Database Environment

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Database Environment Paper
November 18, 2012

A database defines a structure for storing information and it collects information that is organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select desired pieces of data.   A database can also be thought of as an electronic filing system.   Data and information are extracted from a database by creating a query and then submitting it to the query database management system (DBMS) and it is posed in a language that only the DBMS can understand.   The query can be in the form of a question or just a keyword and once these queries run against the database, it will find a matching record (Reynolds, 2004) . Database Decisions

When building a system for information, you have to decide how much responsibility for data management your software will take.   A database can be rather large or it can be small depending on the information that is being stored.   Request for information from a database are made in the form of a query or a question asking the database for particular information.   All database management systems are not the same from a technical standpoint.   They differ mostly in the way they organize their information internally.   The internal organization can then determine how quickly and supplely the information can be extracted (Jupitermedia, 2011) . Analyzing the use of databases

Analyzing the use of databases
In the Client Fulfillment department at Tactical Training Group Pacific’s, there are two databases that are mainly used and those are the Command Active directory and the Military & Civilian SME (MC&SME).   These databases are very vital to this department because they help with the daily production goals.   With the use of the command directory, it is helpful in finding different associates throughout the organization as well as finding certain departments, phone numbers, mail codes, locations of command training centers, and Watch Station machines....

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