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http://peoplesdailyng.com/changing-nigerians-identity-diaspora/ http://olorisupergal.com/nigeria-rich-country-poor-people-by-gbenga-ogunbiyi/#.UpH2I9Lik8o Nigeria is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations, and the African Union. LANGUAGE There are hundreds of languages spoken in Nigeria. The official language of Nigeria,English The languages spoken in Nigeria are said to be 521. The official language is English while the major ones that are spoken are Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba...

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Located in West Africa and bordering the Atlantic, Nigeria is a big country that occupies 356,667 square miles with a total population of 168 million. Nigeria is abundant in natural resources like coal, gold, lead, iron, salt, copper, and zinc, but it is best known as a big producer of oil. Thanks to its size, population, and resources, Nigeria is dubbed as “the giant of Africa” (Falola, 4). According to World Bank Data of 2010, Nigeria has an annual percentage growth rate as 8.0%, one of the world’s...

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NIGERIA The Federal Republic of Nigeria comprises thirty six states and its Federal Capital Territory is Abuja. Nigeria is located in West Africa and shares land borders with the Republic of Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in the north. Its coast in the south lies on the Gulf of Guinea on the Atlantic Ocean. The Flag The flag of Nigeria consists of three equal sized vertical stripes - the right and left stripe are green; and the middle stripe is white. The Nigerian...

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Education in Nigeria

Factors Influencing Education in Northern Nigeria Introduction The aim of every country in establishing the quality education starts in the availability for all. A well developed country promise much more of the other countries can promise in terms of quality education. Sometimes, the countries that have a good quality of education usually serve better opportunities. On the other hand, the developing countries are still on planning to catch up with the other successful countries. This...

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Privacy Policy Accessibility Help Contact Us Go to www.shell.com Nigeria Nigeria Change Location Environment & Society Safety Human Rights Security in Nigeria Future of energy Products & Services About Shell You are here: Shell Nigeria Homepage > Environment & Society > Safety > Security in Nigeria Security in Nigeria Since 2005 the security situation in the Niger Delta has deteriorated. Heavily...

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Hiv in Nigeria

The history of HIV and AIDS in Nigeria The first two HIV cases in Nigeria were identified in 1985 and were reported at an international AIDS conference in 19866. In 1987 the Nigerian health sector established the National AIDS Advisory Committee, which was shortly followed by the establishment of the National Expert Advisory Committee on AIDS (NEACA). At first the Nigerian government was slow to respond to the increasing rates of HIV transmission7 and it was only in 1991 that the Federal Ministry...

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A Description of Nigeria

Nigeria Essay Located in West Africa, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous worldwide. Thanks to its natural resources, especially oil, its economy is among the fastest growing in the world. From 1901 until its independence in 1960, Nigeria was a British colony. Great Britain decided to grant Nigeria its independence because after World War II Nigeria’s economy was very poor. Comprised of over 250 ethnic groups, as well as a population that is split religiously...

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Newspaper in Nigeria

restaurants; classified ads; display ads, radio and television listings, inserts from local merchants, editorial cartoons, gag cartoons and comic strips. History Of Newspapers In Nigeria The newspaper of Nigeria covers all the local issues, major events, politics and celebrations the way of life of people in Nigeria and the business news. The system of Nigerian media is pulsating. It has more than 100 local and national newspapers and also publications. The government owns some of these publications...

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Agreement has been implemented ten years after it was signed and six years after Nigeria ceded the Bakassi Penisula to Cameroon : Going by the procedural rules of the International Court of Justice , ICJ by October 10 this year Nigeria will lose its right to appeal against the judgment of the International Court of Justice, ICJ, which had in 2002, ceded the oil-rich Bakassi Peninsula in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria to the Republic of Cameroon. By the terms of the 2005 Green Tree Agreement...

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Kidnapping in Nigeria

reigns. Is Nigeria moving in this direction? Sponsored Links CONTINUE ON PAGE 1 2 SEND TO A FRIEND Articles published on this website are reviewed before publication, which means there may be a delay between the time you sent your article and its appearance on the website. Holler Africa! reserves the right to edit articles for style and length. View Comments Sunday Aigbe Date:Feb 18, 2013 Adibe provides an intriguing analysis of the causes of kidnapping in Nigeria which...

