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illustrates his point in the idea of environmentalism. One of his claims is that humans act "sympathetically" towards the environment because it seems to be a constant need now and in the future. Crichton says that we have a past history of not taking care of environment and that even our best efforts go awry. In our secular society, Crichton says that religion cannot be oppressed. Religion will re-appear in a less traditional sense, and Crichton believes that environmentalism has become one of the most...

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Environmentalism as a Religion

Environmentalism as religion As global warming intensifies, glaciers melt and forests reduced,more and more people begin to be concerned about environment problem. Environment is the fundamental of our existence,so we need protect environment. Paul H. Rubin in his article “Environmentalism as religion” says “But there is another sense in which environmentalism is becoming more and more like a religion: It provides its adherents with an identity”(399). He thinks environmentalism like a religion,...

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Environmentalism Is Bad?

Sarah Matthews English 1301 Essay #4 Environmentalism is bad? Is the environmentalist approach for a good environment a helpful or hurtful one? Environmentalists state that their plans are designed to improve the environment; however, there are others who see those plans as harmful. Each side will argue convincingly that the environment needs their help, because it will not get better on its own; yet the environment has been getting along all by itself for millenniums without assistance. There...

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Market based environmentalism

Market based environmentalism is a term which concentrates on the attainment of protection of the environment by means of freely operating markets (Bruekner 2010, 61). Market based environmental policy approaches help promote both environmentalism and competitiveness by putting emphasis on the positive results rather than on the technologies (Bruekner 2010, 62). This essay shall explain the advantages and weaknesses of natural step and natural capitalism and why they are considered as market-based...

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Ethical Environmentalism in the Pacific Northwest

have surveyed several different approaches to environmental ethics. Each would offer a somewhat different response to the question. What is your response? Which of the several ethical stances we have surveyed provides the best orientation for environmentalism in the 21st century? WINTER 2012 PHILOSOPHY 310 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS ANDY MOSER What does it mean to be an environmentalist in the Pacific Northwest in the 21st century? Certainly, with our modern understanding of global systems...

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Informative Synthesis: Environmentalism

and carelessly treated with unlimited sources. Environmentalists like Bill Mckibben, scholar at Middle berry College and author of the article “The Challenge to Environmentalism,” believe that “the relationship between people and the natural world has been largely taken for granted for most of human history” (500). Although environmentalism to some people mean driving less, establishing solar panels, recycling and more; Kate Zernike, reporter for the New York Times and author of “Green, Greener, Greenest...

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Science Fiction and Empire on Environmentalism

righteous intentions for the future of mankind. The association of the word ‘utopia’ with the notion of nature makes the theme of environmentalism even more obvious in this novel. The novel is strongly suggestive that environmental problems of today cannot be ignored any longer. Frank Herbert and Dr. Neilson share a common objective of advocating environmentalism through their writing. The difference is that Herbert incorporates it into fictional pieces of literature, while Neilson chooses a...

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My Political Ideology

ideology is environmentalism. It is because of this that determines what I will discuss in this paper. I will describe what environmentalism is, why I believe it is my political ideology, and if to be given the chance, how environmentalism would affect me as the leader of Canada. The environment affects people in various ways at every moment of the day and more attention deserves to be paid to it. In Politics: An Introduction, MacLean and Wood introduce the history of environmentalism. Stemming...

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Toulmin Analysis

Crichton makes the claim that environmentalism is becoming one of the most influential religions in the Western world. He presents the idea that environmentalists are religious fanatics who are making extreme predictions for the Earth’s future. Crichton does a minimal job at supporting his claim with reason. He begins his reasoning with references to Judeo-Christian beliefs. He mentions Biblical ideas and relates them to the ideas prevalent in environmentalism. Crichton also mentions...

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Supply Chain

trendy spin on Environmentalism. Most commonly today, anything that reduces harmful impacts on the environment finds itself labeled “Green.” Environmentalism is a social movement that advocates sustainable management of resources and the protection and restoration of our natural environment. As the world focuses on “Going Green” companies are looked upon to reduce their environmental impact, or footprints. Much legislation passes to increase our planets sustainability. ENVIRONMENTALISM IN BUSINESSES...

