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Level Of Measurement

Nominal Level of Measurement The nominal level of measurement is the lowest of the four ways to characterize data. Nominal means "in name only" and that should help to remember what this level is all about. Nominal data deals with names, categories, or labels. Data at the nominal level is qualitative. Colors of eyes, yes or no responses to a survey, and favorite breakfast cereal all deal with the nominal level of measurement. Even some things with numbers associated with them, such as a number...

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Levels of Measurements

What they are; They are the different ways numbers can be used. NOMINAL LEVEL: Numbers can be used as tags or labels, where the size of the number is arbitrary. Barcodes and social security numbers are two examples. We could use the name of the merchandise or person equally well, but we choose numbers instead. The fact that the barcode for milk is higher than for razor blades (is it?), or that your SSN is higher than mine ( is it?) tells us nothing. In surveys they often use arbitrary numbers...

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Four General Types of Measurement

There are four general types of measurement scales: sorting, ranking, rating, and categorizing (Cooper & Schindler, 2006). The data collected by the survey team at Insuratel used a rating scale. The surveys where used to measure employee job satisfaction across departments. The Likert Scale was used to collect the data for all the questions in the survey. The questions asked in the survey studied the attitudes of the employees and their satisfaction. The surveys provided valuable feedback and...

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Measurement Scales Paper

then computing with them. This type of data is either nominal or ordinal. Nominal The number we assign to some object, idea, or behavior is entirely arbitrary, although in some cases a tradition may establish the rules of assignment. If measurements are assigned arbitrary numbers, they are called nominal numbers, and their sole purpose in the analysis is to differentiate an item possessing one characteristic from an item possessing a different characteristic. Nominal data is a type of categorical...

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Measurement Scales

 Measurement Scales Paper MKT/441 Donald Reinhart Measurement Scales Paper Market research in business is important by keeping up with the everyday life of consumer society. Market research helps businesses study what are the likes and dislikes of consumers, what is popular, and what products are already out in the market. Market research collects data and information about the products and services from the past, present and potential use from the customers...

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Data Types and Why We Care | Written Assignment |

Data Types and Why We Care | Written Assignment | | | | Kayla | 1/30/2013 | | Kayla Coleman Wednesday, January 30, 2013 Principles of Testing and Measurements Data Types and Why We Care There are a million different types of data in the world. Some types we have learned through years of education and others have yet to be discovered. One question about data types that is asked frequently is “Why do we care?” Though there is no text book answer; I believe we care because...

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Zyx Incorporated

used in this study are at the level of education, gender, position, commute time, as well as the level of stress and job satisfaction. In the education variable there are many levels of measurement such as: High school diploma, A.A., Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree. In this variable a nominal level of measurement will be used. The other variable that will be used for this level of measurement is gender, when the typical value and the level of measurements are male or female. The categories...

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Use of statistical Applications

works, where by data is collected on daily basis to monitor trends, improve care, and customer satisfaction. Descriptive statistics at work place helps to analyze, describe or summarize numerical data in a meaningful way. Description of four levels of data measurement will be discussed, to include nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio, as well as the advantages of accurate interpretation of statistical information in improvement of decision-making at work place. Use of Statistics at work place Collection...

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Stats in Business

four different levels of measurement for statistics. • nominal • ordinal • interval • ratio In nominal measurement, the numbers purpose is to categorize the data. Typically there will be numbers and letters used at this level of measurement. Ordinal measurement illustrates some systematic relationships between the quantities of items. The ordinal level of measurement specifies an estimated arrangement of the measurements. The interval level of measurement classifies, orders...

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Assignment Quantitative Data Analysis

considered as one of important parts of geographical research. As, subject matter of quantitative geography is comprehended by the following key issues: Collection of empirical data Analysis of numerical spatial data Development of spatial methods for measurements, theories and hypothesis Construction and testing of mathematical models of spatial theory Concisely, all above mentioned activities develop understanding of spatial processes. Quantitative geography is not bound by deep-routed philosophical...

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