ 9:8-15) c) The Tower of Babel( Genesis11:1-9) 2) Patriarchal History a) God’s Call

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  • Dramatization Approach and How it is Reflected in the New Testament

    and How it is Reflected in the New Testament Herbert Fletcher University MCAL-614 Ib: Church Growth and Church Planting Ian Williams Sherwin White The dramatization and object lesson witnessing approach was extremely dominant in the Old Testament. This witnessing approach that was present in the ministry of Hosea‚ Jeremiah‚ Elisha and especially Ezekiel the priest-prophet did not vanish with the passing of the Old Testament era. According to Braudis (2012)

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  • Summary of the New Testament Books: John, Acts, Ephesians, Philemon, Revelation

    Megan BIBL 104 10/10/12 Summary of the New Testament Books: John‚ Acts‚ Ephesians‚ Philemon‚ Revelation John The Gospel of John is written largely in Narrative history and contains sermons‚ parables‚ and several prophetic oracles. The key prominent personalities are Jesus‚ John the Baptist‚ the disciples‚ Mary-mother of Jesus‚ Mary‚ Martha‚ Lazarus and Pilate. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate the deity of Christ by inspiring and strengthening the faith of those who wanted to seek

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  • Old Testament

    Old and New Testament‚ it has been awhile since I have read either one of them. Before this class‚ I never really studied either one and did not feel completely confident in my understanding of the meaning of the Bible. I feel like studying the Old Testament has given me a better understanding of all the events in the Old Testament as well as shone some light on the New Testament. I feel like it gives me further explanation and since I am a person that always asks “Why?”‚ the Old Testament helps me

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  • How Does Holliday Use The Psalms In The New Testament?

    The Psalms in the New Testament‚” Holliday discusses the implicit and explicit use of the Psalms in the New Testament scriptures. The first insight developed from the author’s discussion of citations of Psalms in the New Testament. There are “196 citations of the psalms in the New Testament” (p.115)‚ coming from thirty-five different Psalms. Therefore‚ Holliday concludes that the Psalms were treated as scripture by the New Testament authors (p.115). This displays the New Testament author’s belief that

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  • The "Word of God" as Used in the Old Testament

    When exploring the word of God in the Old Testament (OT)‚ it is important to locate the texts into a social and historical context. It is in this context that the word of God is mediated by human expression. To deny the human expression is effectively to place a barrier between the word of God and it’s invitation to revelation. The OT can be seen as a “record of people’s experience of God’s self-revelation” (Rohr & Martos‚ 2011‚ p. 22). Thus the theology underpinning the OT meaning and understanding

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  • Hans Holbein the Younger - Allegory of the Old and New Testament

    Old and New Testaments” (1530) I have chose Hans Holbein the Younger‚ as my artist for this critical essay. He was an accomplished portraitist during the Tudor Dynasty‚as well as King Henry’s private painter. I would have like to have done some of his portraits‚ but I felt that it would be very difficult for this assignment‚ as his portraits were more of a modeling‚ as opposed to creative imagery art. The piece that I have chosen is “An Allegory of the Old and New Testaments”.

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