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Environmental Pollution Outline

Environment became a popular issue. 3) Early Days of Modern Environmentalism a) Environmentalism was dominated by confrontations between those labeled environmentalist and those labeled anti-environmentalists. b) Environmentalists believed that the world was in peril. c) The anti-environmentalists believed that social and economic heath and progress were necessary. 4) Today a) The situation has changed from the early days of modern environmentalism. b) Public opinion polls show that people around the...

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Environmental Movement

interactions between the organisms and their environment. Modern environmentalism Today, the sciences of ecology and environmental science, rather than any aesthetic goals, provide the basis of unity to most serious environmentalists. As more information is gathered in scientific fields, more scientific issues like biodiversity, as opposed to mere aesthetics, are a concern. Conservation biology is a rapidly developing field. Environmentalism now has proponents in business: new ventures such as those to...

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Homo Sapiens

of an abyss, or are we just gathering speed for a takeoff to a wonderful future?" (503) This question directs us to the schools of thought which have arisen to project the likely future of Homo sapiens' existence on earth: exemptionalism and environmentalism. Exemptionalism holds that, population growth is good for the economy. In other words, Homo sapiens is like any other species expanding in geological time. As for extinction, they believe if it is to happen, then it will. "…[S]ince humankind...

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Greenpeace's Patrick Moore

school in Vancouver. Later, at the University of British Columbia he studied life sciences. Throughout his time at UBC, Moore discovered his love for ecology, because it gave him an understanding of the rainforest he lived in as a child (Moore, “Environmentalism” 1). In 1971, Moore started Greenpeace out of his hometown. The group was originally called the ‘Don’t Make a Wave Committee’ (Bate, par. 2). The committee went to Alaska to protest against US nuclear testing in the Aleutian Islands. They...

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Miyazaki Environmentalism

Hayao Miyazaki’s films and Environmentalism Miyazaki’s films have an underlying message of environmental understanding and awareness of spiritual elements that surround us in our world. Using animated films as a medium, he is able to convey this and society’s problems in an altered reality in which we all can relate to. I. Environmental consciousness Environmentalism is an ideology regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improvement of the health of the environment, particularly...

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Introduction to Human Ecology

10/20); “Island of Flowers” (10/27) Books: Tomatoland by Barry Estabrook; The Big Thirst - by Charles Fishman PART III November 6 – December 11 Topics: Resource and Environmental Problems & Impacts, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Free Market Environmentalism, Perception of Risk, Perspectives on Our Relationship with the Environment, Real and Potential Responses to Present and Future Challenges Readings: Clifford; Dove; Shiva, et al; Rudel; Power & Rauber; Dixon; Rosenbloom; Wandersman & Hallman;...

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Buddhism and the Environment

discussions in this topic in the United States of America, American Buddhist and writer on ecology Stephanie Kaza stated that “at this point, it is unclear whether ecological practices are primarily motivated by Buddhist tradition or by American environmentalism” (qtd. in Keown 3). Buddhism is not particularly a “monolithic” religion, and thus “some strands or traditions may be more or less resourceful than others in addressing environmental issues” (Yamamoto 3). By using Mahayana Buddhism as an example...

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Emergence of Environmental Movements in India

environmental movements in our own country support this argument. The examples could be taken as Chipko, N.B.A. , Mitti Bachao Andolan, Koel-Karo Andolan etc. That is why the environmentalism of the North is refereed as “full stomach” environmentalism and the environmentalism of the south is called as “empty – belly” environmentalism. Keol-karo a proposed project to generate 710 megawatts of power by building two dams across the Koel and the Karo rivers and a connecting channel. The project was proposed...

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Nature essay

completely different view on the world. Berlau believes that humans are just doing what they are meant to do and the way they effect nature is just a necessary part of it. Henry David Thoreau is one of the oldest and most influential people in the environmentalism movement. Thoreau believes that a man should be considered an inhabitant, or a part of nature not a part of society. He was very inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson who was the founder of the transcendentalist movement. Thoreau left society to experience...

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Four Traditions of Geography

and it also defines the nature disasters our world takes on. Social Darwinism simply grabbed a theory from the biosciences and applied it to social happenings without the lengthy process of trial and error for social data which led to environmentalism. Environmentalism is a broad philosophy and social movement regarding concerns for environmental conservation and improvement of the environment. Man-Land gives us the basic perception on the environment and what is happening to it. “The earth science...

