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research progresses. Background This section should introduce your research topic, explain why you feel the research that you are planning is worth the effort, and where necessary, clarify terminology used and set it within the context of the academic literature. In this section, you should answer the following question: What is your research topic? This question should be answered briefly. In answering it, you should express your research topic in the form of a problem which needs solving...

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A Term and Research Paper

 term paper is a written academic paper that needs to demonstrate the acquired essential skills and knowledge in the subject matter. Usually it is a task given to the students at the end of a term and accounts towards the final grade in the subject, sometimes it can even constitute as the only component of the final grade. The length of a term paper may vary but it is usually between three to five thousand words. Helpful Links: Sample Research Paper Proposal (Annotated) -- Research Paper VS Term...

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Voegeli, D. (2008) Effect of Washing and Drying Practices on Skin Barrier Function. Journal of Wound Ostomy Continence Nursing. 35(1) 84-90.

Module Title: Evidence Based Health Care and Research Module code: 5NMH0117 SEMESTER A Location/campus: Hatfield PROGRAMME for the Academic Year 2011 – 2012. Module Leader : Noel knopp E-mail : n.1.knopp@herts.ac.uk MODULE TITLE : Evidence Based Health Care and Research. MODULE CODE: 5NMH0117 LEVEL: 5 SEMESTER A Summative assignment 100%. o Retrieve the following paper; Voegeli, D. (2008) Effect of Washing and Drying Practices on...

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1343916104BM206 Course Outline

communication 10.2 Research Report format 10.3 Report format details Course Evaluation Course work/Assessments 30% Final Examination 70% Recommended Texts 1. Saunders M. Lewis P, and Thornhill A (1997) “Research Methods for Business “ Pitman Publishing UK 2. Hussey and Hussey (1997) Business Research Methods “A practical guide for undergraduate and Graduate students” MacMillan Press 3. Sekaran, U and Bowgie R. (2009) Research Methods for Business. A Skill building Approach, 5th Ed Wiley 4. Robson...

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Finding a Research Topic

Terri Carmichael, Wits Business School, July 2009      1  10. Any contemporary or emerging issue in your area of interest, eg as reported in the press or  journals such as The Economist or The Financial Times.  11. Ask a potential supervisor or academic in your area of interest about topics they are  researching and perhaps take a portion of that.  12. Ask your business colleagues, your manager or someone senior in your organisation, your  customers, suppliers or other stakeholders for ideas.  When thinking about your topic...

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Literature Review assigment

 A review of the literature is an essential part of an academic research project. A review is a careful examination of a body of literature pointing to a good research and writing which is guided by a relevant literature. In view of this, this paper discusses the importance of conducting a literature review. Literature review is a written and systematic summary of the research which is conducted on a particular topic. It summarizes the background and context of the research. Literature review...

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Institutional Repository

the globe are building up their own institutional repository centre. Therefore, librarians and library professionals should take initiative and come up with institutional repositories so that researchers and the scholars can access the scholarly publishing materials. Definition of Institutional Repository An Institutional Repository is an on-line focus for collecting and preserving in digital form the intellectual output of an institution, particularly a research institution. Universities and...

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Academic Publishing and Journal

including basic and clinical, social, ethnomedical, modelling, and health education studies. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher is an international journal that covers education, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region. It is published by the Academic Publication Office of the De La Salle University-Manila. The Asia-Pacific Social Science Review (APSSR) is an internationally peer-reviewed social science journal published by the De La Salle University College of Liberal Arts. The articles in this...

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Essay Research opportunity 1. This assignment gives you the chance to research current issues in cyber forensics affecting the ICT industry, forensic examiners, and the legal fraternity. Using sound research strategies to locate quality academic, scientific and legal research material the assignment is intended to provide you with the opportunity to: a) Refine research and analysis skills through locating, selecting and compiling a higher-level research essay. b) Familiarise yourself...

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research skill

Management. Available from: http://www.brad.ac.uk/management/media/management/els/Introduction-to-Research-and-Research-Methods.pdf [Accessed 24 October]. Donald,A.S. (1995) The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Action. Hants: Ashgate Publishing Limited. Emily,H.&Hsien-Hui.(2012) The advantages and Disadvantages of Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Design Education. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology post. Available from http://design-cu.jp/iasdr2013/papers/1459-1b...

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