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SQL has many unique commands that help simplify database commands. SQL’s UNION command allows us to combine the results of two or more database queries that are not necessarily linked through a database relationship. For example, if we have a school database and wish to use it to create a master contact list for all students, faculty and staff that could be difficult. Looking at our database, we can discover that the records corresponding to each of these constituencies appears in separate database...

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SQL-an analysis

rows represent entries. Some popular relational database management systems are: • SQLite: A very powerful, embedded relational database management system. • MySQL: The most popular and commonly used RDBMS. • PostgreSQL: The most advanced, SQL-compliant and open-source objective-RDBMS. NoSQL (NewSQL) Database Systems ________________________________________ NoSQL database systems do not come with a model as used (or needed) with structured relational solutions. There are many implementations...

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Database Sql

Lecture-13 Structured Query Language (SQL) Introduction Commercial database systems use more user friendly language to specify the queries. SQL is the most influential commercially marketed product language. Other commercially used languages are QBE, Quel, and Datalog. Basic Structure The basic structure of an SQL consists of three clauses: select, from and where. select: it corresponds to the projection operation of relational algebra. Used to list the attributes desired in the...

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Learn Sql

Creating, dropping, and altering tables in SQLite In this part of the SQLite tutorial, we will cover the data definition language (DDL) of the SQLite database. The DDL consists of SQL statements that define the database schema. The schema is the database structure described in a formal language. In relational databases, the schema defines the tables, views, indexes, relationships, or triggers. The SQLite supports the following three DDL statements: CREATE ALTER TABLE DROP In SQLite, the CREATE statement...

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Sql Server

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive review of the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition for Beginners tutorial. The SQL Server 2005 Express database tutorial helps users understand what a database is, it explains how to create tables within a database and how users can covert flat databases into relational databases. This tutorial was basically designed to give users the basic knowledge of creating data bases. Databases are nothing more than a collection of files that work together...

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Sql Introduction to Database

SQL INTRODUCTION Diaz, Francis Lorenzo A. BSM CS 3B G2 History of SQL SQL began life as SEQUEL11, the Structured English Query Language, a component of an IBM research project called System/R. System/R was a prototype of the first relational database system; it was created at IBM’s San Jose laboratories by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce in 1974, and SEQUEL was the first query language to support multiple tables and multiple users. In the late 1970s, SQL made its first appearance in...

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SQL vs. Oracle

SQL vs. Oracle Same to Oracle, Structured Query Language (SQL) is a special purpose designated programming language intended for utilization in managing data contained in relational databases. Despite the similarities, the two programming languages are different in a number of ways, which encompasses technical and application aspects. A conspicuous dissimilarity between the two programming languages is conceivable from their choices of operating system (OS) platforms. In regards to this statement...

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Sql Research Paper

We can write a Custom Research Paper on SQL for you! Briefly, in the case of the small firms database, the contents were the qualitative and quantitative data obtained with the three instruments AQ 1985, SSI 1985, and RIQ 1988; and the way in which they were handled was governed by a language made available with the software used, known as SQL (Structural Query Language) (Grossman, Hornick, and Meyer, 59-61). This paper starts by analyzing SQL versions as to how it was designed and structured...

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Pl/Sql Programs

3 Section-B(PL/SQL) 16. Write a Pl/Sql program to raise the employee salary by 30%, who have completed their 40 years of service. declare cursor c3 is select * from emp where extract(year from sysdate)-extract(year from hiredate)>40 for update; e emp%rowtype; begin open c3; loop fetch c3 into e; exit when c3%notfound; update emp set sal=e.sal+(30/100)*e.sal where current of c3; end loop; close c3; end; / 17. Write a Pl/Sql program to check the given number is Armstrong ‘or’ not. declare n number(3);...

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Written Assignment 3: Sql Commands

Assignment 3: SQL commands Thomas Edison State College Author Note This paper was prepared for CIS 311 Database Management taught by Mr. Bob O'Brien Abstract SQL commands are lines of SQL code that ask the SQL application to perform simple tasks with data inside of a database. Often we refer to commands as query statements or scripts; all of these terms are synonymous. Most of the commands and statements are fairly standard and will work across multiple database applications. SQL commands are...

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