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Preservation of Nature Essay

Conservation and Preservation of Nature Essay on Conservation and Preservation of Nature In the twenty-first century, as a result of global warming, environmentalism has adopted a more inclusive, planetary view. Human abuse of nature is almost as old as recorded history. Plato lamented land degradation due to hills being denuded for lumber. Eighteenth century French and British colonial administrators understood the link between deforestation, soil erosion, and local climate change. Stephen...

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My Green Manifesto

Ryan Abbott Professor Conz Book Review 4 April, 2013 My Green Manifesto In the educational book, My Green Manifesto: Down the Charles River in Pursuit of a New Environmentalism, David Gessner goes into depth describing Dan Driscoll’s journey down the Charles River. His adventure speaks out to the readers by influencing others to get outside more so that one can appreciate the nature that is given to us on this planet. Gessner believes that if people get outside more they will soon start to...

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Environmental Values

approaches best compliments my values and ethical beliefs regarding environmental issues, and explain how my values and ethics defines my responsibility to the natural environment. Ecofeminism is a social and political movement which unites environmentalism and feminism, with some currents linking deep ecology and feminism. Ecofeminists argue that a relationship exists between the oppression of women and the degradation of nature, and explore the intersectionality between sexism, the domination...

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Waste Management Awareness of It Students in School

have attempted to predict environmental awareness and attitudes of people based on their socio-demographic characteristics. For instance, Rudsepp (2001) reported that age, education and gender have shown strong and consistent relationship with environmentalism. Other researchers ( Mensah & Whitney, 1991; Gigliotti, 1992 and Sheppard, 1995) have attempted to ascertain the correlates of environmental knowledge and environmental quality awareness and concern. Some others have also explored the influence...

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The Impact of Social Performance - Unilever and Its Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability." http://www.greenbiz.com/news/2010/03/18/unilever-leads-food-beverage-industry-sustainab ility. (accessed August 30,2010) Thompson, S.2007. "BEN & JERRY'S: A GREEN PIONEER." Advertising Age 78(24): 1. Treanor, B. 2010. "Environmentalism and Public Virtue" Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 23(1-2): 9-28. Wilburn, K. 2009. "A Model for Partnering with Not-for-Profits to Develop Socially Responsible Businesses in a Global Environment " Journal of Business Ethics...

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Naess Journal Article Review

became inherently linked to the deep ecology movement, (DEM hereafter) and was widely regarded as the movement’s founder in the early 1970s (Grimes, 2009). George Sessions (1987) professed he ‘defined the deep ecology movement into existence’. Environmentalism as a phenomenon really took off at this time, and Naess’ deep ecology, as a result of this, or perhaps having caused this, became increasingly popular. His DEM differentiated itself from mainstream environmentalist movements due predominantly...

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Mgt 230

Why Manage With the Environment in Mind? • Legal Compliance • Cost Effectiveness • Competitive Advantage • Public Opinion • Long-Term Thinking • The Environmental Movement • Conservation and Environmentalism • Science and the Environment • Economics and the Environment • Qualitative Judgments in Cost-Benefit Analysis • International Perspectives o What Managers Can Do • Systems Thinking • Strategic...

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Eco Efficiency and Eco Effectiveness to Organizations

instead. Recently, that behaviour has been dubbed as “lazy environmentalism” (Can Capitalism save the Planet?, New York Times) – and organizations are jumping on the wagon to help consumers achieve that sort of need. Therefore, eco-efficiency and eco-effectiveness are important to organizations because they help to attain a reputation for being environmentally friendly, and hence help their consumers achieve their “lazy environmentalism” needs without sacrifice, generating profits at the same time...

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Corporate social responsibility

 Context KTI is a manufacturing company. They use a certain amount of harmful elements, however they are trying to reduce their pollution and become more ecological. Even though environmentalism is not the boss' Carl Damon's main priority, becoming green would give the company a better image, and make them stand out from their competition. For this reason, they have hired an employee, Jacquie Lipscomb, who is a big supporter of the environment and would help the company improve their ethics. ...

