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Data Modeling

Lecture Notes 1 Data Modeling ADBMS Lecture Notes 1: Prepared by Engr. Cherryl D. Cordova, MSIT 1 • Database: A collection of related data. • Data: Known facts that can be recorded and have an implicit meaning. – An integrated collection of more-or-less permanent data. • Mini-world: Some part of the real world about which data is stored in a database. For example, student grades and transcripts at a university. • Database Management System (DBMS): A software package/ system to facilitate...

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Data Integrity

Types of Data Integrity This section describes the rules that can be applied to table columns to enforce different types of data integrity. Null Rule A null rule is a rule defined on a single column that allows or disallows inserts or updates of rows containing a null (the absence of a value) in that column. Unique Column Values A unique value rule defined on a column (or set of columns) allows the insert or update of a row only if it contains a unique value in that column (or set of columns)...

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Kudler's Data Table Analysis

Kudler’s Data Table Analysis ACC/542 September 27, 2010 Abstract Kudler Fine Foods is a fast growing company established in 1998 and their Initial store selected Microsoft Access as the database to track inventory, sales, orders, employees, and customers. Kudler’s products are perishable and inventory must be properly tracked. This paper will evaluate database tables from accounting perspective, and provide recommendations for improvement. Pivot Table and Entity Relationship...

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Database Management System and Data

file processing system are: * Both systems contain a collection of data and a set of programs which access that data. A DBMS coordinates both the physical and the logical access to the data, whereas a file-processing system coordinates only the physical access. * A DBMS reduces the amount of data duplication by ensuring that a physical piece of data is available to all programs authorized to have access to it, whereas data written by one program in a file-processing system may not be readable...

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Relational Data Base Model

in 1969. In the relational model, data are structured into tables (i.e., "relations") consisting of rows and columns. Each row contains a single record comprised of individual data elements (or "attributes") organized in columns containing elements of the same kind according to the rules defined for that column. Alternate database models include the network, hierarchical, flat file, and object-oriented models. 1. Simplicity o The relational model structures data in a manner that avoids complexity...

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Enterprise View of Data

conceptual schema design. Designing of a Database is considered as a systematized process that moulds data into a structure which is similar to the underlying system of database management model. Systems of database management are categorized into three main types: hierarchical, relational, and network. Database design is a process to organize data into a form which matches the underlying data model of the database management system. There are three major types of database management systems: network...

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Describing & Storing Data from Dbms

Storing Data In DBMS (Traditional Models) Introduction A computer database relies upon software to organize the storage of data. This software is known as a database management system (DBMS). Database management systems are categorized according to the database model that they support. The model tends to determine the query languages that are available to access the database. A great deal of the internal engineering of a DBMS, however, is independent of the data model...

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The Process of Normalization to Reduce Data Redundancy

Data Ware House Normalization it’s a process of splitting data into 2 or more entities to reduce data redundancy. Normal Forms: 1. A database table must contain no repeating groups 2. All non-key attributes of a table must rely on the entire key of the table. 3. All non-key fields must depend solely on the table’s primary key. First Business Normal Form: removes repeating groups to another entity. This entity takes its name and primary (compound) key attributes, from the original entity and forms...

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Assignment 1 Business Rules and Data Models

end-user data and metadata (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, pg. 7). Data are the raw format of information, which when properly formatted can produce accurate, relevant, and timely information that is the key to making good decisions (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, pg. 5-6). The purpose of a database is to provide computer-based systems a way in which to store, manage, and retrieve data quickly (Coronel, Morris, & Rob, pg. 5). As for a local college database, the purpose of the database will be to house the data of enrolled...

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Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

into prepared items, such as bakery products, etc. First, the table organizes the financial data into department, then financial account codes, item, and then sums the total amount of transactions for the code and then counts how many quantities of the items were in inventory during the period. Second, I think that this design maximizes the visual and informational presentation for the financial data. Given this design, the user of the information can readily identify what items belong to a certain...

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