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Unemployment in Nigeria

unemployment in Nigeria The federal government recently inaugurated inter-ministerial committee on job fair to address all the identified barriers to job creation and sustainable livelihood in the country, OLUGBENGA SALAMI writes Tell those graduates to stop combing here and there for jobs. If there are no lucrative offers of employment, they should establish themselves by starting something. Unemployment is a pest that has and still eating deep into the fabric of Nigeria. Let them start...

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Ikea in Nigeria

IKEA in Nigeria Nasser Mardini Virginia International University Global Sourcing and Logistics - MBA 628 September 15, 2012 Dr. Stephen Onu Company history IKEA was founded in 1943by Ingvar Kamprad aged 17 in a small farming village in Sweden. The name IKEA was formed from the founder’s initials I.K. plus the first letters of Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd, the farm and village where Kamprad grew up. Originally IKEA sold everything from pens and wallets to picture frame, watched and even ladies...

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Protest in Nigeria

Chapter 2 Protest movement in Nigeria In democracy, having a wide spread number of people tell the government that they do not like its practices could herald to protest movements. As thus, it is a very effective way of getting changes made and raising or revisiting issues. History of protest movement During the 19th and early 20th century, Nigerians sought and found ways to oppose the foreign rule. As the middle classes and the working classes became more educated, there came with it, the desire...

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INJUSTICE IN NIGERIA Over the years and growing up in the dusty sahara threatened landscape of Kaduna {in mid Nigeria}, I have often lamented the fate of prisoners who are stripped of their freedom of movement for specific periods of time {and in some glaring cases of inhumanity of man.. for unspecified and unspecific periods}. My young and then innocent mind concluded that depriving prisoners of their freedom as it presently obtains carries along with it a collateral dehumanization of the prisoners...

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Politics in Nigeria

allowed into the premises of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN), Jos, by a fellow member of the church, who detonated explosives that led to the death of 8 persons; 38 others were seriously injured. The Sun Newspaper of Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 reported that the said Boko Haram suicide bomber was identified by The Defence Headquarters (DHQ), as Mr. Adams Joseph Ashaba, ‘who allegedly masterminded the bombing of the Church of Christ in Nigeria (COCIN) in Jos, the Plateau State capital on February...

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History of Sports in Nigeria

first in the 1950s. Nigeria had it's first appearance in the Helsinki Olympic Games in 1952, and it's first victory in 1954, when Emmanuel Ifeanjuna won a gold medal in the high jump at the Commonwealth games in Cardiff. In 1962, the Nationals Sports Council was set up, and in 1971, the National Sports Commission, and they had the following responsibilities (stated exactly as is): * To coordinate and integrate efforts to raise the standard of performance in sports in Nigeria. * To encourage...

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Etisalat Success Story in Nigeria

Etisalat Success Story in Nigeria Etisalat is a prominent telecommunications corporation providing to consumers, businesses, international telecommunication companies, ISPs and mobile operators. Etisalat operates in eighteen countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, a coverage area which reaches more than two billion people. To date, the group’s global subscriber base exceeds over 140 million subscribers through mobile and Landline voice and data services ("Etisalat Nigeria"). Through the launch...

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Unstable Democracy In Nigeria

Nigeria: The Unstable Democracy 1999 marked Nigeria’s return to democratic rule. However Nigeria is not a stable democracy. Nigerians are still waiting to see the aspects of a democracy that many stable democracies see today; social welfare programs, justice, and equal access to resources and power. Corruption in the government, lack of human rights, increased civil discord, and the absence of electoral reform keep Nigeria from becoming a stable democratic country. The oil boom in the late 1970s...

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Shell Oil in Nigeria

Shell Oil in Nigeria 1. What are some of the factors explaining why corruption and bribery are so high in Nigeria? Nigeria is considered to be one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Many different forms of corruption are familiar to Nigeria including political corruption, bureaucratic corruption, electoral corruption, embezzlement, and bribery. Corruption has even been said to be a viable enterprise in Nigeria due to the involvement of citizens, government officials, and private...

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economic crisis in nigeria

Economic Crisis in Nigeria. NIGERIA. (google)The evolution of Nigeria was from about 1849 until it attained independence in 1960. During this period a lot of events occurred, and is largely the story of the great impact of the British on the Nigerian people. The colonial authorities (British) sought to define, protect and realize their imperial interest in the portion of West Africa because of its endowment with natural resources, apparently this occurred about hundred years ago. The British...