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The Environmental Movement of the 1970's

pollution that arose from industrial development and urbanization. Three of the most well-known environmental organizations or environmental movements are Earth Day, Greenpeace, and the Environmental Protection Agency, otherwise known as the EPA. "Environmentalism" arose as a broad term addressing common concerns over important issues that affected all forms of life on earth. Earth Day, one of the first national demonstrations against pollution and other violations of the planet’s ecosystem happened...

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Christian Environmental Ethics

information, one can draw the conclusion that under the influence of important religious figures, Scripture and Church teachings, adherents are able to make a practical ethical response to current environmental issues. Bibliography • Christian Environmentalism, 1992, viewed on the 4/5/2010 http://bible.org/article/christian-environmentalismis • Christian Environmental Ethics, 2008, viewed on the 4/5/2010 http://www.slideshare.net/old_roofrat/christian-environmental-ethics • Christian Environmental...

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Tourism Assignment 1

tourists visit the natural environment, and it will therefore improve the economic stability of the nation. The local’s that are living there will enjoy the revenue they earned from the rental payment from the tourists. Exposing the benefits of environmentalism is a good thing to be done especially to the young learner’s. Educational programs to this protected area Furthermore, ecotourism can be a positive impact for local communities, such as enjoy the long term protection of national parks, as nature...

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All Education is environmental

environment around us. There was a study taken place in a rural area of Ontario, Canada a lady by the name of Jessica Lynn Michelle Young wanted to explore how secondary school students viewed environmentalism. Questions studied were: how do these secondary school students develop their definition of environmentalism? What has influenced these students’ decisions on partaking in any environmental elective course? What are the student’s perception of environmental education? Jessica than used to methods...

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Political Ecology

matters concerning the nuclear power industry is that, thanks to political ideologies such as green politics, nuclear plants which harm the biosphere can be phased out. This ideology and its programs have the power to enforce conservation and environmentalism by virtue of having achieved some electoral success through its green parties. In Sweden and Germany for example, programs had been initiated to carry out a nuclear power phase out. Unfortunately, in the same stride, some of the weaknesses of...

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Discuss the Marketing Environment

products, book, formal clothing etc has increased. Natural Forces These are forces to do with natural resources. These forces can be split into four categories: Raw material shortage, Increased pollution, Increased government intervention and Environmentalism. Raw Material Shortage: Non renewable resources pose a serious threat. Companies face problems such as increasing costs and protests. Some day they'll have to find substitute materials to use in production. Renewable resources also pose a problem...

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Environmental Issues

scasff kaEnvironmental issues are harmful aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Environmentalism, a social and environmental movement that started in the 1960s, addresses environmental issues through advocacy, education and activism. The carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere has already exceeded 400 parts per million (NOAA) (with total "long-term" GHG exceeding 455 parts per million). (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report) This level...

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Patagonia Case Study

Patagonia Case Study Key Strategic Issues (Why Important / Summary of Internal / External Analyses) 1) Balancing Commitment to Business with Commitment to Environment A key issue facing management was balancing the company’s desire for environmentalism with its existence as a for-profit business. The idea of running a for-profit business implies operating at the lowest cost, growing as rapidly as financially feasible, and maximizing returns to financial stockholders ( I think it should be stockholder...

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The Effort/Methods to Reduce My Carbon Footprint and Emissions Ratings”

or planting trees to make to make the planet greener! Simple right? So I turned the lights out and made a contribution to a charity that was planting trees… Today, I am growing and coming into my “environmentalism”, (it feels like I’m joining a new religion). I am amazed to learn that environmentalism has a culture that includes lots of practices as well as its own language… My hypothesis is that by that adapting and following a strict environmental friendly lifestyle, I can/will encourage other...

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Schlumberger CSR

population of the planet rising rapidly and it impacts on the environment. The balance between society, environment and the world economics is the challenge for sustainable development. The decade of the 1970’s was a watershed year for International Environmentalism. The first United Nations (UN) Conference on Human Environment was held in Stockholm in 1972 which lead to the formation of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) (Lyn Arscott, 2003). During this period government and public started...

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Environmrntal Science

balanced out so they can both survive in this great big world of ours. We all need to work together to save the environment and to save the ANWR. References Hand, Carl, M. & Macheski, Ginger (2003). Environment-Economy Trade-offs and Forest Environmentalism. Electronic Green Journal, 1(18). Retrieved from: http://www.escholarship.org/uc/item/1603K732 Kotchen, Matthew, J. & Burger, Nicholas, E. (2007). Should we drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? An economic perspective. Retrieved from:...

