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Engineering Economics

support Solver and other functionalities required for class • Make sure you have one of those installed! • Ask your department for a free copy of software ESD.70J Engineering Economy Module - Session 0 4 Course Materials • Excel spreadsheets – ESD70session# –1.xls : setup before the class – ESD70session# –2.xls : reflects all the work done in class – Do the exercises with me the only way to learn • Cells marked as are for you to fill – Refer to the ESD70session# –2.xls...

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Importance of It Certification

to a variety of tasks. The successful completion of one of the exams is required to gain MOS certification. Certification in MOS: Microsoft Excel would be ideal for anyone who is entering the business field, as numbers are often expressed on spreadsheets. This type of certification demonstrates that “Expert users are proficient with advanced formulas, functions, and data analysis tools. Expert users can manipulate data for analysis, presentation, and collaboration” (Microsoft, 2011). This type...

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Mat 540-Assignment 1

Days-to-Repair When determining the number of days needed to repair a copier, it is best to assume that the number of days is random. It is best to generate this random, which is illustrated on the excel spreadsheet as r2. R2 will be numbers between 0 and 1. To determine this value a random number will be generated in excel. The number of days needed to repair the copier will be determined based on the cumulative outline below: 0.00 > r2 < 0.20, then it will take 1 day; 0.20 >...

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Excel Scenario Week 3 CIS 211

professional. Microsoft Excel is an application used to create spreadsheets. It also provides the user with functions such as calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and so on. Following the basic description of the software I would then continue on be providing him with an in depth explanation of the features and functions that would be beneficial for his or her business needs. I would let them know that when they initially open an Excel spreadsheet they will see a rectangular grid of rows and columns...

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under the lagged Qt-1 starting with the second row. Go to TOOLS menu and click DATA ANALYSIS. Pick up REGRESSION from the ANALYSIS TOOLS presented in the pop up menu and click OK. First highlight the dependent variable cell range from the spreadsheet starting from the second row (skip the row with the empty cell), and click OK on the REGRESSION pop up menu to insert the selected data range in the Input Y range box. Similarly select the relevant data range for all the independent variables together...

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Embedding Functional Skills in Education

skills that can be used in a given task or a situation, allowing them to apply those skills in a range of different contexts. One of the examples that can be given here for good value deals is that in my ICT lessons, I was teaching spreadsheets, and as you know spreadsheet allows one to be able to calculate calculations using formulas, so no real calculations are carried out mentally/using a calculator. Now, in order to check their understanding I get my learners to carry out a simple method to see...

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Warehousing and Logistics

This spreadsheet package will help you implement the principles in Achieving Effective Inventory Management. Completely updated and expanded, this third edition of the spreadsheets features the newly designed Inventory Performance Simulator, which combines the analysis performed by several of the previous spreadsheets. The spreadsheet package includes a CD-ROM, sample print-outs and detailed instructions for use. You’ll find the following easy-to-use spreadsheets: Spreadsheet 1: The Inventory...

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Unit 9 Alvarez

 Spreadsheet Applications Marcy E. Alvarez Kaplan University This course has helped me have a better understanding on spreadsheet concepts, including calculations, formulas, built-in functions, and spreadsheet design. It has also given me the opportunity to explore charts, data tables, pivot tables, and what-if analysis. Moreover, I am now able to easily create spreadsheets to solve business problems, use the formulas and functions to perform calculations prepare workbooks...

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Microsoft and Zero-one Guy

Labs Lab 1: Learning @Risk Basics In this lab you will create and run a Sales spreadsheet model. Please take your time on this lab; even though it is easy, it is your one guided opportunity to learn how to use the @Risk software. Launch @Risk from the Start menu. Begin by building the following spreadsheet: 1 2 A Sales Forecast C D E Sales Dollars in Millions 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 B Customers Big Guy Little Guy New Guy Zero-One Guy Total Sales This Year $25...

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Eviews Manual for Econometric Estimation

Multiplication: X*Y ➢ Division: X/Y ➢ Power: X^Y Exporting Data to Spreadsheet or Text File Steps: From the Workfile: ➢ Click on Proc ➢ Click on Export ➢ Click on Write Text-Lotus-Excel ➢ Enter name and output file in the SaveAS ➢ Click on Save Descriptive statistics Steps: ➢ Double click on the series of interest or open them as a group. This opens the data in a spreadsheet format ➢ Click on View ➢ Select Descriptive statistics ➢ Select...

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