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  • Data Types

    LECTURE 1 DATA TYPES Our interactions (inputs and outputs) of a program are treated in many languages as a stream of bytes. These bytes represent data that can be interpreted as representing values that we understand. Additionally‚ within a program we process this data that can be interpreted as representing values that we understand. Additionally‚ within a program we process this data in various way such as adding them up or sorting them. This data comes in different forms. Examples include: your

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  • Data Types

    CG1.3 Data Types and Data Structures Page Index to sections in CG1.3 Data types & data structures Describe the different primitive data types: Boolean‚ character‚ string‚ integer and real 3 Describe the storage requirements for each data type 3 Describe the manipulation of records and arrays up to two dimensions 8 Identify and justify the correct data structure (record or array) for a given situation 10 Describe the different primitive data types (Boolean

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  • Data Type and Array

    c# with example? 5. How  to find even odd numbers in c# using array? What is array? An array is a collection of values of the same data type. The variables in an array are called the array elements. Array elements are accessed using a single name and an index number representing the position of the element within the array. Array is a reference type data type. The following figure shows the array structure in the system’s memory: An array needs to be declared before it can be used in a program

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  • Data Types and Components of Data Structure

    TYPES OF DATA AND COMPONENTS OF DATA STRUCTURES Data types 1. Primitive: is a data type provided by a programming language as a basic building block 2. Composite: is any data type which can be constructed in a program using its programming language’s primitive data types and other composite types 3. Abstract: is a mathematical model for a certain class of data structures that have similar behavior; or for certain data types of one or more programming languages that have similar semantics

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  • Data and Information

    DATA | INFORMATION | 123424331911 | Your winning lottery ticket number | 140593 | Your date of birth | Aaabbbccd | The grades you want in your GCSEs | Data and information Data‚ information & knowledge Data Data consist of raw facts and figures - it does not have any meaning until it is processed and turned into something useful. It comes in many forms‚ the main ones being letters‚ numbers‚ images‚ symbols and sound. It is essential that data is available because it is the first

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  • Data Structure

    Module 815 Data Structures Using C M. Campbell © 1993 Deakin University Module 815 Data Structures Using C Aim After working through this module you should be able to create and use new and complex data types within C programs. Learning objectives After working through this module you should be able to: 1. Manipulate character strings in C programs. 2. Declare and manipulate single and multi-dimensional arrays of the C data types. 3. Create‚ manipulate and manage C pointers

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  • The Three Types of Teachers

    Three Types of Teachers We all classify things every day. We may classify our wardrobe according to colors or type of clothing. Librarians classify books by their genre or authors. Kids often classify foods‚ delicious foods on the right for easy access‚ and healthy‚ crunchy vegetables on the left to eat later. When I meet someone for the very first time‚ or even if I sit in a mall watching people go by‚ I even classify them into categories of “Nice” and “Not So Nice” by their appearances. Today

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  • "Data Compression and Data Processing”

    "Data Compression and Data Processing” Please respond to the following: * Explain whether or not you believe there is a discernible difference in efficiency between compressing and decompressing audio data and compressing and decompressing image data. Provide at least three reasons for your argument. There are efficiency differences between a given compressions for audio or image‚ this is due to: 1. The difference in data‚ example bmp‚ jpg‚ gif of the same image‚ mp3‚ wav‚ ogg for

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  • Data structures

    BCSCCS 303 R03 DATA STRUCTURES (Common for CSE‚ IT and ICT) L T P CREDITS 3 1 0 4 UNIT - I (15 Periods) Pseudo code & Recursion: Introduction – Pseudo code – ADT – ADT model‚ implementations; Recursion – Designing recursive algorithms – Examples – GCD‚ factorial‚ fibonnaci‚ Prefix to Postfix conversion‚ Tower of Hanoi; General linear lists – operations‚ implementation‚ algorithms UNIT - II (15 Periods)

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  • Data Dictionary

    DATA DICTIONARY Data Dictionaries‚ a brief explanation Data dictionaries are how we organize all the data that we have into information. We will define what our data means‚ what type of data it is‚ how we can use it‚ and perhaps how it is related to other data. Basically this is a process in transforming the data ‘18’ or ‘TcM’ into age or username‚ because if we are presented with the data ‘18’‚ that can mean a lot of things… it can be an age‚ a prefix or a suffix of a telephone number‚ or basically

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