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Patagonia case study

value KEY PROBLEM Patagonia known as the “dirtbag” business initially when it was established in 1972 by Yvon Chouinard is now a multimillion dollar enterprise. A retailer of high-end outdoor clothing is known for its green business model. Environmentalism is at the core of Patagonia and that can be seen in their mission statement where it is committed to achieve three main objectives: Build best products for its customers, cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and use business to give solutions...

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AIG summary

their commitment to combine growth with the discipline of performance and strategies. So the concept of sustainability is already part of business today. But it also demands a deeper, broader, more creative level of engagement than conventional environmentalism. In the drive for efficiency, BP will collaborate with the vehicle manufacturers on advanced engine technology and lubricants and provide better and cleaner transport fuels through less energy intensive processes and increase the energy efficiency...

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Em Outline

New technologies, untapped markets and regulatory innovations all present business opportunities must be seized by companies with foresight. The question is how to turn environment to a strategic advantage. The course explores the effects of environmentalism on corporate management, examining recent thinking on the role of environment in business, how environmental forces are driving change, how best to respond to external pressures, and how business managers can think about environmental issues...

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Pestle Analysis for Singapore Supermarket

individual or a company is defined as: * As efficient: we develop with less resources and waste * As clean: we develop without polluting our environment * As green: we develop while preserving greenery, waterways and our natural heritage * Environmentalism as a global movement and a state of social awareness has been steadily growing and is actively promoted as part of all government agendas in most developing and developed countries. This results in growing awareness among the people from an early...

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Environmental science chapter 1 notes

1-1% each year) Living more Sustainably Environmental Science: Study of how the earth works, how we interact with the earth, and how to deal with environmental problems Ecology: relationship between living organisms and their environment Environmentalism: social movement dedicated to protecting earth Sustainability: ability of earths various systems to survive and adapt to a changing environment 5 sub subthemes for book 1. Natural capital: natural resources and services that keep us alive...

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Connection Between Beliefs and Gender and the Impact on Environmental Behaviours

Contrastingly, some studies (e.g., Hunter, Hatch, & Johnson, 2004; Xiao & Hong, 2010) determined that women conveyed equal or lesser levels of environmental concern than men. Studies have also been undertaken to explore the connection between environmentalism and ecological beliefs. Lopez and Cuervo-Arango (2008) explored the influence of beliefs on responsible environmental behaviour. Alternatively, Kollmuss and Agyeman (2008) determined that beliefs do not directly influence responsible environmental...

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ecology and ecological concepts to the study of literature.” (Reprinted in The Ecocritism Reader on p. 107) Ecologically minded individuals and scholars have been publishing progressive works of ecotheory and criticism since the explosion of environmentalism in the late 1960s and 1970s. However, because there was no organized movement to study the ecological/environmental side of literature, these important works were scattered and categorized under a litany of different subject headings: pastoralism...

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Issues Facing Today's Organizations

liabilities. Societal views is another issue that organizations face today. A big thing currently in society is the notion of “going green”. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Ford, and General Electric have implemented "green" strategies, embracing environmentalism in their marketing and core business operations. This is one way for an organization to stand out from its competitors. It is difficult for many companies to take on socially responsible policies because it is still difficult to show a clear...

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Patagonia Hbs Case

cementing the consistency the company portrays across its products and brand image, and their ability to attract and retain top talent. Some growth in niche market segments or geographic locations (i.e. Europe), where consumers are passionate about environmentalism, is possible, yet it is not enough to offset the constraints in other areas. However, as long as Patagonia is able to deliver on its core value proposition of high quality goods and maintain its status as a premium brand, the ability to differentiate...

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shipping their beer. 4. Reduce NBB dependence on coal-fired electricity. 5. Protect NBB precious Rocky Mountain water Resources. 6. Focus efforts on conservation and efficiency. 7. Support innovative technology. 8. Model joyful environmentalism through commitment to relationships, continuous improvement and the camaraderie and cheer of beer. Employee concerns at NBB can be recognized as apart of the company success. NBB provides many benefits to its employees such as paid health...

