Reflections of My Life

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The Reflections of My Life

Kim L. Copeland

INF103: Computer Literacy

Erteza Abdullah
July 1, 2010
The Reflections of My Life
There has been a lot of research in children and early adulthood development, as to how each person is different, between the ways that a person is brought up from a child to an adult. Other issues can be the way that a child grows to become an adult, and how they handle their own family and life. Everyone’s life if different in so many ways; you have those that have had a wonderful childhood, and you have those that went through hell as a child and until they were in early adulthood. It is how we handle our past and create our future that makes us who we are today and everyday. In my life it started with abuse and continued until I was in my late 30’s, but it is how I choose to live my life each day and how I choose to live my life today is all that matters. Abuse, Responsibilities, Marriage, Cancer, Death, and Gifts from God are the things that make my life what it is today. From what I can remember, since the age of nine is when the abuse from my mother started. By the age of nine my sister was two years and one day older then me, and my brother was seven years younger. In my mother’s eyes my sister and brother could do no wrong, and did not have to do anything around the house. When it came to cooking, cleaning, mowing, and laundry it was my responsibility to make sure all of this was done each day, along with going to school and getting good grades. It was what I called the “Cinderella syndrome.” I called it this because it was how I felt each day of my childhood. My mother would lock me in the bathroom when I didn’t clean something right or didn’t finish doing one of my chores. She would lock me in the bathroom, until she was able to find a broad from our hot water heater closet, to hit me with until her hand hurt. My mother would mentally and physically abuse me on a day to day basis no matter where we were, and this continued until I was at the age of sixteen. When looking at the statistics of children being abused I was amazed to find that “Baltimore Country Way 2 hope Home,” did a study that showed that in “2005 12.1 of every 1,000 American children and almost 900,000 children in the world suffered abuse by adults.” The study also showed that “80% of abusers were abused by the hands of their own parents.” Out of this percentage “20% were physically abused” and out of the 80% “1/3 of them were girls and 1/5 was boys.” However, during the 1970’s “Search Your Love,” reported that there were “700,000 reports of children being abused” It wasn’t until “1976 that new laws to protect children were put into effect,” and prior to the new law going into effect there was “no protection against abuse and neglect for children.” ( In 2006, the Kempe Foundation reported their findings that “3.6 million children abused and neglected investigations being done, and out of that 1 million were found to be abused or neglected; however, 1500 children died from child abuse and 78% of these children were younger then four.”( With all of the statistics from all different websites, books, magazines, and newspapers they still could not report an accurate number of children being abused. The reason for saying this, well the life I lived at the hands of my mother, who would have known or recognized that I was being abused? I went to school, church, the store, and was outside doing yard work. But no one knew or was it they knew but did not want to get involved? When I went to school and church I always wore dresses and hose, but long sleeved shirts. When I went to the store or worked outside in the yard, I wore jeans and long sleeved shirts. I never smiled, had no friends, and stayed to myself. So who could have helped me? Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandparents, sister, and my father they all knew how my mother was with me and saw her several...
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