The Rules of Records Management

Topics: Records management, Decision making, Management Pages: 4 (1520 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Why is records management important? Many people who are not pretty familiar with records might think too seriously about records management. However, people who are in business or the people who have their own business have to know about records management procedures enforced by governments around the world. For example, in the book “Intensive Records Management“ by >>>>>, we can learned about the rules of records management and the legal procedures that apply to it. Records management is important because of its ten most important reasons: to control the creation and increase of files or records, to reduce working costs, to improve the competence and productivity, to assimilate new records management technology, to make sure regulatory compliance, to minimize litigation risks, to safeguard vital information, to support better management decision making, to preserve the corporation memory, and to foster professionalism in running the business. Controlling the creation of records and its growth is very important into a company. Even with decades of using a variety of non-paper storage media, the amount of paper in offices continues to rise. A practical records management program addresses both formation control (limits the creation of records or copies not needed to operate the business) and records maintenance (a system for destroying useless records or retiring immobile records), thus making fast the growth of records in all formats.

Next I am going to talk about six rules I learned about records management. In the following six rules of filing methods I am going to talk about: how to index personal names, Business names, government names, Numeric filing, subject filing, Geographic filing. For example, when we file personal names there are certain rules we have to follow: Index the names and alphabetize them. For example, If I have Jose Angel Gabarret Quintanilla, Quintanilla is the key unit, Jose is the second unit, Angel is the third unit, and Gabarret is...
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