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Money Transfer in Nigeria

International Money Transfer in Nigeria (Kester Osahenye) Introduction With an estimated 145 million inhabitants (Nigerian Population Census December 2006), Nigeria is unarguably the most populous country in Africa. Since the emergence of the nascent democracy, Nigeria now plays a pivotal role in African migrations. As Africa’s economic giant, Nigeria has also become increasingly involved in international migration to Europe, the US, the Gulf countries and South Africa. Yet Nigeria is a source and destination...

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Evolution of Land Legislation in Nigeria

LEGISLATION IN NIGERIA By Oluwatosin O. Obiyomi and Adeyemi S. Ifaturoti Department of Estate Management Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife Nigeria. Email: addyfax02@gmail.com Mobile number: +234 706 270 9658, +234 806 420 5023 February 2009. The territory now known as Nigeria comprises of various communities with diverse cultures and disparate customs which guide the ownership and control of land. This is commonly referred to as the customary land tenure law. Nigeria is located on the...

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Factors Affecting Nigerias Underdevelopment

positive change of things in the life of the people, both the rich, average and poor. Then such a society would be regarded as developed. For example the living conditions of the USA. Nigeria the most populated country in Africa filled with its endowed natural resources, and according to the “united nations statistics Nigeria is the 8th most populous county in the world with a population of 2.3%” (UN 2011).but the country still suffers the decay of underdevelopment due to certain avoidable factors that...

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British Colonize Nigeria

British Colonizing in Nigeria In the late 19th and early 20th century, Europeans had raced to colonize the country Africa. Great Britain was the leaders at this time in colonizing the land filled with rich natural recourses. These recourses were considered a necessity to the industrialization of the world, specifically Nigeria. During this colonization that Great Britain was doing in their new land, you could imagine that the locals were not too happy about this. The British had no respect for...

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Royal Dutch.Shell in Nigeria

Organizational Management Seminar 5311 Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria (A) As described in the Harvard Business School case Royal Dutch/Shell in Nigeria (A), the primary issue facing Shell is scrutiny over their involvement, or lack of involvement, in the civil unrest between the Nigerian government and a group of activists representing the Ogoni people – one of Nigeria’s 240 minority tribes. Publicly the conflict is between the Nigerian government and the Ogoni people. However the core of the...

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Deaf Education in Nigeria

Community - Nigeria In terms of an established deaf community, one of the brightest spots on the African continent is West Africa Nigeria's deaf community is well-established and even has something that we lack in the United States. Demographics of Deafness in Nigeria One web source said that in 1975 there were at least four million deaf and hard of hearing people in Nigeria. According to the 2004 Nigeria census (Statistics Nigeria, approximately 30 percent of all disabled people in Nigeria have...

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Nigeria Economic Bloc

its advantages and disadvantages to Nigeria. Introduction: Nigeria is a country located in West Africa; it has a population of about 160,027,000 (World Economic Fact Book 2010). Its main produce is oil and petroleum; the country is also a key producer of rice, cocoa and palm-oil in West Africa. (See Appendix 1).Nigeria belongs to a number of economic blocs...

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Boosting Agricultural Production in Nigeria

CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION RESEARCH UNIT Date : 2nd Quarter, 2009 From : Agriculture Desk Subject : Boosting Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria. Introduction: Agricultural sector was the mainstay of the Nigerian economy before independence, 75% of the Nigerian workforce was engaged in agriculture and immediately after it, until the oil boom of the 1970s. In the 1970s, agriculture provided the needed food for the population as well as serving as a major foreign exchange earner...

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Evolution of Public Relation in Nigeria

Nigeria gained its independence on October 1, 1960. In 1963 it became a Federal Republic and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with about 140 million people (2006 national census) and the largest concentration of Black people in the world. One in five Africans is a Nigerian. There are about 250 ethnic groups, with three major tribes constituting over 40 percent of the population: the Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba. Other major ethnic/linguistic groups...

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Economic Growth in Nigeria

economies i.e. the ability to reach out to the rest of the world for raw materials and markets. ♣ The international flow of men, goods and capita. It then follows that for all these to be achieved especially for a developing economy like Nigeria some economic variables within the context of the features of the Nigerian economy must be marked upon to achieve these status mentioned above. Statement of research problem So many blurred visions about the projection of Nigerian economy...

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NAME: NDUKA MARY C. COURSE: ENTREPRENEURSHIP MATRIC NO:126072034 History of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria Tradition is an inherited pattern of thought or action. It refers to a specific practice of long standing. It is also an established custom or tradition – a custom that for a long time has been an important feature of some cultural … group, tribe, ethnic group, society, nation etc. Traditional means: when a practice consists of a method or procedure and this is derived from tradition. This...

