Data Analysis

Topics: Statistics, Scientific method, Data Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Team C discussed and all concluded that data analysis methods help us understand facts, observe patterns, formulate explanations, and try out the hypotheses. Not only does it help us understand facts, but they we also discovered that data analysis is used in science and business, and even administration and policy-making processes.

We’ve found out the data analysis can be carried out in all fields, including medicine and social sciences. Once an analysis is conducted the data that is carried out is documented for future uses and lessons learned.

According to the text data analysis is defined as a practice in which, unorganized or unfinished data is ordered and organized, so that useful information can be highlighted. It involves processing and working on data, in order to understand what all is present in the data and vice-versa. Choosing the appropriate analysis is very important. Choosing an appropriate statistical analysis technique for a given study is a difficult matter, affected by various considerations regarding the type of study being conducted and the nature of the data. Team C has come to the conclusion that , there is no single correct answer. Two different analysts with the same set of data could arrive at two different methods of analysis, both of which would reveal legitimate results. However to ensure that one come as close to the correct answer, he or she must carefully choose the right analysis.

Considering the type of study needed to conduct and selecting the appropriate key research question or questions is important as well. For example, a study that seeks merely to describe the characteristics of a given group would require a different analysis than a study that is interested in the effects of a given intervention, program or treatment. The former could be done with descriptive statistics, such as frequencies and averages. The latter, however, would require more complex analytical techniques, ranging from difference of means to...
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