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Qcf 5 Unit 502

Level 5 Diploma Leadership and Management Health and Social Care Unit 502: Promote Professional Development OUTCOME 1 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice 1.1 – it is important for me to continually improving my knowledge, and ensure that I am aware of, and follow, the current health & social care standards, legislation, and guidelines for good practice. Learning new skills and refreshing training enables me to progress, and achieve within my career...

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Diploma 5 Unit 502

Unit 502 (SHC52) Learning Outcomes 1.1 As assistant manager I am responsible for many things in the home I manage, including things such as; health and safety, the staff team and the clients/ tenants under our care. To be able to maintain health and safety, keep to legislation and standards I must ensure that I am continually improving my professional knowledge and practice; allowing me to provide an excellent standard of care. By ensuring that I know legislation and standards updates I can ensure...

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QCF 5 unit 33

QCF TINA MORGAN Unit 33 understand physical disability 1 understand the importance of differing between the individual and the disability 1.1 Explain the importance of recognising the centrality of the individual rather than the disability. It is important because each person deserves respect and each person has their own individual needs. Not every person is the same, and treating a person in the exact same way . 1.2 explain the importance of an assessment being person centred Helps to...

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Unit 503 Qcf 5

23% less per hour than men, less able but better off children were overtaking more able, poorer children at school by the age of 6 people with disabilities were still more than twice as likely to be out of work than able bodied people, and one in 5 older people was unsuccessful in getting quotations for motor insurance , travel insurance and car hire. This prompted government to bring into force THE EQUALITY ACT which brought different types of discrimination within one piece of legislation. It...

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UNIT 502

Karen Snook Unit 502 Promote professional development 1. Understand the principles of professional development 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice. I feel it is important for me to continually improve my knowledge to make sure that I am aware of all the current health and social care standards, legislation, and guidelines for good practice as well as me following my company’s policies and procedures. The Nursing Midwifery Council code of conduct states: 9...

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Knowledge for Unit 502 SHC52

 Knowledge for unit Unit 502 (SHC52) Unit title:- Promote professional development Level: 4 Credit value: 4 UAN: L/602/2578 Unit aim The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge required to promote the professional duty to maintain the currency of knowledge and skills and the need to continually reflect on and improve practice. Learning outcomes There are four learning outcomes to this unit. The learner will: 1. Understand principles of professional development 2...

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Unit 5

UNIT-5 ROLES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS IN LIFE LEARNING 1.1 Summaries key aspect of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practices relating to own role and responsibilities. Introduction to my teaching area just like other areas. You have to follow certain regulations, standards, procedures & i will be discussing them as follows : 1.) Efficiency and effectiveness – The purpose of efficiency & effectiveness is to obtain maximum value of resources available...

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Unit 5

CS113 Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Unit 6 Alternate Seminar Assignment ------------------------------------------------- Full Name Two-digit Section #: ------------------------------------------------- Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Save using SAVE AS and add your name to the front removing the phrase “YourName” All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the...

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Marketing and Pages Unit

Unit 2: Resources (P5, P7, M3, D2, D1) Unit 2: Business Resources P5 Is The Business Profitable? The closing capitals for both years are very similar and propose that not only is the business very profitable but it is also maintaining its financial position within the market. In 2011 the closing capital was £2,500,000 and for... Premium 6648 Words 27 Pages Unit 4 - Developing Through the Life Stages - Task 3, P4, P5 Unit 4- Development through the life...

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Unit 502 – Promote Professional Development

Unit 502 – Promote Professional Development Learning Outcome 1. Understand the principles of professional development 1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice It is important for me to continually improve my knowledge and follow best practice. I need to ensure that I am aware of and follow current RQIA Minimum Standards, Supporting People QAF and NISCC standards. By doing this I am following current legislation and guidelines for continued good practice...

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