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Educational Psychology

make it their primary motivator. References McKinney, Kathleen. Encouraging Students' Intrinsic Motivation. Illinois State University. http://www.cat.ilstu.edu/conf/handouts/intrinsicmot.shtml. Perry N., Winne P., Woolfolk A., Educational Psychology. Pearson Education Canada Incorporated: Toronto, Ontario 2003. Specific Classroom Management Methods. http://seamonkey.ed.asu.edu/~jimbo/RIBARY_Folder/specific.htm...

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Educational Psychology

PSY.242 Educational Psychology Test #3 Questions Only Study Guide 1) Being interested in a task because the activity is enjoyable is what type of motivation? 2) On Sunday afternoon, Rick spent a couple of hours picking up discarded bottles and cans from a picturesque section of the wildlife refuge, even though he knew he would not get paid anything for his efforts. Rick's motivation is best described as being 3) A student's reason...

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology ? Mr. ? Psychology 16 Oct. 1996 The field of psychology that deals with the ability to solve educational problems and to improve educational situations is the field of educational psychology. Educational psychology is sometimes referred to as an applied field, meaning, one in which the objective is to solve immediate practical problems (James 29). The beginnings of educational psychology were initiated by Aristotle in his formulation of the laws of association. ...

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Educational Psychology

the number of educational psychologists rising today, they are finding more and more ways to help out the students in our schools now. Many projects are being done, experiments being made, research being conducted, and tests being run so that educational psychologists can help fix problems that a lot of people are generally tending to have. They deal with many different aspects in their job from cognitive, to social, to behavioral problems or difficulties. Educational Psychology It is proven...

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Dyslexia: Educational Psychology and Modern Imaging Tools

(decoding) also have problems hearing individual sounds in words, analyzing whole words into parts, and blending sounds into words (phonological processing). Individuals suspected of having a reading disability should have a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation including hearing, vision and intelligence testing. This evaluation should include all areas of learning and learning processes, not just reading. The diagnostician(s) should then be able to determine whether there are additional learning...

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Fundamentals of Educational Psychology

Task One - Discuss behaviourist applications to education Behaviourists use an approach to learning and education where they concentrate on pupils’ behaviour and, more specifically, changes in observable behaviour. This is in contrast to a more cognitive approach which focuses on inner thought processes. Focusing on observable behavioural changes is obviously important in the realm of education since teachers need to be able to see what students are doing and to identify the reasons for students...

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Educational Psychology and Assessment

Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector - (Intensive) |Unit Title |CTLLS UNIT 3 - Principles & Practice of Assessment | |Theory Assessment Number | | |Candidate Name |KEN PHILLIPS |Candidate Number | | |Date Issued | ...

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Educational Psychology and Special Education

 Sarah Lemon SPE-359 wk 2 Brian Berger July 14, 2013 What is the definition of a learning disability and who should qualify to be special education? What assessments should be made to be able to know what child belongs where? This is what we are going to explore in this paper. We want to see exactly who qualifies and how to go about assessing what needs can be met by choosing to place a child in special education or leaving in general education and making some...

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Educational System

Fundamentals The educational system has always been a topic to discuss. Whether for or against the argument, the educational system seems to be at the bottom of the nations priorities. Mainly the questions asked is where funding can come from, the participation needed, and the choices between educational systems. Since education is how a society must strive and expand in its knowledge and economy, the educational system for such should be at its forefront. Nevertheless, the educational system argument...

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What Is Educational Inquiry?

What is educational inquiry? Educators and scholars draw upon data from many sources and on different subjects to illuminate current issues and trends in educational institutions. These subjects may include data from demography, health, education, culture and environment as well as government institutions and national databases. Educators and scholars use various research methods to collect, analyse and critique their findings to support or refute the topic of inquiry they are undertaking. Many...

