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Business Intelligence

Data mining and OLAP are the most common Business Intelligence technologies. The term Business Intelligence refers to computer based methods to identify and extract useful information from business data. Online Analytical Processing commonly known as OLAP provides summary data and generates rich calculations. OLAP is a class of systems that provide answers to multidimensional queries. OLAP is typically used in business reporting for sales, marketing and various such domains. OLAP enables the users...

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Business Intelligence

Business analytics and data mining provided 1-800-Flowers with all of the following benefits except: Select one: a. more efficient marketing campaigns b. increased mailings and response rates c. increased repeat sales d. better customer experience and retention On the commercial side, the most common use of data mining has been in ________ sectors. Select one: a. manufacturing and heath care b. online retail and government c. R&D and scientific d. finance, retail, and health...

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Business Intelligence Software

As we discuss the possibility of emerging into business intelligence software we must keep in mind the overall purpose of using any type of software is to reach strategic goals in order to increase market shares. I will discuss how business intelligence software will allow us to meet those strategic goals. We will establish what type of information and analysis capabilities will be available once this business intelligence software is implemented. We will discuss hardware and system software that...

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An Analysis of Business Intelligence Systems

This report is an analysis of business intelligence systems currently available to our business. As an introduction, I will address in general terms why we need to purchase a business intelligence system and how it will aid our business. Then I will discuss several applications in detail, paying particular attention to the information and analysis capabilities of each, and the hardware and software required for each. Finally, I will conclude with a short evaluation of the products discussed and...

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Business Intelligence Software at Sysco

analysis of “Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO” Chenwei Liu What is Business Intelligence (BI)? BI is the way that using modern data warehouse technology, online analytical processing, and data mining to analysis the data then achieve business value. As a tool, BI is used to deal with the existing data in the enterprise, and convert it into knowledge, analysis and conclusions, and then help the decision-maker to make a right and wise decision. In the "Business Intelligence Software at SYSCO"...

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Business Intelligence Notes

Strategic Business Objectives Operational Excellence New products, services and business models Customer and Supplier Intimacy Improved Decision Making Competitive Advantage Survival Value Chain Model Primary Activities Inbound Logistics (warehousing systems) Operations (machining systems) Sales and Marketing (electronic ordering) Service (equipment maintenance) Outbound Logistics (automated shipment scheduling) Support Activities Admin/Management (messaging/scheduling) Infrastructure...

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Business Intelligence Systems

Touro University International ITM501 - Management Information Systems and Business Strategy Module 2 Case Assignment: Business Intelligence Systems 04 June 2010 Business intelligence: Definition Business Intelligence (BI) is defined by IBM as, “the discipline that combines services, applications and technologies to gather, manage and analyze data, transforming it into usable information to develop insight and understanding needed to make informed decisions.” (IBM.com, 2006) In its most...

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Fresh Direct Business Intelligence

logistics and management decision making issues. To solve these issues, FreshDirect adopted a comprehensive enterprise data base system from SAP which utilized a number of business intelligence applications to track orders and customers. SAP AG is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. Headquartered in Walldorf, Baden-Württemberg, with regional offices around the world, SAP is the market leader in enterprise application...

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Zynga Wins with Business Intelligence

The Internet and social media websites have provided lucrative business opportunities for many companies. However, one particular success story is Zynga, a gaming company founded by Mark Pincus and a group of entrepreneurs. Zynga is currently the leading developer of social network games, such as CityVille, Texas HoldEm Poker and Farmville. Zynga uses Facebook as its main network and relies on the social media aspect of the website to attract potential gamers to play their games. Clearly this method...

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Data Warehousing and/or Business Intelligence

More and more company is aware of the importance of the information system. They use their databases to keep track of basic transactions, provide information to help the company to run the business more efficiently and help managers make better decisions. For most food companies, carrying the right inventory levels and supply chain management are major challenges because many foods have relatively short shelf life than other products. This article give me an example of how Coca Cola Japan Group,...

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