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21St Century

Session Topic : TEACHING IN THE 21ST CENTURY Episode Title : The 21st Century Teacher and Learner Duration : 1.5 hours Resources Needed: Video presentation: “Teaching in the 21st Century” Manila paper Pentel pens Crayons Readings : 21st Century Teaching and Learning Qualities of the 21st Century Teacher Philippine Qualifications Framework Objectives: In this learning session, the participants should be able to: 1. Describe the 21st century teacher and learner; 2. Identify...

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21st Century Education

ROBERTO A. ALMEDILLA II September 21, 2013 MAED – Cultural Education Dr. Aveja MSEUF – Lucena City 21st Century Learners Speak Out On 21st Century Learning Sharon Friesen, PhD/David Jardine, PhD We want to do work that makes a difference to me and to my world. We don’t want to remember, recall and regurgitate We don’t want to learn for the sake of tests We don’t want learning made easy; rather, they want it to mean something. We want to learn with the media of our times...

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21st Century Classroom

------------------------------------------------- R E S E A R C H 21ST CENTURY CLASSROOMS INTRODUCTION The days of constructing four walls with a podium at the front and calling it a school house are over. Today’s students are highly connected and consume information when and where it’s needed. They learn from peers, an online community and experts who share their knowledge through traditional and online publishing resources. ‘21st Century Learning’ is a natural term to bring into any conversation...

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Teaching for the 21st Century

driven the process of globalization and a key facilitator of it all has been the revolution in information technology. With the big picture in mind it should be the goal of our education system, as the national organisation: The Partnership for 21st Century Skills promotes, “to ensure that students who graduate from our schools have the skills needed to be effective workers, citizens, and leaders in the new global economy.” (Shelly, Gunter & Gunter, p.14) As teachers, we need to facilitate high...

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21st Century - Essay

21st Century adding more responsibility to traditional HR roles | Houston Business Journal Changing and overlapping responsibilities plus diminishing staff have placed a burden on HR departments as they struggle to change with the times. “The traditional role of HR in the 21st century is changing into integrating HR into organizational business planning, which adds another dimension to the delivery of HR services,” says Frank Abbott, a corporate trainer program manager for Houston Community College’s...

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student for 21st century

21st Century Learning: Preparing Students Today August 28, 2012 by Sherrelle Walker, M.A Today, we live in a world dominated by technology. Our interactions with the world and with one another are mediated by computers, tablets and smart phones. The answer to practically any question you might have, at any moment, is a few keystrokes and fractions of a second away. In the same way that print changed how humans perceive information, now technology has once again flipped the world on its head...

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21st Century Learner

Changes In The 21st Century Learning Introduction: How can 21st century students be expected to function in a 21st century world, with a 20th century education? It may be easy for some students, but for the majority of the student population, the present style of teaching is no longer relevant to their needs. This being said, most students have a new way of looking at the world, as the world itself now looks different than it did when those teaching methods were created. Education should be...

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Forensic Science in the 21st Century

Forensic Science in the 21st Century Gertrude West Forensic Science and Psychological Profiling /CJA590 May 30, 2011 Edward Baker Forensic Science in the 21st Century Forensic science has various influences on crime, investigation and the people that are involved. Forensic science has a connection with the courts to ensure crimes are getting solved and justice is being served to those that commit crimes. With the help of forensic science, crimes are being solved from a human and technological...

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Art in the 21st Century 1

Art in the First Decade is conceptual, philosophical and very conscious of its reception. Two prominent artists featured in the ‘ 21st Century: Art in the First Decade’ at the Gallery of Modern Art are Nathalie Djurberg and Ah Xian. (GoMA, 2011) Djurberg is a Swedish artist who lives and works in Berlin, explores themes of fantasy, dreams and sexuality through stop motion animation. Xian is a Chinese artist living in Australia who combines traditional Chinese materials and techniques with a contemporary...

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Psychological Contract in the 21st Century

psychological contract?’ Examine to what extent it is applicable in the 21st century. Name: Lin, Lina Linda Tutor’s name:Catherine Tsai Date:11/08/2011 Word count:963. Psychological Contract is an abstract contract that affects both employers and employees, a subtle contract without speaking or writing, contains assumptions and expectations from each party towards the other (Rousseau 1989). Compared to the past centuries, people tend to change jobs frequently and pay more attention to employees’...

