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The following report refers to the context of History of Special Needs provision in Ireland and how it has changed over time, relevant legislation/Policy developments, Outline 5 special needs conditions or impairments and Identify roles and responsibilities and support services relating to

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Prospero - Tempest

Prospero Initially, probably until about half way through the play we see Prospero as an angry, dominant, narrowly focused man. He does not reveal his anger publically, only speaks about it through his ‘lectures’ about his life/background stories. He creates an enormous storm at the start to

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Caliban - Tempest

Caliban Caliban is very instinctual and self centred Prospero rules Caliban through magic and threats, evident in their initial meeting where they insult each other. This changes a bit when Caliban meets Stephano and Trinculo and moves across and thinks that they might be equal with Prospero.

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Miranda - Tempest

Miranda Miranda is the sole female character in the play. She is virtuous, naive and yet has an important role as the unifying force She falls in love with Ferdinand due to her own personality and the magical qualities of the island. She is valued for her beauty and innocence but is unaware

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Trial AOS Essay

Discoveries are a complex, multi-dimensional process which enable individuals to develop new understandings and perceptions of the world and themselves. The impact of these discoveries however, can vary according to an individual’s historical, personal, cultural and social values and context.

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Character Discoveries ...

Character discoveries in The Tempest Prospero Personal responsibility behind holding power. Prospero’s need for revenge catalyses his inner darkness. His thirst and dissociation with the nobles is heavily emphasised in lines such as “false brother”. He discovers that his actions were causing

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9.2.5 Nuclear Chem Que...

9.2.5 Chemistry past paper questions 2001 Question 16 (3 marks) Radioisotopes are used in industry, medicine and chemical analysis. For ONE of these fields, relate the use of a named radioisotope to its properties. Medicine – Iodine Ingested iodine concentrates in the thyroid gland and so

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9.2.5 Chemistry Notes HSC

9.2.5 Study notes In nuclear chemistry, the composition of the nucleus of the atom changes Radioactivity was accidently discovered in 1896 by Henri Becquerel. Marie Curie extended his work Radiation is unaffected by changes in temperature, pressure and catalysts Definitions Radioactivity: the

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