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Language Attitude in Nigeria

or negative. The Nigeria is said to be morphologically derived from a blend of ’niger’ and ’area’. Nigeria came into exixtence in 1914 as aresult of the almalgamation of the northern and the southern protectorates of the brithish territory around the river niger area. Nigeria is a multidimensional vast: landmass, culture, population, language, beliefs, tradition and lifestyle practised by different people from different areas and there are about 400 native languages inj Nigeria (bamgbose 1971, osayi...

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My First Visit to Nigeria

In this essay I will reconstruct my first visit to Nigeria. The journey took place when I was seventeen in early 1993, during which time Nigeria was under the military rule of General Sanni Abacha. For the most part of my trip I stayed in Lagos, former capital state and still highly recognised as the commercial capital of Nigeria, although I did visit other parts of the country including Ondo State and Jos. Between this time and the time I left, in early 1994, I experienced and learnt a lot about...

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Nigeria Biafra Civil War

states have. To provide a base for analysis, this essay is going to use the central theory of realism to explain the civil war that occurred in Nigeria in between 1967 to 1970. This essay will seek to explain the events and how Realism can elaborate on the outcomes and the causes of the war. It will do it by firstly providing a historical background of Nigeria/Biafra war; it will then give the history of the development of realism as a theory of international relations. It then will seek to explain...

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revenue allocation in Nigeria

government shall be the proportional areal size (PAS) of the State or the local government to the total areal size of Nigeria, and shall be obtained as follows- (i) for each State -   (PAS)= Areal size of State x 100                Total areal size of Nigeria (ii) for each Local Government- (PAS) = Areal size of Local Government Area x 100                   Total areal size of Nigeria       (b)       The allocation due to terrain is made on the basis of the proportional areal size of the three...

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria

Nigeria is a developing country that is abundantly rich in many natural resources and as a result has a good number of multinational corporations ranging from oil companies, banks to consulting firms. Unfortunately, CSR is a concept that I personally believe the government has left to expectations, believing the multinational corporations would do what is ‘right’ by offering certain benefits to the society and the environment. As a result of this approach, Corporate and social responsibility has...

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The Effects of Globalization on Nigeria

making it impossible for them to prosper (Edokpayi, 2004). To explore this issue I wish to analyze the effect of globalization on one of the richest countries in resources in Africa – Nigeria. I want to explore in particular the negative and positive effects that oil prospecting has had in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, economically, socially and environmentally. I also wish to analyze the extent to which the Nigerian government is responsible for the region’s lack of economic prosperity. My hypothesis...

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Gsm Revolution in Nigeria

THREE YEARS OF GSM REVOLUTION IN NIGERIA By Ernest C. Ndukwe, Executive Vice Chairman, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) INTRODUCTION ♦ Telecommunications is acknowledged as one of the most important infrastructures essential to the socio-economic well-being of any nation. ♦ The globalisation of world economy has further amplified the importance of telecommunications to the economy. ♦ The Telecommunication Sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors, and in terms of capitalization...

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AN APPRAISAL OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT AUTONOMY IN NIGERIA By Adelana, Olamide Samson olamidelana@gmail.com +234 802 286 8888 Local Government is one of man's oldest institutions. The earliest form of Local governments exists in the form of clan and village meetings. In fact, democracy itself originated and developed along the lines of local governance initiatives in the ancient Greek city states. One of the major functions of LG is to bring about meaningful development in the rural areas. As...

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The Beginning of British Imperialism in Nigeria

The Beginning of British Imperialism in Nigeria Adam Coleman History 210: World History October 19, 2011 The novel Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, depicts the Igbo culture of Nigeria in the 1890’s, as well as the beginning of the British colonization of these people. Achebe describes the Igbo culture in fairly great detail in the novel, including different portions of the society and many of the laws and beliefs of the culture. The spread of Christianity brought by British missionaries...

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Education Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria

education sector. However in our study we would realize that a country like Nigeria has been operating below the percentage recommended by UNESCO as our expenditure on education usually lies around 5.3%. According to the Federal Ministry of Education (2003), the educational system in Nigeria faced ill periods between 1979-1995 due to resurgence of instability and financial inadequacies in the management, and was affected by the general...

