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Definition of Curriculum Ernie Miller Northcentral University Online Define Curriculum Curriculum is defined as an organized program of learning, which is separated by various subject areas. These subject areas are arranged into four specific categories: content, instruction, assessment, and context. The information and skills students are required to learn and should ultimately know by studying and processing the material is the curriculum content. The method by which the course content is...

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and changes viz-a-viz curriculum issues. The dynamic nature of the curriculum process lead to the history of curriculum development for basic education in Nigeria. Analysis of the Nigerian education sector reveals the challenges of incoherence in policy Formulation and implementation. The selection and organization of curriculum content, curriculum implementation and evaluation, the development, distribution and use of teaching materials, and the relevance of the curriculum to the needs of society...

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Curriculum Notes

Unit 5: School Curriculum: Development and Influences - Notes Curriculum Curriculum refers to what is taught in school, and can be defined as a set of subjects, subject content, a program of studies, a set of materials, a sequence of courses, or all of the experiences in the school. The curriculum includes the explicit curriculum (the formal policies, manuals, materials, and textbooks of a district), the implicit curriculum or hidden curriculum (the often unspoken or even unconscious assumptions...

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What Is Curriculum?

What Is Curriculum? by Jason C. Heard CIMA 0712 21975 Curriculum & Instruction Management Nova Southeastern University September 1, 2012 Defining curriculum can be a daunting task. John Portelli notes, “Those who look for the definition of curriculum are like a sincere but misguided centaur hunter, who even with a fully provisioned safari and a gun kept always at the ready, nonetheless will never require the...

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Education and Curriculum

1.)Curriculum From Different Points of View Traditional Points of View: Curriculum is a body of subjects or subject matter prepared by the teachers for the students to learn. A "course of study" and "syllabus." It is a field of study. It is made up of its foundations (philosophical, historical, psychological and social foundations; domains, of knowledge as well as its research and principles. (Give other views of curriculum as expounded by Robert M. Hutchins, Joseph Schwab and Arthur Bestor) ...

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CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT Ma. Angelica L. Tolentino BSE-Social Studies 3-2 1. Curriculum “The planned and guided learning experiences and intended learning outcomes, formulated through the systematic reconstruction of knowledge and experiences, under the auspices of the school, for the learners’ continuous and willful growth in personal social competence.” (Daniel Tanner, 1980) Curriculum refers to the means and materials with which students will interact for the purpose of achieving identified educational...

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Integrated Curriculum

Integrated Curriculum Defining integrated curriculum has been a topic of discussion since the turn of the 20th century. Over the last hundred years, theorists offered three basic categories for interdisciplinary work; they defined the categories similarly, although the categories often had different names. Integration seemed to be a matter of degree and method. Integration: The unification of all subjects and experiences. There I have defined three approaches to integration a) Multidisciplinary...

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Curriculum development

Historical Perspectives on Curriculum Development : Historical Perspectives on Curriculum Development The development of curriculum in history is basically founded on five outstanding motives: : The development of curriculum in history is basically founded on five outstanding motives: The religious The political The utilitarian The mass education motive The traditional versus modern dimension of the curriculum : The traditional versus modern dimension of the curriculum Traditional Schools...

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Hidden Curriculum

HIDDEN CURRICULUM What education is only to implement the written curriculum alone, with other words, the means of measuring educational outcomes in the form of mastery learning solely by students? The question is what has drawn the interest of educational researchers to examine the values, beliefs, school climate, and other learning experiences that included all of the curriculum and is known as implied.  The result of our reading and study, to date, there is a consensus among the leaders...

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Curriculum Definition

Curriculum is perceived as a plan or program for all the experiences that the learner encounters under the direction of the school” (Oliva and Gordon, 2013, p. 7). To the outside world, curriculum may be seen as the planned interaction of pupils with instructional content, materials, resources, and processes for evaluating the attainment of educational objectives according to the Oxford English Dictionary. However, as educators, creating a working definition for curriculum requires a delicate...

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