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  • Big Data

    Networks Volvo utilized data mining in an effort to discover the unknown valuable relationships in the data collected and to assist in making early predictive information. It created a network of sensors and CPUs that were embedded throughout the cars and from which data was captured. Data was also captured from customer relationship systems (CRM)‚ dealership systems‚ product development and design systems and from the production floors in their factories. The terabytes of data collected was streamed

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  • Secondary data

    Secondary data refers to the data which an investigator does not collect himself for his purpose rather he obtains them from some other source‚ agency or office. In other words‚ this data has already been collected by some other source and an investigator makes use of it for his purpose. Secondary data is different from primary data on the basis of the sources of their collection. The difference between the two is relative - data which is primary at one place become secondary at another place.

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  • Data Collection

    Data Collection QNT/351 June 30‚ 2014 Data Collection In the hospitality business‚ employee retention and low turnover is of utmost importance. Employees are the foundation of any successful operation. Employees provide direct communication with customers‚ support organizational initiatives‚ boost profit‚ curb losses‚ and build future success. Denihan is a hospitality company that began in 1903 as a dry cleaning company by Benjamin J. Denihan‚ an Irish immigrant (Denihan‚ 2011). Denihan’s operations

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  • Data Analysis

    discussed and all concluded that data analysis methods help us understand facts‚ observe patterns‚ formulate explanations‚ and try out the hypotheses. Not only does it help us understand facts‚ but they we also discovered that data analysis is used in science and business‚ and even administration and policy-making processes. We’ve found out the data analysis can be carried out in all fields‚ including medicine and social sciences. Once an analysis is conducted the data that is carried out is documented

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  • Big Data

    Big Data which companies are easily able to collect from their businesses‚ customers and employees. It explains the numerous advantages of using the data collected by companies effectively so that it can be used by the company in improving its efficiencies‚ sales‚ faster and quicker turnaround which in turn would lead to increase revenues and finally increased profits (which is what the stakeholders of the company are looking for).It illustrates the prominent fact that companies that are data-driven

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  • Big Data

    Big Data Management: Possibilities and Challenges The term big data describes the volumes of data generated by an enterprise‚ including Web-browsing trails‚ point-of-sale data‚ ATM records‚ and other customer information generated within an organization (Levine‚ 2013). These data sets can be so large and complex that they become difficult to process using traditional database management tools and data processing applications. Big data creates numerous exciting possibilities for organizations‚

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  • big data

    Big Data In It terminology‚ Big Data is looked as a group of data sets‚ which are so sophisticated and large that the data can not be easily taken‚ stored‚ searched‚ shared‚ analyzed or visualized making use of offered tools. In global market segments‚ such “Big Data” generally looks throughout attempts to identify business tendencies from accessible files sets. Other areas‚ exactly where Big Data continually appears include various job areas of research for example the human being genome and also

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  • Big data

    Big data describes innovative methods and technologies to capture‚ distribute‚ manage and analyze larger-sized data sets with high rate and diverse structures that conventional data management methods are unable to handle. Digital data is now everywhere—in every sector public or private‚ economy‚ organization and customer of digital technology. There are many ways that big data can be used to create value across sectors of the global economy. It has demonstrated the capacity to improve predictions

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  • Data and Information Mis

    2.1. DATA AND INFORMATION Data Data is the raw materials from which information is generated. Data are raw facts or observations typically about physical phenomena or business transactions. It appears in the form of text‚ number‚ figures or any combination of these. More specifically data are objective measurements of the attributes (the characteristics) of entities (such as people‚ places‚ things and events) According to Loudon and Loudon- “Streams of raw facts representing events

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  • Data Leakage Detection

    KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING‚ VOL. 23‚ NO. 1‚ JANUARY 2011 51 Data Leakage Detection Panagiotis Papadimitriou‚ Student Member‚ IEEE‚ and Hector Garcia-Molina‚ Member‚ IEEE Abstract—We study the following problem: A data distributor has given sensitive data to a set of supposedly trusted agents (third parties). Some of the data are leaked and found in an unauthorized place (e.g.‚ on the web or somebody’s laptop). The distributor must assess the likelihood that the leaked data came from

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