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The Educational Paradox

a paradox. Reasonably, any person of formal, or informal, education is expected to examine the society in which he is being educated for reasons having much to do with social realization, personal growth, and ultimately a desire to further his educational repertoire. The formal definition of a paradox is “a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth”, which, in this context, is not an appropriate description of education in the least...

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Educational Equity

truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…" (Declaration of Independence,1776) This quote is symbolic of the expressed opinions and ideology of the founding fathers of America. History, especially the history of the American educational system, paints a contradictory portrait. Idealistic visions of equity and cultural integration are constantly bantered about; however, they are rarely implemented and materialized. All men are indeed created equal, but not all men are treated equally...

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Ories of Psychology

ories of psychology Intelligence has been defined in many different ways including, but not limited to, abstract thought, understanding, selfawareness, communication, reasoning, learning, having emotional knowledge, retaining, planning, and problem solving. Intelligence is most widely studied in humans, but has also been observed in animals and in plants. Artificial intelligence is the simulation of intelligence in machines. Within the discipline of psychology, various approaches to human intelligence...

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Educational journey

Educational Journey SLS 1101 I have always found school to be rather difficult. I felt as though I would give my all and still often times fall short of passing. Teachers would move me on to the next class whether I was prepared for it or not. I felt as though I did not get the proper tools needed in order to succeed. The older I got the more I struggled with school. I began to act out in and outside of class. I had such a defeatist attitude that I would not even try to complete work...

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Educational Psychology as a Career

Name: John Mc Nevin I.D: 11135166 Course: BSc. Psychology Module Code: PS4032 Title: Investigation in to My Possible Career as an Educational Psychologist. Word Count: 910 Educational Psychology (Part One) Educational Psychologists work with students of any age in education and they work and help with the students’ psychological and educational development. They often observe the student within the educational setting and they can then sometimes intervene and recommend ways in which...

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Educational Problems in Egypt

Educational Problems in Egypt Egypt has the most significant educational system in the (MENA); Middle East and North Africa according to the Human Development Index (HDI). Although the educational system had been developing hastily since the beginning of the 1990s, Egypt had been continuously facing serious and accumulated problems in education. An exploding population, an increasing poverty, low literacy rates, drastic injustice in schools qualities; schools in urban areas where the rich can pay...

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The importance of educational tour

 THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT IN ACCESS COMPUTER AND TECHNICAL COLLEGES – CAMARIN A Thesis presented to the faculty of the Access Computer and Technical Colleges – Camarin In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management By: Palencia, Eutiquio III 2014 ABSTRACT Title: THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATIONAL TOUR TO THE FIRST YEAR STUDENTS...

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Effects of Educational Television

Rosamie P. Cabural BANDONG, Kimberly P. Instructor PANER, Rosmary A. BSE 2 A Written Report in EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Topic: Educational Television Introduction: This report is about the Educational television, its concepts, effect, limitations and basic procedures in using this as a strategy. This also includes its concept in the Philippine setting. Highlights: * Educational Television or Learning show * It is the use of television programs in teaching the students. *...

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Special Educational Needs

| | |What Are Special Educational Needs? (Hand-out) | | This is a transition time for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities – new legislation in the form of a green paper - “Support and Aspiration” is advancing through the necessary stages and considerable changes...

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Education Psychology

that students are able to distinguish one class from another, and this can be achieved by using visual posters, pictures and animations, playing music or activating strong emotions within the students. It has been well established within education psychology that it is important to vary teaching methodologies to maintain student’s motivation and interest which are both key aspects of classroom management techniques. To this end effective classroom management will also incorporate multiple variations...

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Special Educational Needs

Special education needs. The last fifty years have seen significant changes in the education of students with special learning needs.  An estimated 1.7 million pupils in the UK have special educational needs (SEN), with over 250,000 having statements of SEN (Russell 2003, 215).  Many positive advances have been made in educating these children, with special needs children receiving more options and learning opportunities.  How these opportunities are presented has been an ongoing source of debate...