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Educational Technology in the 21st Century

Technology in the 21st Century The 21st century has developed into a time where technology is everywhere. Technological advances are being developed daily and are incorporated in people’s everyday lives whether it is during work, school or leisure activities. This is the reason why technology should be used to support student learning and achievement. According to Intel Corporation (2009), being proficient in technology and the network is an essential part of life in the 21st century. I believe one...

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Characteristics of 21st Century Hr

ASSIGNMENT: TERM PAPER ON “characteristics of 21st century HR” INTRODUCTION Parallel with the changes in the global arena, the qualification of workforce has been changed. The changes of the qualification required a shift from tradition personnel management to human resource management. With the evolution of human resource it has gained many strategies and has characteristics that help HR mangers to work effectively and efficiently. With the 21st century underway, nonprofit, government, and private...

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21st Century Management

Remain Competitive Introduction This paper confers the most significant issues that management confronts as we come to the end of the first decade of the 21st century. This issue was expressed by Daft (2010) as “new approaches to organizing and managing people are crucial for companies to attain durable competitive advantages in the 21st century” (p. 91). This problem is more crucial than any other issue challenging management because of the subsequent three reasons: 1) conventional approaches to...

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India in 21st Century

INDIA IN 21st CENTURY We have stepped into a new century. Talking about the future is always exciting. Man wants to peep into the future to find out what is in store for him and his fellow beings. Man’s curiosity to know about the future and the shape of things and events to come has given rise to such subjects as astronomy, astrology, and palmistry, etc., which try to predict the events to come. Now, what would be the future of India in the coming years of this century? Can we project and predict...

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Work in 21st Century

Synthesis of work in the 21st Century For some years now, the trend of employment at the United States of America has shifted drastically. As a result of the changes that have taken place at the labor market, some of the smart individuals who have adopted to the changes have been promoted as those adamant to changes have been demoted. A number of cities in the United States of America have been abandoned. The brown fields, on the other hand, are growing even as they try by all means to get cheap...

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Teams in the 21st Century

Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper Precious Soc 110 January 26, 2010 Steven Moore Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper Communication and collaboration is starting to play a very important role in workplaces and in schools. Workplace success depends on the ability to communicate with others. On some jobs if they cannot work as a team and communicate with other people they will lose their job. I work in teams at work and I also have worked in small groups at school, and find...

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The 21st Century Modern Family

The 21st Century Modern Family The 21st Century Modern Family Let us review a global institution. The family is an institution found in every culture of society on earth. Families around the world live, love and work in uniquely different ways depending upon their cultural norms. Vissing says that over the life course every person has a family – even if it is a family of one (Vissing, 2011). The 21st century American family has been reshaped by the changes in moral family values, rising...

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Speech: Leadership and 21st Century

preparing for leadership in the 21st Century. Personal. From him to them. It had force and a simple majesty. It moved those who heard it. For the rest of their lives, those cadets will remember the night General H. Norman Schwarzkopf talked to them about competence and character. (Schwarzkopf opened with a story of an event occurring when he was on the Academy’s faculty in 1967, then got right to the substance of his remarks.) "What do you say to the leaders of the 21st Century? That’s what you are, America’s...

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21st Century and Failure

been placed for most of the population in our technogically advanced society. For some of us it is difficult to lose the privileges of being in a comfortable and simple world, because the idea of failure is one usually never thought of. As the 21st century rolls on, the world of innovating is not regarded as highly significant, considering most people throughout society don’t have the need to participate. Yes, it is easier to be set up for success, but the challenges of failure come to reward all...

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Teams in the 21st Century Reflection Paper

TEAMS IN THE 21st CENTURY REFLECTION PAPER Teams in the 21st century reflection paper Rodolfo Villarreal 06/28/09 University of Phoenix Teams in the 21st century reflection paper “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Vince Lombardi, http://thinkexist.com/quotes/vince_lombardi/4.html By working in teams and experiencing its process, one can learn the importance of sharing ideas, thoughts, and information...

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Use of Scientific Management in the 21st Century

Scientific Management in the 21st Century Roberta Larkins Jones International University April 14, 2010 Abstract The 19th and 20th Century gives the foundation of the shift in management modeling. Frederick Taylor, Henry Gantt, and Lillian Gilbreth gave great insight into the need for a paradigm shift in business. The elements of this shift form the basis of the four principles of Scientific Management. The principles of Scientific Management and their use in the 21st Century are the elements of...

