Chapter Ii Related Studies

Topics: Gramophone record, Computer, Sales Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Chapter 2
Review of the Related Studies
This chapter presents different literature and studies that guided the researchers concerning the investigation, which serves as insights in building the foundation of the research.

In this study conducted by Ariel Magat (2002), entitled Inventory System stated the vital to any institution, agency, or department. The proper safekeeping, processing and disposal of records play important roles in the efficient, effective and smooth operation that eventually would lead to the success attainment of the goal and objectives of institution, agency and department concerned. Based on her recommendation there should be a central record management office that will hold data of the agency to serve as locator of the record and to control the disposal of each record. This can be possible through the use of computerized system. Computer with the appropriate software package is capable of handling records efficiently and effectively. And locating records that are computerized is faster than finding them in the filling cabinet. In this study conducted by Simon Laurel (2004), entitled Monitoring and Inventorying System. The GIGS Bookstore gets difficult in handling and monitoring sales getting from time consuming in recording process that requires a user to fill data in each book manually. Also difficult in determination of price and to check the availability of commodities in the store, this is doing by perusing page by page from books it recorded. Moreover is lack of data integrity here since the system used is paper-based, therefore, there is no way changing takes place to all books at a time. And also inaccuracy calculation due to human errors and insecurity of data stored is at high risk in case of theft of book(s) or some pages within the book(s) been removed. In his study he stated that it is possible to use a computerized system in manipulating records and processes. By the use of this study, finding records and sales...
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