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The Shortcoming of Vietnamese Educational System

world and Vietnam is not an exception. But after what I had been experienced I thought that Vietnamese educational system is still weak. It's weak because of so many problems that exist on such as bad teaching quality; lecture does not go together with practice and high tuition's fee. Furthermore, the training is not linked with students' majors. And those problems will ruin the Vietnamese educational system if they don't change. Nowadays, so many Vietnamese students complain that what they had learned...

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Are Video Games Educational

Video games are something that many people all around the world play. But are video games educational? The answer is yes, video games develop many of our skills, give us the relaxation we need and as technology is developing the number of educational and social aspects of games are increasing greatly. While video games are typically cast off as a waste of time and simply recreational activities, when it comes down to it, video games are actually one of the best and most successful ways to encourage...

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Robert Marzzano, Educational Theory

Assessment Theorist Paper Robert J. Marzano Robert J. Marzano is an educational assessment theorist and expert. He is known for this development of assessment programs and practices being used nationally in K-12 classrooms. He offers practical ways for educators to translate his theory into practical instructional methods that can be used in any classroom. His theory and philosophy can be found in the 25 books and more than 150 articles he has authored over the years. As best stated on...

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educational leadership trends

Educational Leadership Trends Today’s school principals, assistant principals and administratorsface a quickly-changing educational environment. Keeping up with the latest educational trends is an important aspect of effective leadership. Just as professionals in every industry must anticipate what’s coming next to stay ahead of the competition, principals must study educational trends and keep their skills and knowledge updated. It’s clear: when the principal falls behind, students are more likely...

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Educational Placement for Talented Students

ABSTRACT This study centered on the influence of proper assessment and educational placement in empowering the gifted and talented students in a selected school in (Ibadan North east Local Government). The focus population for this study encompasses headmaster, assistance headmaster, teaching and non-teaching staffs of selected gifted and talented school in Ibadan North east Local Government). Stratified random sampling techniques was adopt in selecting the teaching and non-teaching staff with...

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Educational Placements for Disablities

1 Six Educational Placements for Students with Disabilities IDEA established six main principals for the education of children with disabilities. First, is the Zero- Reject Rule, second is Nondiscriminatory Evaluation, third is Appropriate Education, fourth is the Least Restrictive Environment, fifth is the Procedural Due Process, and lastly is the Parental and Student Participation Rule (Turnbull, p. 12). After these six principles were established, the landmark legislation moved children...

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The Broken and Current Educational System

quality and effective education. Modern education reforms are increasingly driven by a growing understanding of what works in education and how to go about successfully improving teaching and learning in schools.[1] The Broken and Current Educational System Our current system in many ways is upside down teachers are not rewarded sufficiently and those who try to enact positive change within their schools are at times chastised for doing so. The focus is more on test scores and meeting quantitative...

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Educational System in France

But there are also some close words that may describe it, such as inequality. What is really important is to recognize that an educational system goes hand to hand with pedagogical and economical matters, both the means needed in order to improve or weaken it. Summary of the Reforms needed in order to improve the Educational System in France. The French Educational System has been regarded as elitist throughout the years since it has marked strong differences between the types of schooling...

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Educational Reforms in Pakistan

Educational reforms are a significant reference point in the educational history of Pakistan in terms of their scale, the amount of money invested in them, the order of their urgency and their official/political ownership. The reforms are also important as their need was felt by the donor country (the US), and the contours of the implementation process were drawn up by consultants who came as part of the grant package. Before we look at the politics of these educational reforms we need to understand...

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Educational Culture of Pakistani Institutions

Educational Culture of Pakistani Institutions TAHA MUHAMMAD FAROOQUI BBA-2 Ms. Maria Hassan Term Paper: First Draft March 26, 2012 Institute of Business Administration (IBA)-Karachi OUTLINE Theme: Culture & Pakistan Topic: Culture of Educational Institutions of Pakistan Outline: * Meaning of culture in educational institutions * The prevailing culture of academies * The difference in the educational standards in our country * Environment...

