The Media of the 21st Century

Topics: Mass media, 21st century, Propaganda Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Name: Mohammad Ghassan Safieh

Date: 27/2/2013

“The Media of the 21st Century”

Did you know that the media has the deepest influence on people as both individuals and societies? In the past, the media was limited to newspapers and radio stations, but nowadays the concept of it has changed and expanded to include variety of forms such as internet, television, and maybe video games. Therefore, we can call this big transformation and its effect “the media revolution of the era”. The modern media has many advantages and disadvantages, which this essay will cover some of them such as making the world like a small village, spreading knowledge, disseminating inappropriate materials, and giving some deceiving information.

The first main advantage of the contemporary media is making the world like a village. Today, the international media through its different forms has become the major tool in delivering lots of information and recent news about all the countries around the globe at the same moment. This allows anyone to know about any event in any spot in the world. For instance, if a hurricane stroke the U.S., anyone in the Middle East or any place farther would know about it through the T.V. or the web.

Another positive side is the spreading of knowledge and entertainment. Radio, television, and internet have played a significant role in this side because they have the ability to convey the benefit to all society members in each house. For example, the T.V. broadcasts many educational and interesting programs such as documentary channels and children cartoons.

In contrast, Today’s media has two influential negative sides. The first one is disseminating inappropriate materials. These days, in order to raise your children in the proper way you should be aware of what they listen to and watch. The bad things that they may watch, listen , or...
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