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causes of religious crises in nigeria

of Nigeria. He has to find a cover. He cannot claim political leadership openly on the grounds that he is, or wants to be, an exporter-importer, a contractor (etcetera)… he has to take cover as a Muslim or Christian … the manipulation of religion in Nigeria today is essentially a means of creating the context for this fancy-dress ball, for this charade of disguises.” (See Dr. Y. B. Usman’s The Manipulation of Religion in Nigeria 1977-1987). Ever wonder why religious crises in Nigeria are...

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POVERTY AND INSURGENCY IN NIGERIA: THE BOKO HARAM CHALLENGE. ABSTRACT: This paper aims to study the insecurity in Nigeria which is widely caused by Islamic sects known as Boko Haram in Nigeria and its effects on security. This paper will also find if there is a connection between poverty and Insurgency that has led to a great unrest in Nigeria, the aim of writing...

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Violence and Ethics in Electoral Processes in Nigeria

Violence and ethics in electoral processes in Nigeria Report on the Round Table Discussion on VIOLENCE AND ETHICS IN ELECTORAL PROCESSES IN NIGERIA The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with the Women Environmental Programme (WEP) convened a round table discussion on “Violence and Ethics in electoral processes in Nigeria” on the 20th February 2013 The round table brought together Chief Mrs. Sarah Jibril, the special advicer to the President on Ethics and Values, representatives of the...

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The Role of Ict in Electoral Process in Nigeria

someone who is 18 and above but to others it involves a greater part of the teenage years. You would agree with me that Nigerian Students in these various tertiary institutions make a great number of the Youth in Nigeria. That says at least that we value education to an extent in Nigeria. But in reality, not all students admitted into the tertiary are above the age of 18 years. Some are even as low as 14 year of age. It is this “youth” that are the most seen during elections because they are on the...

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Institutional Development as a Challenge to Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria

INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AS A CHALLENGE TO DEMOCRATIC SUSTENANCE IN NIGERIA Based on the journal, International Studies 44, 3 (2007): 217-33, by Sarabjit Kaur was mentioned about Institutional Development as a Challenge to Democratic Sustenance in Nigeria. Democracy is one of the important thing that must have in social, economic and political in nature. In the development of countries usually because of economic and social conditions that helped in the sustenance of democracy but it was primarily...

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Entrepreneurship in Nigeria

ENTREPRENUERSHIP IN NIGERIA Entrepreneurial forces are relatively strong in this country, as the lack of jobs and a rise in poverty leave few other options for the Nigerian people. Although difficult due to a lack of resources, there are non-profit organizations such as the Fate Foundation in Nigeria that are dedicated to promote entrepreneurship. Apart from the information about Nigeria that is so widespread and often negative, there appears to be a recognition of the critical role and place of...

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Tracon - Airplane Tracking Software of Nigeria.

The Airspace Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria (TRACON) Documented by: Jahath Bennett Inyang +2347035032875 School of Information Technology and Communications, American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Introduction Consequent upon the series of airplane crashes that Nigeria witnessed between October 2005 and December 2006, the Federal Government was forced to take an uncommon, critical look into...

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A Comparitive analysis of Nigeria and South African Industrial Development

INTRODUCTION Prior to and immediately after independence, Nigeria was seen as a country with great growth potentials. In fact, Nigeria was termed the giant of Africa. But one may be tempted to ask the question ‘what actually went wrong with her industrial sector?’ This paper seeks to comparatively analyze the problems that seem to perpetually keep Nigeria behind its allies using South Africa as a case study. By implication, if Nigeria can vigorously address its challenges using the South African...

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Insecurity in Nigeria

INSECURITY IN NIGERIA Underlying the quest for national security in Nigeria is the issue of political morality, which focuses on the question of defining the relationship between the state and the various groups in the society. Political morality properly construed seeks to establish and sustain the essential conditions for the smooth functioning of the state and society. It is in this light that we identify the problem of the moral basis of Nigeria’s security to be a vital imperative of national...

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THEATURE AND FILM CRITICS ROUNDTABLE OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THETRE CRITICS (IATC-NIGERIA), HELD ON THE 21st OF SEPTEMBER, 2013, AT THE REDEEMER’S UNIVERSITY, MOWE, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA PREAMBLE The maiden edition of the National Theatre and Film Critics Roundtable held on the 21st September 2013 at the Redeemer’s University, Mowe, Ogun State. The even which was organized by the Nigeria Section of the UNESCO founded International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC) had in attendance...