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Psychology Punishment and Reward

Punishment and Reward Kathryn Brady 538/PSYCH September 12, 2010 Jacqueline Peterson How behavior is selected, reinforced, and motivated is an essential question in psychology. What makes a behavior more likely than a different behavior? There is a lack of agreement among psychologists as to what processes create behavior. The descriptions of motivation are varied and the process by which motivation is created is firmly rooted in two distinct camps: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic...

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Discrimination and Special Educational Needs

including those with special needs. Encouraged tendency towards in-class additional support rather than special classes for those with special educational needs. Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Outlaws discrimination on the grounds of gender or marital status in employment, education, transport and the provision of goods and services. Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 Amended parts of the DDA (to include education providers) and the Education Act 1996. Outlawed education providers...

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Educational Reforms to Enhance Employment

EDUCATIONAL REFORMS TO ENHANCE EMPLOYMENT According to the projection of the United Nations Population Division, currently young people between ages 15-24 constitute 18 percent of world’s population at 1.1 billion and the world is very close to reach the peak of historically highest youth population (Lam, 2007). These young people, across the globe, especially in developing countries, where the population density and growth is also highest, face unprecedented challenges...

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Educational Technology in the 21st Century

Lynette Baltierrez Educational Technology in the 21st Century The 21st century has developed into a time where technology is everywhere. Technological advances are being developed daily and are incorporated in people’s everyday lives whether it is during work, school or leisure activities. This is the reason why technology should be used to support student learning and achievement. According to Intel Corporation (2009), being proficient in technology and the network is an essential part...

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Rules and Function of Educational Media Center

An educational media center is a facility designed for the housing and utilization of all educational media within the school. It is a basic requirement for school to render quality service. It is not independent of the school. Rather, like any part of the human body, it is the units in the school that cooperates with other unit of departments that help the school fulfill its mission and realize its vision by living up to the school's philosophy and aims. It serves a myriad roles, functions, and...

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How has Developmental Psychology Contributed to Improving Children's Lives?

How has developmental Psychology contributed to improving children's lives?   This essay  will address Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) with particular focus on Dyslexia. Dyslexia is one of the more widely recognised of Spld's and has been defined as a difficulty with written language skills  and phonological processing even in the presence of adequate learning opportunities and IQ. This essay aims to highlight the influence that developmental psychology has had on our understanding of Dyslexia...

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Critically Evaluate Legislation in Relation to Special Educational Needs and the Impact of Legislation on Practice.

legislation in relation to Special Educational Needs and the impact of legislation on practice. Children with any form of disability or additional needs have, historically received unequal treatment in education. Towards the end of the 19th century, the introduction of compulsory laws began to change the educational opportunities for these children. This essay aims to look at such legislation and how it impacts on today’s practice. What does the term “special educational needs” (SEN) mean? The 1996...

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Educational Leadership in Pakistan: Ideals and Realities

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP IN PAKISTAN: IDEALS AND REALITIES Book Review This is the first ever book on educational leadership, published in Pakistan. Dr. Jan-e-Alam Khaki[1] and Dr. Qamar Safdar[2] are the editors of this book. The book consists of a series of empirical studies undertaken by qualified educational researchers in Pakistan, associated directly or indirectly with AKU-IED. There are various thought provoking and insightful topics in this book; each complements our learning experiences...

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What is Educational Psychology

 Nature and Scope of Educational Psychology What is Educational Psychology? Educational psychology is that branch of psychology in which the findings of psychology are applied in the field of education. It is the scientific study of human behaviour in educational situations. According to Charles. E. Skinner, “Educational psychology deals with the behaviour of human beings in educational situations”. Crow and Crow said, Educational Psychology describes and explains the learning experiences of an...

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The assumptions or ideas about educational practices

The assumptions or ideas about educational practices There are various assumptions or ideas about educational practices and of the given assumptions, I found a few to be flawed in various ways. 1. “The student’s role is to be a passive recipient of knowledge” In traditional views of learning, learning is viewed as the transfer of information from knowledgeable sources, such as textbooks, elders or from someone who is more informed, to the passive recipient (Farrell, n.d.). Firstly this shows...

