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INCLUSION Inclusive Education is the main initiative policy with respect to children who have special educational needs, disabilities to remove barriers, improve outcomes and remove discrimination (DfES, 2001). According to the Salamonca statement (UNSECO, 1994) every child has a fundamental right to education and must be given an opportunity to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of learning. Every child is unique with their own characteristics, interests’ abilities and learning needs....

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the benefits and challenges of Inclusion of Special Needs children in mainstream education Special educational needs also referred to as SEN, is a term that is widely used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to enable professionals to differentiate between individuals that require assistance for disabilities and individuals who do not. These disabilities tend to come under the following categories: medical, mental, behavioural or psychological. Inclusion in education is an approach...

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Component Part 2 – Academic essay on Inclusion. Inclusion is a process that accommodates to the educational, social and emotional needs of children, young people and families. The inclusive process can incorporate a range of specialized provision that can be accessed according to need. A key factor that determines the success, of inclusive provision is the training of staff, and the impact of that training in the planning, differentiation and presentation of the curriculum. (Reid, 2011). ...

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Inclusion in Education

initiative led to the inclusion of special education students in regular education classrooms. The Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and its amendments make it clear that students with disabilities will be educated in mainstream or inclusion classrooms. Inclusion can be defined as providing specially designed instruction with classroom supports for students with special needs in the regular classroom setting. All schools across the country are now using the inclusion model. There are...

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Concepts of Inclusion

Concept of Inclusion Sylvia Leggett ESC: 315 Survey of Exceptional Students Instructor: Karree Fah September 26, 2011 In order to be effective utilizing inclusion we must have an idea of what that concept implies. Inclusion has been called many things down through the years in the educational realm. It has gone from being called the least restrictive environment to mainstreaming, to integration and now inclusion. Inclusion “is used to refer to the commitment to educate each child...

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What Is Inclusion

What is inclusion ? Inclusive education is concerned with the education and accommodation of all children within the classroom, regardless of their physical, intellectual, social, or linguistic deficits. Inclusion should also include children from disadvantaged groups, of all races and cultures as well as the gifted and the disabled (UNESCO, 2003). Inclusion tries to reduce exclusion within the education system by tackling, responding to and meeting the different needs of all learners (Booth, 1996)...

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The Inclusion Classroom

The Inclusion Classroom Peggy Siegel EDU 304 Introduction to Education Instructor Zlatanov March 12, 2012 The Inclusion Classroom The word inclusion has been given many different definitions. There is full inclusion and partial inclusion, full inclusion is where all students are in a regular fulltime classroom, regardless of their disability or the severity of their condition. Partial inclusion is defined as the situation in which disabled students are removed from regular classrooms and...

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Diversity and Inclusion

Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion Dimensions of Cultural Diversity According to Andresen (2007), there are three main dimensions of diversity within a person’s personality, which are organizational, external, and internal dimensions. First, organizational dimensions start at the functional level. Second, external dimensions are based from experience. Third, are the internal dimensions, which are based on personal issues (p. 745). An organizational dimension of diversity includes...

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Inclusion in Practice

(M/601/4070) Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people 3.1 Explain what is meant by inclusion and inclusive practice 3.2 Identify barriers to children and young people’s participation Inclusive practice is a process of identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging. Inclusion is about ensuring that children and young people, whatever their background or situation, are able to participate fully in all aspects of the...

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Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion

Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion James LeCroix SOC/315 May 16, 2011 Angela Rudibaugh Thinking About Diversity and Inclusion What are the dimensions of cultural diversity? Identify and briefly explain the dimensions by referencing both textbooks. There are primary and secondary dimensions of cultural diversity. The primary dimensions are the ones that are the thought of most when thinking about diversity. These are things that describe an individual’s identity. The things included...

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