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Deep Ecology

of life is unique, warranting respect regardless of its worth to man,” which is a principle of deep ecology. Deep ecology, as Ramachandra Guha believes, is really just an American idea. He suggests that deep ecology is at the forefront of environmentalism and it is best viewed as a radical trend that is particular to Western civilizations. Although many people believe that over-population of the world is one of the main reasons for ecological problems, Guha disagrees. He suggests that the main...

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Saving Nature but Only for Man”

planet's ecology. One can also notice a large sense of bias in Krauthammer's argument. There is at least one time where he insults his target audience, actually stating that “...this anthropocentrism runs against the grain of a contemporary environmentalism that indulges in earth worship to the point of idolatry” (293). This may be true of some, but to say that the current environmental activists all engage in some kind of nature worship is a little overboard. Instead of alienating his audience...

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the actual reality of humanity's relationship with the natural world arriving at philosophically more profound conclusions than that of the prevailing view of ecology as a branch of biology. The movement does not subscribe to anthropocentric environmentalism (which is concerned with conservation of the environment only for exploitation by and for human purposes) since Deep ecology is grounded in a quite different set of philosophical assumptions. Deep ecology takes a more holistic view of the world...

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Air Pollution in Indiana

pollution. The EPA has seven priorities for the future which are: taking action on climate change, improving air quality, assuring the safety of chemicals, cleaning up our communities, protecting America’s waters, expanding the conversion on environmentalism and working for environmental justice, and building strong state and tribal partnerships. It is the EPA’s responsibility to ensure the health of Americans, and as a Federal agency they have the backing of the government to ensure that this is...

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Rachel Carson and the Fight Against Indiscriminate Pesticide Use

professional journals for over a decade. Years after her death, conservative and libertarian groups such as the Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute and the Competitive Enterprise Institute attacked her and the apparent successes for environmentalism in the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the ban of DDT to provide an example of a ‘failed’ government program. Rachel Carson revealed the dangers imposed by indiscriminate pesticide use in her 1962 book, Silent Spring. Although...

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Outline the Concept of Eco-Literacy and Consider Its Potential Role in Raising Awareness of the Role of Individual Action as a Means of Confronting Global Ecological Problems.

understanding of natural systems and the place of human endeavour and concern within these would seem essential to the success of any policies aimed at leading the world in the direction of a sustainable future." (Welford, R. (1997) hijacking Environmentalism. London.)...

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GOOD Margaret Atwood s commentary about

Lowe-Evans 3) The overall tone in Year of the Flood is greatly more positive towards environmentally friendly ways to preserve and live in the environment while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Towards the end of Oryx and Crake the theme of environmentalism comes into play via the Crakers. With use of the Crakers to show the negative impact civilization feels towards aging, Atwood portrays her commentary about the ideal way for humans to age and die off. The negative affect of aging shown in Gathering...

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Going Green in the Hospitality Industry

Environmentalism has become a great concern in all sectors of business, evidenced by the recent jump in energy prices, and empirical data provided by several different environmental and scientific agencies. The Hotel industry is no different, in fact, it would benefit greatly from the recent push for all businesses and business sectors to “Go Green.” Yet, the industry has long resisted the changes, and is only recently catching up to other industries that have converted their operations to have greener...

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Persistence of the Myth of the Happy Yeoman

2014. Johnson, Jeffrey. (2010, July 19). The Countryside Triumphant: Jefferson’s Ideal of Rural Superiority in Modern Superhero Mythology. The Journal of Popular Culture. Vol. 43. (No. 4), p. 720-37. Martinez, J. Michael. (2010). American Environmentalism: Philosophy, History, and Public Policy. Motter, Jeff & Singer, Ross. (2012, November 12). Review Essay: Cultivating a Rhetoric of Agrarianism. Quarterly Journal of Speech. Vol. 98 (No. 4), p. 439-54. Retzinger, Jean (1995) "Cultivating...

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Apes Miller Ch. 1 Questions

species have to resources. 2. The goals of environmental science are to learn how nature works, how the environment affects us, how we affect the environment, and how we can live more sustainably without degrading our life-support system. 3. Environmentalism is a social movement dedicated to protecting the earth’s life-support systems for us and other species, and is political in nature. Sustainability, also known as durability, is the ability of earth’s various systems to survive and adapt to changing...

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