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Internets Effect on Educational Research Compared to Conventional Research

Internets Effect on Educational Research Compared to Conventional Research Nina L. Creque EDB 612, Spring 2010 Curriculum Theory and Instruction Cleveland State University Abstract The Internet has been around for more than 10 years and has technologically advanced through the years. One of the advances of the Internet is online research. The Internet was once a military project that was not publically in use, now the Internet is used worldwide. In educational institutions some teachers...

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educational psychology

positive verbal reinforcement when they engage in her desired terminal behavior and also makes sure not to make them feel bad or insecure when they forget to turn in an assignment or speak out of turn. Bibliography: https://www.boundless.com/psychology/learning/operant-conditioning/applying-operant-conditioning/ http://psychology.about.com/od/behavioralpsychology/a/classical-vs-operant-conditioning.htm ...

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Examine How Educational Research Can Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning

collection, summation of the data and a critical analysis of the data. Success in educational research is determined by the researcher’s knowledge of the problem, what type of data he or she has to collect, what information can be inferred from the data coupled with how the data should be analysed in an endeavour to make a meaningful interpretation. This write up seeks to make a critical analysis or examination of how Educational research can improve the quality of teaching and learning. Cohen, (1998) see...

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A Critique - Reggio Emilia Approach a Educational Philosophy

REGGIO EMILIA APPROACH A EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY I fully support the Reggio Emilia Approach model which was found by Loris Malaguzzi. This model became associated with mainstream educational practices in 1945 when the first parent-run preschool of the common people opened in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. The destruction from the war, parents believed, necessitated a new, quick approach to teaching...

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Cognitive Learning - Educational Psychology

Abstract Cognitive psychology has long been an integral part of psychology. It has a direct impact on how educator’s look to improve the teaching and learning process. (Huitt 2006) Much research is done on how we process information. There have been numerous models created to help illustrate this process. Metacognition is also important to educators in it allows a learner to judge how well they are learning a particular subject. There are many ways that we process information. Theorists...

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Critical Review-Differentiated Instruction and Educational Standards-Is Detente Possible

(2005). Differentiated Instruction and Educational Standards: Is Detente Possible? Theory into Practice , 234-244. Differentiated instruction is a responsive method of teaching. According to Tomlinson, content, process and product should be modified to cater for all students based on their readiness, interests and learning profiles. A flexible curriculum and a flexible pace of teaching are essential conditions for successful differentiation. Educational standards are based on standardized assessments...

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Learning Disabilities and Their Effects on the American Educational Process

Running Head: EDUCATIONAL STUDIES: LEARNING DISABILITIES Educational Studies: Research on Learning Disabilities and the Effects they have on the American Educational Process Gideon Scott South Carolina State University Dr. Littlejohn, Spring 2013 April 20, 2013 Abstract In this research paper viewers will be introduced to learning disabilities is are and what they are not . Understanding learning disorders are important because the public frequently confuse them with conditions...

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Support Children and Young People with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

Teaching and Learning In Schools Level 2 Trainee : Chris Gerry Trenance Learning Academy Newquay Unit TDA 2.15 – Support children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. 1.1 – Outline the legal requirements of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. Most schools and academies now have written policies and parts of their mission statements specifically made for the inclusion and equality of SEN children. They must be in written...

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Support Children and Young People with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs

Outline the legal entitlements of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. Anyone providing services for children with special needs – health, education or social service departments, as well as voluntary organisations – must act within the legal framework. Legislation can change at any time and all health, education and social care practitioners, also Early Years workers, should be alert to new Acts and Regulations. There have been many changes to legislation...