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The 21st Century Has Been Called The Asian Century

The 21st century has been called the ‘Asian Century’. If so, what are the implications for Australia? The successful and continuous economic development over past four to five decades in Asian region have lead to a defining feature of the 21st century – Rise of Asia in Asian century. The weight of global economy is shifting towards Asia, It has been estimated that by the middle of this century, Asia could account for half of the global output, trade and investment. With the continuous hunger for...

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Expanding Roles of Teachers for the 21st Century

Teachers for the 21st Century Rhea D’Souza, Assistant Teacher, Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School.ISC, Mumbai Introduction: "Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future." —John F. Kennedy Change is the inevitable reality that every generation has to come to terms with and the 21st century is no different. This change more often than not is dynamic, intrusive and urges us to action. A key characteristic of the 21st century, it is a time...

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Clinical Nursing Practice in the 21st Century

Maryville University | Clinical Theory Practice of the 21st Century | Assignment 4.1 | | Sally Fandek | 9/1/2012 | [Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document. Type the abstract of the document here. The abstract is typically a short summary of the contents of the document.] | In a world where there is constant change, and individuals are constantly attempting to adapt and cope with these changes, the human experiences...

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Challenging of management in 21st century

manager would gather by going there in person. 4. Competitive market intelligence. THE CHALLENGE OF KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY Technologists will most likely be the largest group of knowledge workers in the future. They are essentially the 21st century successors to skilled workers and craftsmen. Countries that focus on training technologists can gain and sustain a meaningful competitive advantage over those countries which have a culture that physical labor must be menial labor. To make a manual...

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Literacy for the 21st Century: The Hope and the Promise

Literacy for the 21st Century: The Hope and the Promise A CML Reflection Resource Since the beginning of recorded history, the concept of "literacy" meant having the skill to interpret "squiggles" on a piece of paper as letters which, when put together, formed words that conveyed meaning. Teaching the young to put the words together to understand (and, in turn, express) ever more complex ideas became the goal of education as it evolved over the centuries. Today information about the world...

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Computer Research Competition 21st Century Classroom

Computer Research Competition Topic: 21st Century Classrooms Name: Nilofar Ali Class: 9-D 21st Century Classroom Although many of us dislike the term “21st century,” we can all agree that the notion behind it—the need to reform education to meet today’s and tomorrow’s learners—is still valid. And while most districts are just at the cusp of figuring out what 21st century learning is and how to deliver it, the technology leaders at the SchoolCIO Leadership...

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The Moral Implications of Globalization in the 21st Century

The Moral Implications of Globalization in the 21st Century Globalization, or global business, is defined by Ferrell as a practice that brings together people from countries that have different cultures, values, laws, and ethical standards. As the United States model of capitalism proved to succeed during the 1990’s and 2000’s, many businesses and countries worldwide began to uphold it as the premier business model. With this common system in place, the world began to become more and more globalized...

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Analysis of Skills Required for Workers in the 21st Century

Skills Required for Workers in the 21st Century The analysis of skills required for workers in the 21st Century has been categorized into the following three categories: (a) Foundation Skills, (b) Competencies, and (c) Global Competencies Important Components of Foundation Skills Based on my observations from the conducted research, I have discovered that human resource managers see an importance in foundation skills for a worker in the 21st century. Based on my findings, managers agree...

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To What Extent Is Psychological Contract Applicable in the 21st Century?

What is psychological contract? To what extent is psychological contract applicable in the 21st century? Psychological contract, not written compared to legal contract, is mostly accepted by the two parties in the employment. In 21st century, since the nature of work has experienced a great change, psychological contract, which seems to have new content, is paid more attention to than before. It appears that a fair and positive psychological contract may contribute to success...

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The Role of Managers in the 21st Century Is Increasingly Diverse and Challenging.

“The role of managers in the 21st century is increasingly diverse and challenging”. Use specific examples from businesses to support your argument. Organisations need managers to ensure the company is planning, controlling, leading and organising their resources properly. However, in the 21st century, facing uncertain economic times and ever-changing technology, the roles managers must undertake are becoming increasingly diverse and challenging. The key to understanding this is to first, grasp...

