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Customer Data

CUSTOMER DATA In the term of customer data, technology now day give a big role to evaluate the concepts by the overall to moving ownership of the customer when they are away from the individual departments and different it at the enterprise level. In the customer relationship management concept, individual that in the each department has responsible for the customer. The success factor for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is by deploying technology that provides various levels of data access...

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Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is the process of collecting data in raw form for analyzing trends. The benefits to data warehousing are improved end-user access, increased data consistency, various kinds of reports can be made from the data collected, gather the data in a common place from separate sources and additional documentation of data. Potential lower computing costs, increased productivity, end-users can query the database without using overhead of the operational systems and creates an infrastructure...

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Big Data

billion bytes of data in digital form be it on social media, blogs, purchase transaction record, purchasing pattern of middle class families, amount of waste generated in a city, no. of road accidents on a particular highways, data generated by meteorological department etc. This huge size of data generated is known as big data. Generally managers use data to arrive at decision. Marketers use data analytics to determine customer preferences and their purchasing pattern. Big data has tremendous potential...

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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition and Interfacing Lecture 09 Introduction A data acquisition system consists of many components that are integrated to: • Sense physical variables (use of transducers) • Condition the electrical signal to make it readable by an A/D board • Convert the signal into a digital format acceptable by a computer • Process, analyze, store, and display the acquired data with the help of software Data Acquisition System Block Diagram Flow of information in DAQ 1. 2. ...

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Data Center

The Difference Between Data Centers and Computer Rooms By Peter Sacco Experts for Your Always Available Data Center White Paper #1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The differences between a data center and a computer room are often misunderstood. Furthermore, the terms used to describe the location where companies provide a secure, power protected, and environmentally controlled space are often used inappropriately. This paper provides a basis for understanding the differences between these locations...

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Analysis of Data Mining

ITKM Analysis of Data Mining The article Data Mining by Christopher Clifton analyzed how different types of data mining techniques have been applied in crime detection and different outcomes. Moreover, the analysis proposed how the different data mining techniques can be used in detection of different form of frauds. The analysis gave the advantages and disadvantages of using data mining in different operation. The major advantage was that data mining enables analysis of large quantities...

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Data Analytics

You Can Do With Data/The Information Architecture of an Organization What is the difference between data and information? Give examples. Data = discrete, unorganized, raw facts Quantity Sold, Course Enrollment, Customer Name, Discount, Star Rating. Information = transformation of those facts into meaning. Financial data (deposits), daily loans. What is a transaction? Action performed in a database management system What are the characteristics of an operational data store? Stores...

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Importance of Data Collection

Introduction This report will give an overview of the aim behind collecting data, types of data collected, methods used and how the collection of the data supports the department’s practices. It will also give a brief outlook on the importance of legislation in recording, storing and accessing data. Why Organisations Need to Collect Data * To satisfy legal requirement: every few months there is some request from the government sector to gather, maintain and reports lots of information back...

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Big Data Challenges

The Big Data Challenges Lamin A Tunkara CIS 500 – Information Systems for Decision Making Dr. Edwin OTTO July 16, 2013 Abstract The paper explores the challenges of big data and the strategies deployed by Volvo Car Corporation in instituting an information technology infrastructural tool that helped the company tap into its massive data, bank to extract information for meaningful process improvements. The paper culled information from Dumbill (2012) who in an article...

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5.3.5 Apriori Algorithm: Data Analysis Of Data

5.3.3 Data cleaning Data cleaning helps to remove all unnecessary data. Data cleaning attempts to fill in missing values, smooth out noise while identifying outliers and correct inconsistencies in the data. Data cleaning is usually an iterative two-step process consisting of discrepancy detection and data transformation. 5.3.4 Data analysis Data analysis is also known as analysis of data or data analytics, is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal...

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