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  • Gain and Initial Reflection

    I personally believe that every human being self reflects and questions there ability to influence themselves in society. Review of initial reflection and PDP When I started this university course I was determined to complete the course and gain my degree. I’m still on course to do so; however as this first semester is coming to an end I have realised that it is not as easy as it first seemed. My initial reflection was that university would be something that will ensure I get to were I believe

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  • Capital Gain

    CAPITAL GAINS According to income tax act 1961 ‘capital gains’ is the fourth head of income. Any profit or gains arising from the transfer of capital assets during the P.Y. shall be chargeable to income tax under the head capital gains and shall be deemed to be the income of P.Y. in which the transfer took place. Thus from a plain reading – Profits or gains earned on the sale of capital assets by an assessee during the P.Y. is called as capital gains. Meaning of Capital Asset: Capital asset means

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  • capital gain

    1 TRANSFER OF RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY – CAPITAL GAINS AND EXEMPTIONS UNDER SS.54 & 54F BY MS. JANANI SHANKAR‚ Student‚ NALSAR & Trainee‚ SAPR Advocates Ms.B.Mala‚ Senior Associate‚ SAPR Advocates Note : The scope of this article is restricted to examining certain aspects of LongTerm Capital Gains which arise during transfer of residential property. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Capital Gains 2. Computation of Long-Term Capital Gains (i)Computation of cost of acquisition /cost of improvement

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  • Power Loss and Power Gain

    Dated: 15th April‚ 2013 Introduction This research paper is about power‚ power gain and power lose. What is the effect on people’s behavior when power increase and decrease. In this research paper four experiments are taken. These experiment were design to investigate the effect of power lose and power gain and to test the specific proposition that in exchange interaction‚ people will ask more than self’s when they gain power but that they will not ask less for them self’s when they lose power. Power

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  • Absolute and Relative Gain

    and absolute gains? What role does this concept play in neo-liberal thinking? Contents What is the difference between relative and absolute gains? 3 & 4 Bibliography 5 What is the difference between relative and absolute gains? -What role does this concept play in neo-liberalist thinking? Introduction This essay addresses the question about the difference between relative and absolute gains within the neo-liberal body of thought. The terms ‘relative ’and absolute gains will be explained

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  • Unit 4222 226 Gain Access To The Homes Of Individuals

    Amita Doshi Unit 4222-226 Gain access to the homes of individuals‚ deal with emergencies and ensure security on departure. 1 1.1 Entry and departure to the client’s homes would have been agreed at the initial assessment. This information would have been included in the red folder which is left on the premises. If installed the keysafe code would have also been disclosed along with the agreed times of entering and departing and who to contact if no answer. If obtaining access through another way

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  • capital gain

    Calculate Melinda’s net Capital Gain (or net capital Loss) and tax payable for 2011-2012 income year. Key question that has to be determined is whether a CGT event occurred in reference to a CGT asset‚ if so has this resulted in a gain or loss or is the item exempt under s100-30 Under Div 118 ITAA 1997 the following items are exempt under the following clauses Fridge purchased for $900 in 2006 -          S108-20(2) if acquired as a personal asset – intent not to be kept for income producing purposes

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  • Capital Gain and Income

    INTRODUCTION However‚ every income is taxable under income tax law‚ whether it is received in cash or in kind‚ whether it is capital or revenue income‚ but still some incomes are given exemption from tax. In this lesson we will study those incomes which are exempt from tax. Here are some of the important items of income‚ which are fully exempt from income tax and which can be utilised by a resident individual Indian assessee for the purpose of tax planning. ➢ AGRICULTURAL INCOME:

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  • Income from capital gains

    for a lower price and then subsequently sell it at a higher price‚ we make a gain. The gain on sale of a capital asset is called capital gain. This gain is not a regular income like salary‚ or house rent. It is a one-time gain; in other words the capital gain is not recurring‚ i.e.‚ not occur again and again periodically. Opposite of gain is called loss; therefore‚ there can be a loss under the head capital gain. We are not using the term capital loss‚ as it is incorrect. Capital Loss

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  • Capital Gains Tax

    What is Capital Gains Tax? Computation of Capital Gains Tax Any profits or gains arising from the transfer of a capital asseteffected in the previous year shall be chargeable to income-tax under the head ‘Capital Gains’. And shall be deemed to be the income of the previous year in which the transfer took place. Capital gain is chargeable to tax on accrual basis. Kinds of Capital Gains “Short-term capital gainsgains arising from the transfer/sale of acapital asset held by an assessee for not

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