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  • Academic Degree and Convocation

    Sub: Convocation of UPES – 15th July‚ 2013 Dear All‚ You will be glad to know that the Convocation will be held on 15th July‚ 2013‚ at our main Campus‚ Energy Acres‚ Bidholi Campus‚ Uttarakhand. We are privileged to have with us HE Shri Pranab Mukherjee‚ President of India as the Chief Guest‚ Shri Aziz Qureshi‚ Hon’ble Governor of Uttarakhand and Shri Vijay Bahuguna‚ Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand will be the Guest of Honour. We are looking forward to see you at the Convocation. The

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  • Academic Degree and Gujarat Technological University

    GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY‚ AHMEDABAD 2ND ANNUAL CONVOCATION JANUARY-2013 Medal-Winner List (Course Topper) Bachelor of Engineering Enrollment : Name : Branch : College : CPI : 080050131027 DOSHI VATSAL DILIP COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING BABARIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY‚ VARNAMA 9.56 CGPA : 9.7 Passing Year : Jun-2012 Medal Details : Sponsored by Gujarat Technological University GUJARAT TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY‚ AHMEDABAD 2ND ANNUAL CONVOCATION JANUARY-2013 Medal-Winner List

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  • Academic Degree and Di Pg.

    ok. When asked about respondents’ education level‚ it was found that the majorities of respondents’ education level with SPM/STPM represent 60% of the total respondents‚ followed by 21% were Diploma. While Bachelor Degree represent 14% and only 5% of them were Master Degree. The breakdown of education level is shown in Figure 2. (Di Pg. 5) Regarding the open-ended

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  • Studying for a Degree

    Case Study The Studying for a degree: benefits for all Précis The above report is based on research and analysis produced by the Office of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The report comments on the advantages to the UK economy from people with a degree in terms of tax income and reduced unemployment. The report arranges an objective argument in from a number of authoratitive reports and sources‚ on whether higher education is a contributing to factor economic growth and whether

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  • Degree Plan

    For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a police officer. As a little boy‚ what caught my attention were the flashing lights and sirens on the police cars. It could have also been then the facts that police officer were permitted to carry a gun and had the ability to run red lights. This is why as I grew up and played games like cops and robbers‚ I was always the police officer. During my teenage years‚ I later joined the auxiliary police officer and started to learn about police work. That’s

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  • University Degree

    Should everyone have university degree? Rapid development of technologies and current economic crisis make people worry about their future live and professional realization‚ showing with no doubt the importance of education for further successful living. Knowledge is power and the more you know the easier you will get the desired job‚ the better you will be paid and the better you will live. Recently‚ higher education has almost become a must in our society. First of all employers always

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  • College Degree Values

    Values of a College Degree In today’s day and age‚ having a college degree is important. It is so important it determines whether you will be living in the streets or living in a nice fancy house. Going to college is a big step in pursing your career. Being in college gives you many doors for opportunity. Graduating from high school is only the first step. After graduating high school today you will not find a high paying job as opposed to a college degree. When applying for a high paying job‚ many

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  • applying for ms degree

    Transcript FAQ- What is an academic transcript – A Transcript is a university certified/attested document of statement of marks. Is there any frmat of transcript - Some universities have their own formats‚ in such a case one must know what is the format (which can be procured by counsellor or any senior) and prepare transcript in such a format and then go to university for attestation. Some universities just sign the marksheets photocopies‚ thats also fine. For central India RGPV has a format

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  • Is College Degree Essential

    V1 A college degree is essential for my future Is college degree really worth all the money spent and the effort put in it? Right now in our socirty a college education is no longer a option or a privilege. Without a college degree‚ you might as well becomes a homeless because if you don’t have a college degree you really aren’t anybody in this society.With a college degree‚ you get a good job‚ people give you more respect and you broraden up your knowledge. To me a college degree is essential

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  • Having a University Degree

    Having a university degree Is it worth to study and spend a lot of the best time of your life for a university degree? One advantage is that you have a lot of reputation with an academic title‚ it can be very useful if you looking for a job. Also officials use another handling if you have a university degree. Another point is that you meet a lot of people at the university; the most of them are very intelligent. At a later time a few of them may be very popular or important. It could be very

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