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Reflection Paper on Revitalizing the Federal Government for the 21st Century

A Reflection Paper on Revitalizing the Federal Government for the 21st Century This is a reflection paper on the recommendations proposed in the Revitalizing the Federal Government for the 21st century report by the National Commission on the Public Service (Volcker Commission). The Volcker commission, comprised of members from the three major political parties, recognizes the importance of disciplined policy direction, operational flexibility, and clear and high performance standards as guiding...

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Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Costing for the 21st Century

Cost Volume Profit Analysis and Costing for the 21st Century Abstract Cost value is the analysis of different divisions or business units of a firm on the basis of their opportunity cost and economic rent (“Cost value definition”). The objective of cost value is to determine which division or unit should be kept, expanded, sold, or shut down (“Cost value definition”). Cost analysis is an important component of all economic evaluation techniques, especially when it comes to planning and self-assessment...

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Changes in Male and Female Identity in the 21st Century

Changes in male identity in the 21st century: The only constant thing in this world is change... an irrefutable paradox of life. People, opinions, perceptions, feelings, relationships, and just about every other thing in this world is subject to change.   As time elicit more changes, words continually change its meaning.    Even the centuries-old notions about male identity are now changing.  Gone are the days when men were seen as Neanderthals who only use brute force to satisfy a need or an...

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The 21st Century is an era of greed. Do you agree?

Catholic doctrines and yet, virtually every single person that inhabits this planet is guilty of it. Greed drives desire, desire turns to envy, and envy leads to the failure to appreciate and hold dear what one possesses. In the modern age of the 21st Century, the above statement seems so much more accurate and true. The insatiable hunger for success and the unquenchable thirst for supremacy transform many of us into slaves of our desires, fuelled by greed and its associates. In more ways than one,...

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Can Tourism Be Sustainable En the 21st Century

CAN TOURISM BE SUSTAINABLE IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY ? Tourism industry is one of the largest industry of the world in the 21st century, before the oil industry and the automobile industry. It is a vital sector for a lot of countries as it generates jobs and wealth. Nevertheless, Tourism can also engender environmental, social, and cultural degradations as more and more people travel all around the world. There was roughly 935 million of tourists in 2010, and there will be 1.6 billion tourists...

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Marketing Strategies on the 21st Century Open Job Opportunies for the Filipinos

A Term Paper Entitled: “Marketing Strategies on the 21st Century Open Job Opportunities for the Filipinos” Submitted as a Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement in English Communication 2, 10-11 a.m., MWF, SV 304 Submitted by: Madrigal, Allan Jr. Tenorio BS Business Administration Submitted to: Mr. Rolando R. Calubayan March 6, 2013 Statement of the Problem The researcher attempts to answer the following questions in this research study: • What companies...

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Four Basic Parenting Styles used by the 21st Century Parents

their children all day, every day, whether they realize it or not. Children pick up the habits of their parents, the prejudices, and values from what they do as well as from what they say. Today, it is necessary to know what kind of parents a 21st century student has which definitely affect their academic performance in school. As well as for teachers and readers to know the effect of parenting styles of Filipino parents in academic performance of the students. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1...

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Critical Review of Baden Eunson´S Communication in the 21st Century

“Critical review of Baden Eunson´s Communication in the 21st century Chapter 16: Intercultural communication” Submitted: 15 September 2010 A critical review of Eunson, B 2008, ‘Intercultural communication’, Chapter 16 in Communicating in the 21st century, John Wiley & Sons Australia, Brisbane, pp. 509–49. The nation-states are becoming more multicultural. The interaction between people of diverse cultures, which can be very different, affects the society as well as the workplaces. Eunson tries...

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Benefits of Viral Marketing to Companies in the 21st Century

To what extent is ‘Viral Marketing’ beneficial to companies in the twenty-first century? Viral marketing is one of the most significant tools contributing many benefits to businesses in the twenty-first century. Due to the development of internet commerce, computer networks allow people to have an opportunity to select interesting information for them. As a result, the decrease in consuming information through TV, newspaper and radio while the consumption of online information has a dramatic...

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What I Would Get Rid of to Improve Life in the 21st Century

in the 21st century. For me I would like to get rid of religion to improve life in the 21st century. As we all know, most people think that religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Religious people mostly worship or believe in an omnipotent and diving being, have faith in them, do whatever they were told by it; they too, believe in the concept of omni-beneficient, which means that God is all-good. And now, in 21st century...