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ALLOCATING FUNDS WITHIN THE EDUCATIONAL SECTOR IN THE ECONOMY By Dan-Eheremwen ENOWOGHOMWENMA Introduction The purpose of this paper was to explore and formulate recommended criteria for allocating funds within the educational sector of the economy and the strategies for improving the allocation of funds to support greater product (students') performance. Allocation of funds within the educational sector of the economy is issues of paramount concern to all levels of educational system both at federal...

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Healthcare Educational Resources Paper week 4

1. Identify the assistive technologies available to special needs populations in Illinois? 2. What types of assistive technologies are available? 3. What healthcare educational resources are available to special needs populations? 4. Does Illinois provide a comprehensive database of services and technologies available? 5. How do special needs populations’ access services in Illinois? 6. What additional assistive technology is available that is not currently used in Illinois? What are the challenges...

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The Influence of Multicultural Educational Practices on Student Outcomes and Intergroup Relations

The College of New Jersey School of Education Department of Educational Administration & Secondary Education EDFN 508 Introduction to Research Instructor: Dr. Seaton Journal Article Critique Brenda Martin-Lee Article: The Influence of Multicultural Educational Practices on Student Outcomes and Intergroup Relations 1) What is the main problem being addressed by the study? Is it clearly stated? The main problem being addressed by the study is how to adequately...

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Psychology and physical health exam 2

PSYCHOLOGY AND PHYSICAL HEALTH LEARNING OBJECTIVES Stress, Personality, and Illness 1. Describe the Type A personality and evidence regarding its most toxic element. 2. Understand possible explanations for the link between hostility and heart disease. 3 Summarize evidence relating emotional reactions and depression to heart disease. 4. Discuss the evidence linking stress and personality to cancer. 5. Summarize evidence linking stress to a variety of diseases and immune functioning. ...

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Academic Success Essay

(1992). Classrooms: Goals, Structures, and Student Motivation. Journal of Educational Psychology, 261-271. Gottfried, A. E. (1985). Academic Intrinsic Motivation in Elementary and Junior High School. Journal of Educational Psychology, 631-645. Patricia Pokay, P. C. (1990). Predicting Achievement Early and Late in the Semester: The Role of Motivation and Use of Learning Strategies. Journal of Educational Psychology, 41-50. Paul R. Pintrich, E. V. (1990). Motivational and Self-Regulated Learning...

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1.1 Outline the legal entitlements of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs

We have been looking at Special Educational Needs and Disability. There are two assignments for the unit. This is the first one. You can use the framework I have attached if you wish for your assignment. The remainder of the assessment criteria are assessed in the workplace by observation, reflective statement or witness statement. Assignment Unit 18 Unit 18 1.1 Outline the legal entitlements of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs You should look at the handout...

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My Educational Journey

I never thought at this stage in my life I would be writing another college paper. I grew up with a learning disability; I knew going to college would be a challenge for me. With determination and self confidence I enrolled in a community college and acquired my associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. Eight years later, I am now pursuing the passion I have for Special Education with obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Child Development. My sister and I were born premature babies. We were born three...

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Analysis of the Melbourne Declaration

Analysis of the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians Developed by the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs [MCEETYA], represented by members of individual states, territories and the federal education department, the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians outlines the fundamental objectives relevant to every child within the Australian schooling system (MCEETYA, 2013). The prescriptive content within the...

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reseach about students study habits

Therefore, learning any foreign language is very important, but when it comes to English it becomes more important because nearly all the development in te3chnology and means of communication are published in this language. It is obvious that many educational authorities all over the world show a great interest in English to the degree that it is introduced as a compulsory subject at schools and a medium of instruction in many departments in various universities. Rivers (1983) group the objectives of...

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educational psychology

ARELANO UNIVERSITY College of Ats & Sciences Department of Psychology RESEARCH PAPER IN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY First Semester 2013-2014 Karla Camille B. Garces I. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Trying to solve education problems while aiming to use education as a means to solve other problems can be very confusing. Do we improve education to solve economic problems or should we address first the economic problems that lead to poor education? II. INTRODUCTION Diane...

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