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The purpose of this report is to give you an understanding of how data resources are managed in information systems by analyzing the managerial implications of basic concept and applications of database management.

Introduce the concept of data resource management and stresses the advantages of the database management approach. It also stresses the role of database management system software and the database administration function. Finally, it outlines several major managerial considerations of data resource management.

Data Resource Management – a managerial activity that applies information systems technology and management tolls to the task of managing an organizations data resources to meet the information needs of business users.

Data Resource Management Includes :

Database Administration – is an important data resource management function responsible for the proper use of database management technology. Database administration has more operational and technical responsibilities than other data resource management functions. These includes responsibilities for developing and maintaining the organizations data dictionary, designing and monitoring the performance of database, and enforcing standards for database use and security. Database administration work with systems analysis, programmers, and end users to provide their expertise to major systems development projects.

Data Planning - it is a corporate planning and analysis function that focuses on data resource management. It includes the responsibility for developing an overall data architecture for the firms data resources that ties in with the firms strategic mission and plans, and the objectives and process of its business units. It thus a major component of an organizations strategic planning process. It shows that an organization has made a formal commitment to long-range planning for the strategic use and management of its data resources.

Data Administration - is another vital data resources management function. It involves the establishment and enforcement of policies and procedures for managing data as a strategic corporate resource. This means that the collection, storage, and dissemination of all types of data are administered in such a way that data become a standardized resource available to all end users in the organization.

Data Administration typically is an organization wide managerial function without the operational and technical focus of database administration. It may also include responsibility for developing policies and setting standards for corporate database design, processing, and security arrangements and for selecting database management and data software.

Foundation Data Concepts

Character – the most logical data element, which consists of a single alphabetic, numeric or another symbol. One might argue that the bit or byte is more elementary data element, but remember that those terms refer to the physical storage elements provided by the computer hardware. From a users point of view, a character is the most basic element of data that can be observed and manipulated.

Field or Data Item – the next higher level of data consists of a grouping of characters. For example, the grouping of alphabetic character in a persons name forms a name filed, and the grouping of numbers in a sales amount from a sales amount field. Specifically, a data field represents an attribute (a character or quality) of some entity (object, person, place, or event).

Record – related fields of data. Thus, a record represents a collection of attributes that describes an entity. An example is the payroll record for a person, which consists of data...
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