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Telecommunication in Nigeria : Mtn Ngeria 2001 - 2009

TELECOMMUNICATIONS IN NIGERIA : MTN 2001 TO 2009 AS A CASE STUDY CHAPTER ONE Introduction/Background to the Study Objectives of the Study Significance of the Study Scope and Limitation of the Study Research Methodology Literature Review End Notes CHAPTER TWO Telecommunications in Nigeria Historical Development of Telecommunications in Nigeria Introduction of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) in Nigeria End Notes CHAPTER THREE Origin and Growth of MTN in Nigeria MTN Operations...

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Entrepreneur and Economic Development of Nigeria: Problems and prospects

ASSIGNMENT FOR BUS 815-ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT 2008/2009] _ENTREPRENEUR AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS_ � INTRODUCTION "No amount of pay would be enough for an employee of an organization to live a comfortable life that he would please"- this assertion is a common place phrase that new inductee of banks are tutored with on entering into the financial systems of Nigeria banks and this mantra is soon forgotten as soon as they start earning decent income that would be...

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Cultural Relativity: the Root Cause of Conflict in Nigeria

CULTURAL RELATIVITY: THE ROOT OF CAUSE CONFLICT IN NIGERIA Nigeria is a multicultural nation with over 250 ethnic groups. Human beings are product of culture. Culture has made people what they are. Culture is the totality of experience of people in a given environment. Culture is complex whole of the people- this complex whole includes the beliefs, habits, modes and attitude of people. Culture is the result of interaction of people in a particular environment and the interpretation of their experiences...

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Eyo Festival in Lagos Nigeria

organizers in Lagos State. A renaissance of a people's true way of being. The undoubted pride of Lagos. Eyo Festival. The Adamuorisha play was certainly, a heritage for Lagos State. Eko or the city of Lagos and the home of Eyo, the economic capital of Nigeria, reputed for more traditional or cultural mosaic which include Elegba, Ota and olokun among others was a beehive recently. Primordially the Eyo or Adamourisha play is shrouded in Lagos oral traditions centred on Olori Olugbani, Oba Ado's wife and...

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Causes, Effects and Solution to Boko-Haram and Kidnapping in Nigeria

contain it? As far back as eight to nine years ago, we observed that the institution of the Nigerian army became a target of the intelligentsia behind what we called Boko Haram. They have known that the Nigerian army was the last institution in Nigeria that could practically bind the country. But now, the army seems divided. What I know is that the Nigerian army cannot handle this people because the sophistication with which the sect operates is beyond the training of the Nigerian army. You...

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Challenges Facing Estate Surveying and Valuation Professional Practice in Nigeria. by- Isaac Okoronkwo .C.

The challenges facing Estate Surveying and Valuation professional practice in Nigeria Experts in the building industry have listed some factors bedeviling Estate Surveying and Valuation Profession in the country. They include; [1] poor remuneration, [2] quackery, [3] stringent legislation, [4] lack of training and [5] falling standards of valuation practice. According to Solanke (2010), stated that poor quality service, outdated scale of fees and unhealthy competitions are some of the major...

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Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria]

Small Business in Sub-Saharan Africa: Major Constraints in [Nigeria] Introduction The Federal Republic of Nigeria has an area of 923,768.00 sq kilometres and completely within the tropical zone (About.com 2005). Nigeria has a population which is estimated over 154 million. It is a 12th largest petroleum product producer in the world. Due to the surge in international oil prices during 2007-08, Nigeria administrated an annual GDP of US$352.3 billion and has the largest GDP compare...

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Compare Contrast Guatemala & Nigeria

Compare & Contrast Report on Guatemala and Nigeria – Teams 3 & 4 Section 1 – Introduction The following report is a compare and contrast of the viability for starting a business in either Guatemala or Nigeria. It will also include some details on the overall business climate of both countries and other geographic, social, and economic factors. Factors that we will discuss include standards of living, education, overall economy, infrastructure, communication, transportation, geographic, climate...

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Youth Unemployment and Implication for Political Stability in Nigeria (1999-2011)

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT AND IMPLICATION FOR POLITICAL STABILITY IN NIGERIA (1999-2011) YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT AND IMPLICATION FOR POLITICAL STABILITY IN NIGERIA (1999-2011) CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY In Nigeria, civil rule has been restored for over a decades ago, which has given people so much hopes and expectations for political stability to enjoy the value of democratic rule. For instance, it is assumed that with democracy, people would...

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