The Role of a Secretary on Record Management in an Organisation

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  • Published: October 27, 2010
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Record Management has always been an important aspect of administrative procedures in every organization. Due to its necessity, the need to have personnel who has thorough knowledge in the field is desirable. Secretaries are involved in a wide variety of decision most of which are administrative and financial implications which makes secretarial procession a field which meets up with many tasks especially concerning office administration and functions. A Secretary becomes perfect in the sense that in any field he finds himself, he will be able to handle and manage it appropriately. He becomes familiar with the internal structure of an organization as well as its aims and objectives. The role of a Secretary on record management cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, to be efficient, effective, to maintain and hopefully improve the competitiveness of the organization, he must manage the information in the form of record which he generates, receives and stores. This paper aims at examining the work of a Secretary, his function, the role he plays on record management and his opinion as expected on this field.


We all seem to agree that everyone is living at the age of information and information is at the heart of record management and so must have a structure, or framework from which to grow. The most important thing is the role played by Secretaries on the record management which provides the back-bone in which the flesh of the work is accomplished. In view of this, there have been modern techniques and electronic machines to breast the secretarial functions in record management.

Record management deals with the creation, distribution, maintenance, retention, preservation, retrieval and disposal of record. It can also be seen as a foregoing process of communication. For a Secretary to assist an office in the performance of its functions (information management), the Secretary has a big role to play on record management...
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