Student Enrolment and Record System

Topics: Computer, Electrical engineering, Computer graphics Pages: 4 (1050 words) Published: June 4, 2011
Chapter 1

As technology advances, man continuously seeks for better ways of improving their quality of living and making their works more efficient. Myriad of years had passed when man first uncovered the perplexity of using the perhaps most powerful machine of today’s modern age – the computer. This human controlled device performs goal-directed tasks such as finding the most efficient way or solution to a problem (Encycloædia Britannica, 2010).

In today’s modern world, technology seems to be all around. It made modern society possible, moreover, increased the human life span, added to leisure time and reduced long hours of work (Encyclopædia Britannica, 2010). “Some experts claim that computer technology currently advances at a 50% rate of increase every 3 years.” (Garry Bitter) Thus, in this increasingly computerized society we’ve been dealing with, computer literacy, the ability to understand and use computers is very essential. Ones competence in using computer can manipulate, change and control the environment the way he pleases. Hence, computer applications in terms of business, society and homes have become more prevalent in our daily lives. Software applications are predominantly used mostly by corporate firms and even in aiding tutorials in schools and record keepings. Silver (1989), stated that “information and paperwork are the most abundant products generated by modern business. Processing this mountain of information occupies the working hours of hundreds of thousands of office workers, computer operators, clerks and managers.” Accordingly, keeping records is crucial for the successful management of a business and even several institutions. It usually gets our time in searching for the records in a pile of records. In spite of this, with the modernization of technologies, Record Management needs be to improve. The International Committee on Archives (ICA) Committee on electronic records defined a record as, "a...
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