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DBM 381
May 27, 2013


Database systems are the spinal cord of any health care organization. It can be define as the collection of health data. The use of such systems has improve the health care system for decades helping set standards and even regulations to help the system be more efficiently productive. There are different database architectures available to meet the needs of each organization individually. There is a need for the continuum of database across the health care system.

A database is a structure that can store information about multiple types of entities, the attributes of those entities, and the relationships between the entities (Pratt & Adamski, 2012, Chapter 1). How data is received, stored, processed, and made available to others has an effect on the success or failure of an organization. The use of different architecture is a most to fit the needs of the organization, however the value of the data still remains in been able to access and extract information from the database system, and the only way this can be reached is by organizing, storing, and analyzing it effectively. For many organizations these systems have become an essential part of their structural and operational success.

The effectiveness of databases is based on the fact that from one single, inclusive database much information regarding a range of organizational principles can be obtained. In the health care industry database systems allows information to be shared and available to different users; it can provide an accurate, consistent, and up-to-date information about a patient’s condition and treatment, as well as provide a security measure so that the information is only viewable to those who should see it.

Database Architectures

A database consists of one or more tables; each containing data stored as individual records. Different database architectures determine how the tables and records are organized or...
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