Importance of Computer Literacy

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  • Published: November 2, 2012
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Students` Attitudes towards Computer: Statistical Types and their Relationship with Computer Literacy
Diana Saparniene
Siauliai University, Lithuania
Gediminas Merkys
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania
Gintaras Saparnis
Siauliai University, Lithuania

ABSTRACT. The results of the diagnostic analysis on students’ computer literacy are presented in the article. The study involves students from Lithuanian universities and colleges (N=1004). Based on the study results attempts are made to identify and define the existing statistical types of students in connection with their attitudes towards a computer (emotional – motivational relationship with a computer) as well as to disclose some link with the factual computer literacy.

As today’s society is becoming more and more dependent on new technology, increasing attention is given to computer literacy, which in the current information age is no less significant as was reading, writing and calculus in the 19th-20th centuries (Anderson, 1983). Like reading, which is sometimes rightly called by socialisation scholars ″the socialisation of socialisation″ or secondary socialisation, computer literacy becomes an essential precondition for successful socialisation and professional career. For this reason education, being an important factor in society development, plays an essential role in addressing the issue of literacy and in particular computer literacy.

Not accidentally computer literacy is increasingly widely addressed in research around the world as well as in Lithuania (M.Hayden, 1999; D.Johnson, M.Eisenberg, 1991; S.McMillan, 1996; A.Mitra, 1998; J.Oderkirk, 1996; R.Petrauskas, 1998; D.Saparniene, 2002, et al.). The analysis of the scientific literature has proved that the impact of psychological factors on computer literacy level has not been sufficiently studied. The impact of psychosocial factors on the computer literacy and its level was researched by M. Igbaria, A. Chakrabarti,...
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