21st Century Learners

Topics: Skill, Learning, 21st century Pages: 3 (450 words) Published: September 17, 2014
Episode Title:The 21st Century Teacher and Learner
Duration:1.5 hours
Resources Needed:
Video presentation: “Teaching in the 21st Century”
Manila paper
Pentel pens
Readings:21st Century Teaching and Learning
Qualities of the 21st Century Teacher
Philippine Qualifications Framework

In this learning session, the participants should be able to: 1. Describe the 21st century teacher and learner;
2. Identify ways to develop the skills of a 21st century teacher and learner 3. Develop personal plan of action to promote 21st century teaching and learning


In this learning session, we will meet the teachers and the learners of the 21st century and we will identify the skills they are expected to have.

Session Proper

Activity 1 (Group Work)

1. On manila paper, draw a caricature of a 21st century teacher (do this on half part) and the 21st century learner (on the other half). You may write key words to characterize the teacher and the learner. 2. Report to the big group.

3. After reporting, play a video clip about teaching in the 21st century. As they watch, they write down characteristics and skills they note in the video.


1. How did you feel about your drawing?
2. What common characteristics of a 21st century teacher/learner were surfaced in the drawing? What skills do they possess? (the facilitator will publish the responses classifying them under these headings: Information, Media and Technology Skills

Learning and Innovation Skills
Communication Skills
Life and Career Skills
3. Are these characteristics the same or similar to the ones shown in the video? 4. How can these skills be developed by the teachers/learners? 5. How do you assess yourself in relation to these expectations? 6. What insights have you gained from this session?

Discuss the following inputs in relation to participants’ responses...
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