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Kotter’s 8-Steps: Leading Change in the 21st Century Organization

Kotter’s 8-Steps: Leading Change in the 21st Century Organization Is there a good way to attack change in organizations? To influence (and maybe even ‘fix’) the complex org cultures that drive the collective behavior of their members? John Kotter gave us perhaps the best-circulated approach for change in his HBR paper that turned into the classic: Leading Change (1996). With the caveat that there are no silver bullets I believe Kotter provides a strong, intuitive and timeless approach to grappling...

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21st Centuray Skills

What are 21st Century Skills? “21st Century Literacy Skills” is a term that is used a lot these days. What does it mean? There are 3 main organizations that have defined 21st Century Literacy. All three definitions point to the same goal: that being ICT literate (Information and Communication Technology Literacy) is much more than just having good technology skills. It is learning core subjects with application of these learning skills and communication tools. | | ...

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21st Market Myopia

21st Market Myopia Marketing myopia can be described as a disease for a company with many different symptoms. Some of the indications that a company has caught the illness are attitudes that say, “We’re fine the way we are, we don’t need change” or “That could never happen to us”, even “Our customers will never go elsewhere.” When a company has a viewpoint that they will forever be in business no matter what, they have thought terribly wrong. In today’s world it is important that companies evolve...

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The 21st Century

The 21st has begun and with it will come many changes in today’s modern society. Changes occur daily; taken into view these changes become extremely noticeable. This century is going to change not just the way that we think, but also what we actually think with - our own individual minds. This paper will express personal beliefs on what will occur in the 21st century, such as, technology, medical sector, and living environments. Technology plays an important role in the 21st century. Modern advancements...

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Consumer Culture in the Twenty First Century

culture. These two articles show similar views on consumerism and hold valid information in favour of consumer culture. Korten shows that the transition from an Empire to Earth Community would be alot easier without the increase in consumerism in the 21st century. James Twitchell wrote an article In Praise of Consumerism about how consumerism is a significant part of everyday life. Commercialism is in practically everything that we encounter on a day to day basis. It is in the water we swim in, the air...

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How Does the Piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler Use Guitar Techniques to Appeal Popular to the 21st Century Audience?

How does the piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler use guitar techniques to appeal popular to the 21st century audience? The piece ‘Ocean’ by John Butler appeals popular to the 21st century audience through his variety of guitar techniques. Butler uses an 12 stringed semi-acoustic guitar with open C tuning and Capo on the 4th fret giving an open chord of E Major. The song is through composed and consists of several sections that demonstrate guitar techniques and musical concepts. 0-27sec: The introduction...

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21st Leaders Tony Hsieh

 How Are Leaders Leading In the 21st Century: Tony Hsieh Sharee Steed Dr. John E. DiBenedetto, Professor BUS 520 September 8th, 2014 “Your personal core values define who you are, and a company's core values ultimately define the company's character and brand. For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” ― Tony Hsieh, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose Provide a brief background of the CEO. Tony Hsieh is the now the active CEO...

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twenty first century capitalism

– Balaam Paper #1 Global Trends and the Future of Capitalism “A society whose historical journey is entrusted to the guiding hand of Tradition sleepwalks through history,” wrote a pensive Robert Heilbroner in his 1993 work 21st Century Capitalism.1 Now the new century has dawned, and it is certain that no one is feeling the least bit drowsy. Actors on the world stage are actively reevaluating, refining, and even replacing a host of capitalist traditions. And increasingly, no single player...

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Laurel and Hardy in the 21st Centuary Script!!!!!!!!

LAUREL AND HARDY IN THE 21ST CENTURY Act1: (Audio plays, summarizing what the play is about) (Laurel and Hardy walk in from the audience onto the stage and the scene begins) (Laurel and Hardy are sitting on a bench and Hardy orders Laurel to prepare a sandwich for him) [While Laurel is preparing Hardy a sandwich, accidently laurel prepares it on Hardy’s hand which makes him very furious.] Hardy (gets angry and hits Laurel on his head) (Hardy wipes his hands on Laurels handkerchief which...

