Short Critical Reflection Paper

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  • Published : January 16, 2012
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Short Critical Reflection Paper Wk. 4 Assignment
Keri McFadden
INF103:Computer Literacy
Alex Hosch
December 12, 2011

Presnky, in his infamous article “Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants,” coined the notion that the youth are digital natives and the older generation digital immigrants. But I am not sure I agree. I know many teenagers who can download movies, post to Facebook, find a YouTube video, and more, but the minute they need to learn something there is a lack of knowledge. Am I wrong here? What would the author of the textbook say? Explain. The author of the textbook basically states that anyone born after 1980 will have all of the knowledge to keep up with the new technology. “Those who were born before 1980 can still become part of this digital society, and they have an important vantage point because they have had the opportunity to watch the changes evolve.” (Bowles, 2010, Ch. 8) As for anyone older than that, they are still capable of keeping up with it, but may lack more knowledge than the younger generations. I do agree that the younger generation can access a lot more of this stuff easier and faster than the older generation. I have heard in the school setting, with my aunt being a math teacher, that a higher percentage of students cannot do simple math without the use of a calculator. To me this is sad. It seems that if younger kids do not have a computer or calculator in front of them, they more than likely cannot get an answer or learn anything new. They need to realize they cannot solely depend on these devices. I, as a mother, stress the importance of learning every step of the problem before turning to a calculator. What types of strategies can educators use to ensure their students are not “flaming” in way that causes damage to others? I feel that the Ashford instructors do a very good job of putting it out there to always have positive feedback and comments to others. I feel that is what needs to be...
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