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Health Care

Capital Budgeting Process Chrystina Health Services Finance April 1, 2012 Organizations that decide to issue bonds generally go through a series of steps. Discuss the six steps. These are the six steps that organizations use when they are issuing bonds. These steps are: 1. “The healthcare borrower updates its capital plan, measures its debt capacity and attempts to get its house in order” (Zelman, McCue, & Glick, 2009) 2. “The healthcare borrower selects key parties involved...

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Health Care

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT La’Kesha Wright HCS/405 09/16/2012 Sherida Douglass Introduction The role of financial management in health services primary role is to secure the financing need to meet an organization operating objectives. The role of the financial manager is to plan for, acquire, and utilize capital to maximize the efficiency and value of the organization. Four Elements “The four elements of financial management are: planning, controlling, organizing and directing, and decision...

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Health Care and Affordable Care Act

Geetika Ghai December 1, 2012 HSCI 190 Obama Care The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obama Care has been a hot controversial topic that aroused back in 2008 when President Obama, at that time Senator Obama put onto the plate while running for the presidential seat. While there are many different perspectives related to this topic, it is up to each individual to decide whether it is beneficial or detrimental. In this day and age where the cost of living...

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 Importance of Health Care Research Althea McDaniel HCS 542 Professor Dalton Douglas Phoenix University July 19, 2015 Importance of Healthcare Research and a Personal View There have been many definitions of healthcare research. The “United States National Library of Medicine” states that there are many definitions that have been made by a variety of organizations about healthcare research ("Intro to HSR e-class: Module 1 - What is Health Services Research (HSR)?," 2014). There are...

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Health Care Policies

Vanessa Cantu Professor Ward-Smith 9/22/14 Child Care Center Health Policy It is import to realize that illness can be spread very quickly in a group child care situation. It is understandable that parent rely on the facility to care for children on a regular basis, but children will have to be sent home when there is evidence of a contagious illness. When a child appears to be sick, he/she will be kept away from the group as much as possible. In the meantime parents will be called to pick up their...

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Communication in Health and Social Care

L.O.1. Explore how communication skills are used in health and social care settings 1.1 Apply relevant theories of communication to health and social care contextsAccording to George Gerbner,he describes the three main branches of communication studies as; 1.”semiotics” The study of signs and symbols and how they combine to convey meaning in different social contexts,This branch is mainly concerned with how verbal,non verbal and aural signs and symbols combine to create messages. 2.Media effects...

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Veterans Health Care Benefits

obligation to care for those injured during the war and to provide for the families of those who died on the battlefield. Lincoln’s immortal words became the Veterans Affairs motto in 1959. In this essay I will talk about how our country has continuously supported our veterans by giving them the opportunity to get the education they want, and also by giving them a chance at a job so they can continue their lives once they’re back. Lastly, I would like to talk about the health care benefits that our...

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Health Care Marketing Analysis

Health Care Marketing Analysis: Prenatal Clinic Carmela West HCS 539 September 17, 2012 Beth Athanassiades Health Care Marketing Analysis: Prenatal Clinic The description of the product, price, place, and promotion will help provide the prenatal clinic with a marketing strategy that will result in its success. It is important to comprehend the importance of the four Ps. The examination of the relationship between the prenatal clinics’ marketing and partnerships can provide a better...

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A Republican View on Health Care

on health care Government run health care is the first step towards a situation in which the government controls the citizen’s lives. It is this governmental control that must be reduced. Instead, it is time to give the individual his freedom back and let him decide his own health care option. The individual’s right to freedom is inalienable and deeply anchored in the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, if the state has the control over the citizen’s health care...

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Health Care Utilization Analysis

Introduction The need for health care utilization arises from the divergence of actual health status from what individual consider as normal state of health. Even though the structural reasons for these discrepancies are routed in to the socio economic condition of the individual, through the provisioning of medical and related services these can greatly reduced. As health care is a unique good unlike any other goods and services in the market its utilization varies from one individual to another...

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