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Hamlet What Is the Appeal to the 21 Century Audience

As people in the twenty-first century generally don't believe in ghosts and don't consider revenge a duty, why is a play like Hamlet still of interest to film and theatre audiences? As William Shakespeare began writing Hamlet in 1598 - at the end of the 16th century - the play which would go on to become one of his most famous pieces of work was geared towards an audience of “churls”, “groundlings” and the less-educated members of theatre-going society, just as equally as the more educated and...

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What Are the Invention That Change the 20th Century

In this twenty-first century, human make the world. As everyone can see, this is a modern, advance century. Throughout history, people have made inventions that changed the world. Some got lucky and stumble on something, some actually set out to make something, and still others improved upon existing technology to create something revolutionary, same as now. Scientist and experts have discovery and created awesome inventions which shaped the newest century such as artificial heart and liver, retinal...

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Discuss the Attitudes and Opinions Associated with so Called "Politically Correct" Language. Is There a Role for Non-Discriminatory Language in the 21st Century? "Words Make a Difference, but What Is More Important Is

was widely referred to as Political Correctness. Though some critics of PC may disagree, a role does exist for non-discriminatory language in the 21st Century, though the line-drawing is often controversial. According to the proponents of “Politically Correct” language, there definitely exists a role for non-discriminatory language in the 21st century. In a time rife with racism, sexism, ageism, religious intolerance and xenophobia, the impacts of discrimination in language are clearer than ever...

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The Challenges of Globalisation for the 21st Century.

THE CHALLENGES OF GLOBALISATION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY. BY. EMMANUEL ODEH. ABSTRACT The article argues that the challenges facing higher education in the new millennium cannot be understood unless proper account is taken of the phenomenon of globalisation. Two points are emphasised. The first is that globalisation cannot simply be seen as a higher form of internationalisation; it is a much more turbulent phenomenon that not only transcends but ignores national boundaries. The second is that...

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Applying Developmental Theories to Teach Students 21 Century Skills

Theories to Teach Students 21 Century Skills Educators are faced everyday with new, innovative ways to prepare young people for the 21 Century. Even though technically we are already leaving in the 21 Century, our schools are not there yet. Teachers need to prepare students for the jobs that have not yet been created, for the new products that have not yet been invented, and for the new skills to build towards creativity and innovation. According to Partnerships for 21 Century Skills, there is a profound...

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Structural Functionalism and Conflict Theory

Structural Functionalism & Conflict Theory Karl Marx and Max Weber were the first conflict theorists in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Following Marx and Weber were three mid-20th century conflict theorists: Lewis Coser, Ralf Dahrendorf, and Randall Collins. Coser draws his theoretical ideas from Simmel. Like Simmel, Coser maintains that conflict is healthy for society. In contrast, Dahrendorf combines theoretical ideas from Marx and Weber. Dahrendorf sees power as the main feature in all...

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Educational Trends in China and the United States: Proverbial Pendulum or Potential for Balance?

Potential for Balance? Deidra D. Ray Concordia University Texas Austin Abstract Over the last two decades, educators, business leaders, and elected officials all agree that there are new skills that students must have to be successful in the 21st century. To meet the demands of economic competitiveness and educational equity, it should be no surprise that what students learn, as well as how they learn is changing. What is surprising is the approach that two global powerhouses, China and the United...

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21st century management

21st CENTURY MANAGEMENT Management function is one of the most significant social activities. Management has been present in this world since the commencement of societies. Administration is the skill, or knowledge, of reaching targets via individuals. As administrators also organize, administration may be inferred to mean accurately “looking over” i.e., making sure people do what they are supposed to do. More broadly, management is the process of designing and maintaining and environment in...

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21st Century Street Art & Ancient Egyptian Art. Fig. 5, C215 Logo, Street Files, 2009 Fig. 5, C215 Logo, Street Files, 2009 Introduction…. Art is one of many ways of communication. Art is used to express feelings or to deliver a message to a viewer. It is also used to leave a record of things that happened during the time the artwork was created. Ancient artwork usually talks about religious practices, spiritual beliefs or even their dependence on nature for survival whereas 21st century...

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Trends and Issues in Education

environment. To address the dawning of the millennium, what should the 21st century education be? According to Bilbao (2012), education should be “bold that breaks away from the mold”. It will be flexible, creative, challenging and complex. It should address a rapidly changing world, filled with new problems but with new possibilities. How then should the curriculum for the 21st century look like? What are the elements of the 21st century curriculum? These are difficult questions to answer, however,...

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